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  • In the first three parts of this series, we considered quadratic, cubic and quartic rings (i.e., rings free of ranks 2, 3, and 4 over Z) respectively, and found that various algebraic structures involving these rings could be completely parametrized by the integer orbits of an appropriate group representation on a vector space. These orbit results are summarized in Table 1.

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  • We investigate the influence of information status (IS) on constituent order in German, and integrate our findings into a loglinear surface realisation ranking model. We show that the distribution of pairs of IS categories is strongly asymmetric. Moreover, each category is correlated with morphosyntactic features, which can be automatically detected. We build a loglinear model that incorporates these asymmetries for ranking German string realisations from input LFG F-structures.

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  • These notes were developed as a supplement to a course on Differential Geometry at the advanced undergraduate, first years graduate level, which by author has taught for several years. These many axcellent good text in Differential Geometry bye very few have an early introduction to differential forms and their applications to Physisc

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  • We show that unital simple C ∗ -algebras with tracial topological rank zero which are locally approximated by subhomogeneous C ∗ -algebras can be classified by their ordered K-theory. We apply this classification result to show that certain simple crossed products are isomorphic if they have the same ordered K-theory. In particular, irrational higher dimensional noncommutative tori of the form C(Tk ) ×θ Z are in fact inductive limits of circle algebras. Introduction In recent years there has been rapid progress in classification of nuclear simple C ...

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  • · Namibia is carrying out a phased testing and implementation of the SEEA approach to environmental accounting. It is focused on several key natural resource sectors, and is designed to answer such questions as how to allocate water among competing uses and how land degradation affects the productivity of rangeland. · The Netherlands routinely constructs the "National Accounting Matrix Including Environmental Accounts" (NAMEA), an extended form of the national accounts input/output matrix which tracks pollution emissions by economic sector.

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  • New Zealand’s university graduation rates were high by OECD standards in 2007. The Times Higher World University Ranking suggests that New Zealand ranks 19th out of 30 OECD countries in terms of where their top universities score – this being the University of Auckland in New Zealand’s case. New Zealand has a high number of science graduates (fourth in the OECD). The number of engineering graduates, however, is close to the bottom of the OECD (22nd in the OECD). At the secondary school level, the picture is mixed.

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  • A Google bomb or Google wash is an attempt to influence the ranking of a given site in results returned by the Google search engine. Due to the way that Google's Page Rank algorithm works, a website will be ranked higher if the sites that link to that page all use consistent anchor text.

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  • Origami is the art of paper folding (origami or).Chu originating from Japan in Japanese origami is derived from two words: oru and kami is ranked higher or paper. Origami only uses 1880; earlier, the Japanese use the word orikata.

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  • When we think of wood—and few of us do—most of us picture the stacks of two-by-fours in the aisles of our local home center or the stuff we throw into the fireplace on cold winter nights. Wood doesn’t rank much higher on our “things-that-amaze-us” list than water or air. We chop our onions on it, pick our teeth with it, pin our skivvies to the clothesline with it. Most people think of wood as just another “thing”—and they’re correct.

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  • More recently, Cox and Fisher (2009) analyzed the titles of contemporary romance novels to determine if their popularity might be related to evolutionary themes that would be expected to have widespread appeal when it comes to some of the unique and recurrent reproductive issues that women confront. The five most common words featured in romance novel titles were love, bride, baby, man, and marriage, in that order. Common themes extracted from these titles included commitment, reproduction, masculine/high ranking suitors, and resources.

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  • A COST EFFECTIVENESS AND PROBABILISTIC SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS OF OPPORTUNISTIC SCREENING VERSUS SYSTEMATIC SCREENING FOR SIGHT THREATENING DIABETIC EYE DISEASE Theorem 2. Any equilibrium is perfectly stratified, in the sense that no family lives in a higher-quality, higher-price, or higher-peer-group district than does any higher income family. Corollary 2.1. In any equilibrium, the n families with incomes greater than ( ) N F −1 1− n live in the same community, which has higher quality (xδ +μ ) than any other.

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  • COST CHARACTERISTCS AND MANAGEMENT DECISTION OF OKLAHOMA COOPERATIV E GRAIN ELEVATORS When parental concern for peer group is introduced, the perfectly sorted equilibrium is no longer unique. It is now possible for ineffective districts to retain wealthy peer groups in equilibrium, as long as they are not so ineffective that families would prefer a lower- x , higher-μ district. One imperfectly sorted equilibrium is displayed in Panel D.

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  • Assignment Question Henderson Public School is into educational service for the past two years. It has a large campus with thousands of students. The school has three buildings and each is allocated to primary, higher and labs correspondingly. The school has basic necessities like auditorium, office and library etc. In the span of two years, the school has produced many top ranked students in the state.

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  • It could be argued that executive employment also contradicts Maslow’s theory in some respects. Many executive contracts represent individuals trading off defi ciency needs (eg security of employment) for growth needs (e.g. self-actualisation/abil- ity to direct the fi rm). Th e less popular aspects of executive employment (cutting cost through dismissal of staff , accepting salaries many times higher than fellow staff and citizens) might threaten the need for belonging and esteem. Maslow’s theory has been criticized by subsequent behavioral researchers.

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  • My little two-story house by the Ohashigawa, although dainty as a birdcage, proved much too small for comfort at the approach of the hot season— the rooms being scarcely higher than steamship cabins, and so narrow that an ordinary mosquito-net could not be suspended in them. I was sorry to lose the beautiful lake view, but I found it necessary to remove to the northern quarter of the city, into a very quiet Street behind the mouldering castle. My new home is a katchiu-yashiki, the ancient residence of some samurai of high rank. It...

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  • Summarizing the offers made, we are proud to say that not only is the university one of the biggest training schools for business administration and engineering, but it also is one of the most re- spected, as shown by recent rankings. The university ranking system developed by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE, Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung) places our department in the top group with regard to reputation of professors, laboratory equipment and study conditions.

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  • This paper considers the problem of automatic assessment of local coherence. We present a novel entity-based representation of discourse which is inspired by Centering Theory and can be computed automatically from raw text. We view coherence assessment as a ranking learning problem and show that the proposed discourse representation supports the effective learning of a ranking function. Our experiments demonstrate that the induced model achieves significantly higher accuracy than a state-of-the-art coherence model. ...

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  • such as the existence and properties of its antecedents. In fact, such information has been used for pronoun resolution in many heuristicbased systems. The S-List model (Strube, 1998), for example, assumes that a co-referring candidate is a hearer-old discourse entity and is preferred to other hearer-new candidates. In the algorithms based on the centering theory (Brennan et al., 1987; Grosz et al.

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  • On the basis of real GDP per capita, New Zealand ranked 21st in the OECD in 2009, one place higher than in Economic Development Indicators 2007. New Zealand’s real GDP per capita has grown a little slower on average than the OECD mean since the 1980s. On the basis of real net national income (NNI) per capita, New Zealand in 2009 ranked 23rd out of the 30 OECD countries used for comparison purposes in this report. The income gap between New Zealand and the richer OECD countries is reasonably large, and closing it will require a number of years of...

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  • The rankings have shown an interesting change in the top five since the beginning of the year, with Qatar and Bahrain completely slipping out of these top rankings, and Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia taking the second, third and fourth positions, respectively. This is partly due to the use of official GCC population figures in calculating the Facebook penetration rates (as opposed to the ILO figures used for the rest of the countries).

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