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  • The study undertaken by AECA starts by researching into i) the existing higher education degrees offered by Spanish universities, and ii) the jobs demanded and advertised by Spa- nish fi rms. Using this information, the study analyzes how well the content of the studies of the degree in «Business Administration» respond to the demands of the labour market. Based on this analysis, the study proposes new curricula that would be better adapted to the requests of the labour market, considering also the specifi c, generic and transferable competences of the degree....

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  • This book is designed to bring together everything known about the Sipuncula, a phylum of marine worms. It can be viewed as the first replacement for Die Sipunculiden, eine systematische Monographic, the 1883 monograph by Selenka, de Man, and Biilow. The Introduction gives a concise overview of the phylum (also see E. Cutler, 1989), together with a brief history of the group, useful "how-to" information, and a glossary.

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  • The 2009 edition of MeSH contains 25,186 descriptors and more than 180,447 supplementary records for chemicals and other substances. For the 2009 edition, the MeSH Section added 446 new descriptors, replaced 123 descriptors with more up-to-date terminology and deleted 26 descriptors. Of special note are developments for 2009 MeSH related to fungi and to processes and phenomena. A major revision of the “Fungi” trees was undertaken to reflect consensus opinion regarding higher level fungi taxa (Mycology Research 111 (2007) 509- 547).

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