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  • If there is a subject of really universal interest and utility, it is the art of writing and speaking one’s own language effectively. It is the basis of culture, as we all know; but it is infinitely more than that: it is the basis of business. No salesman can sell anything unless he can explain the merits of his goods in effective English (among our people), or can write an advertisement equally effective, or present his ideas, and the facts, in a letter. Indeed, the way we talk, and write letters, largely determines our success in life ...

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  • The GRE Analytical Writing Measure (AWM) is comprised of two essays: a 45-minute “Present Your Perspective on an Issue” and a 30-minute “Analyze an Argument.” The first essay requires that the test taker construct his/her own argument by taking a position on an issue (students will be able to choose one of two issues from which to write this essay). The second essay requires the test taker to critique another person’s argument (only one argument prompt will be provided).

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  • Tim Albert learnt the long words studying psychology and the short ones as a Daily Mirror trainee. He then worked for the broadsheets and the BBC and was education correspondent of the New Statesman. Rampant hypochondriasis steered him into medical journalism, and he was executive editor of World Medicine and editor of BMA News Review. Since 1990 he has run his own training company, delivering hundreds of courses on writing to doctors and other health professionals.

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  • Reimagined for full-screen and touch-optimized apps, Windows 8 provides a platform for reaching new users in new ways. In response, programming legend Charles Petzold is rewriting his classic Programming Windows—one of the most popular programming books of all time—to show developers how to use existing skills and tools to build Windows 8 apps. Programming Windows, Sixth Edition focuses on creating Windows 8 apps accessing the Windows Runtime with XAML and C#. The book also provides C++ code samples. The Sixth Edition is organized in two parts:...

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  • The various effects a writer may wish to have on his or her readers—to inform, to persuade, to entertain—result in dif-ferent kinds of prose. The most common is prose that in-forms, which, depending on what it is about, is called exposition, description, or narration.

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  • This book has been written to help your recognise and pronounce. English sounds. To make it interesting and fun to learn, there are lots of different types of exercise. When you do them by yoursefl or in class, you will realise that you are not only learning how to produce sounds: you are also practising the skills needed to cmmunicate in real life.

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  • Essay 3 Topic 1 Why go to university? University is the place where students get knowledge and new experiences. Studying in university gives a vast exposure to the student in his specified field. University builds a professional base in the student.

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  • On May 5th, 1997, the European edition of Business Tech Magazine led with Hoffman’s cover story "Internet Communities: How They're Shaping Electronic Commerce". This cover story highlights the extent to which the term virtual community has become almost synonymous with various forms of group-CMCs (computer mediated communication), including email-list forums, chat-systems such as IRC, web-based discussion areas and usenet news-groups.

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  • In today’s world, speaking English has become a necessity. Companies are recruiting people who speak fluent and correct English. With the coming up of the call centre and multinational companies, the need for English language has increased ten-folds. With all this happening one cannot afford to live without speaking English. Spoken English: Flourish Your Language is going to help the learners in speaking better and correct English, which will give them more confidence and better-equipped at speaking the language....

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  • Tham khảo sách 'higher lessons in english a work on english grammar and com', ngoại ngữ, kỹ năng nghe tiếng anh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • First, Pearl would like to say to all of you readers (or what you have this book) that Pearl is not a CSS expert but a "horizontal hand job" only (ie Pearl also online learning materials in English but also through school not trained at all). What about this book have to say from the beginning of June last year (And then that's it, but anyone familiar Pearl Pearl or "wall" so that (smile)), Pearl on his blog New images some CSS tutorial from HTML.net that the opening theme has named the "players" CSS of Opera: Hien, Ms. Contact, Pham...

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  • Tài liệu ôn thi IELTS với hai phần Writing và Speaking được chia thành các topic khác nhau. Từ các câu hỏi, câu trả lời và các tài liệu được sưu tập liên quan đến từng topic, sau đó các bạn luyện cho đến khi cover được hết các topic đã liệt kê. Hi vọng bộ tài liệu này sẽ giúp đỡ ít nhiều cho các bạn đang luyện thi IELTS.

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  • A bit much If something is excessive or annoying, it is a bit much. A day late and a dollar short (USA) If something is a day late and a dollar short, it is too little, too late. A fool and his money are soon parted This idiom means that people who aren't careful with their money spend it quickly. 'A fool and his money are easily parted' is an alternative form of the idiom. A fool at 40 is a fool forever If someone hasn't matured by the time they reach forty, they never will.

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  • Bert had never been hand in glove with Mrs Jameson, our boss. One day, Mrs Jameson told him he had to pull his socks up. Bert told her to belt up and threatened to give her a sock in the jaw. She gave him the boot and I had to step into his shoes. The next day, Bert came to the office dressed up to the nines. He told Mrs Jameson he didn't want to be without a job and live on a shoestring. He said he was keeping something up his sleeve which he could use against the company, but would keep it under...

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  • Giving a dinner party is a way of entertaining people. You can also make new friends and give others the chance to get to know each other better. It needs planing, though. First make a guest list, with different kinds of people and a mixture of men and women. Don’t invite couples because they aren’t so much fun! When you know who can come, find out what they like to eat and drink.

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  • Sales on the winter clothing line --next week. (A) begin (B) began (C) will begin (D) has begun 102. The managing editor of Global Explorer has asked chef Travis DeRouge to write about -- recommended restaurants. (A) he (B) his (C) him (D) himself 103. Please forward this letter --headquarters to Mr. Brooks in accounting as soon as possible. (A) from (B) as (C) out (D) of 104. It is company policy for programmers to take ten-minute breaks every two hours, no matter ---busy they are. gradually (B) slowly (C) heavily (D) perfectly 106....

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  • Phần lớn các lời khuyên cho học viên thi IELTS LISTENING đều cho rằng học viên nên thường xuyên nghe các bản tin như CNN, BCC, VOA,…. Tuy nhiên, việc này không có nhiều hiệu quả nếu các sinh viên chưa có phương pháp tiếp cận đúng đắn. Rất nhiều sinh viên mà tôi từng trao đổi tỏ ra thất vọng và không có nhiều động lực vì nỗ lực của họ mang lại kết quả thấp hơn nhiều so với kì vọng. Với một chút chia sẻ trong bài viết này, tôi hi vọng phần nào đó khơi dậy...

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  • (W) Hello, Excelsior Hotel. How may I help you? (M) Hi. I telephoned yesterday to make a reservation for two single rooms over the weekend of the first. I'd like to add a third room to my reservation. (W) OK, let me check availability for you. I'll need your last name and reservation number, please. (M) Certainly. The last name is Jordan and my number is 1076KJ.

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  • 62 The Writing Template Book Contrasting Views Roadmap Template With this template, you dispose of one or more competing views in order to advance your own view. The idiom giving the devil his due is a colorful one, meaning "paying attention to what the other side is saying." The fourth line (while . . . J counters the opposing argument. This template is more difficult than some of the preceding ones because it demands that you look at both sides of an issue. If you can't do it, just skip this one. However, if you are capable of looking at both sides,...

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  • She's looking for a job at the moment. Please don't take that book. Ann is reading it. Andrew is spending a lot of time in the library these days, as he's writing an article. Have you heard about Tom? He's building his own house. situation is temporary or unusual: I'm on holiday in Blackpool and I'm loving every minute of it. I'm slowly remembering all the details of the accident. You're being very silly. Comment on the uses of the Simple Present. 1. Nurses look after patients in hospitals. 2. Why don't you give up smoking? 3.1 am weighing myself. I weigh 65 kilos. 4.

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