Histologic anatomy

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  • Otosclerosis is one of the most fascinating diseases in the field of otology. Its familial or spontaneous occurrence, its histological appearance, its clinically sex-dependent frequency with female predominance, its still mysterious etiology and the intellectual challenges it poses as well as the aesthetics involved in its surgical treatment make otosclerosis a subject for continuous clinical research.

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  • In this 3rd edition of Anatomy, Histology, and Cell Biology: PreTest Self-Assessment and Review, a significant number of changes and improvements have been made. This PreTest reviews all of the anatomical disciplines encompassing early embryology, cell biology, histology of the tissues and organs, as well as regional human anatomy of the head and neck, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, extremities, and spine. This edition represents a comprehensive effort to integrate the anatomical disciplines with clinical scenarios and cases.

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  • Endovascular procedures have a tremendous impact upon modern patient care. This book summarizes covered stent-graft applications in the experimental and clinical settings. Excellent illustrations document the acute and chronic behavior of stent-grafts within the vascular system including diagnostic imaging, histologic work-up and schematic drawings. A large amount of experience on intravascular ultrasound-based repair of aortic pathologies is presented. Physicians interested in the endovascular field will find this book a very stimulating resource. ...

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  • Hirschsprung’s disease is one of the most important and most fascinating diseases in paediatric surgery. Our understanding of Hirschsprung’s disease is developing rapidly, not only in relation to its pathophysiology and the development of new surgical techniques, but especially in relation to new genetic findings.

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  • Eczema is a type of dermatitis and these terms are often used synonymously (atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis). Eczema is a reaction pattern that presents with variable clinical findings and the common histologic finding of spongiosis (intercellular edema of the epidermis). Eczema is the final common expression for a number of disorders, including those discussed in the following sections. Primary lesions may include erythematous macules, papules, and vesicles, which can coalesce to form patches and plaques.

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  • A number of immunologically mediated skin diseases and immunologically mediated systemic disorders with cutaneous manifestations are now recognized as distinct entities with consistent clinical, histologic, and immunopathologic findings. Many of these disorders are due to autoimmune mechanisms. Clinically, they are characterized by morbidity (pain, pruritus, disfigurement) and in some instances by mortality (largely due to loss of epidermal barrier function and/or secondary infection).

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  • Carcinoma of unknown primary (CUP) is a biopsy-proven (mainly epithelial) malignancy for which the anatomic site of origin remains unidentified after an intensive search. CUP is one of the 10 most frequently diagnosed cancers worldwide, accounting for approximately 3–5% of all cancer cases. Most investigators do not consider lymphomas, metastatic melanomas, and metastatic sarcomas that present without a known primary tumor to be CUP because these cancers have specific stage- and histology-based treatments that can guide management. ...

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  • Recent advances in the understanding of the genetics and basic mechanisms of neuromuscular diseases have been both rapid and spectacular. Furthermore, these advances have resulted in an expansion of the methods used for diagnosis—from routine clinical histologic and electrophysiologic tests to more specific techniques, such as biochemical and Western Blot analysis, and, most important, molecular genetic testing. These modern techniques have begun to replace more costly and painful procedures for some patients....

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  • FELLOWS OF THE ASSOCIATION: In the endeavor to chronicle the lives and achievements of Kentucky Pioneers in Surgery, I shall not attempt the resurrection of village Hampdens or mute inglorious Miltons. The men with whom I deal were men of deeds, not men of fruitless promise. It may with truth be said that from Hippocrates to Gross few in our profession who have done enduring work have lacked biographers to pay liberal tribute to their worth. In justice to the unremembered few, I turn back the records of medicine for a century, and put my finger upon two names that in the bustling march of...

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  • Giải phẫu học người (human anatomy) là môn khoa học nghiên cứu cấu trúc cơ thể con người. Tuỳ thuộc vào phương tiện quan sát, giải phẫu học được chia ra thành 2 phân môn: giải phẫu đại thể (gross anatomy hay macroscopic anatomy) nghiên cứu các cấu trúc có thể quan sát bằng mắt thường; giải phẫu vi thể (microscopic anatomy hay histology) nghiên cứu các cấu trúc nhỏ chỉ có thể quan sát dưới kính hiển vi.

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  • Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biology, University of Bari, Italy; 2Department of Zoology, Laboratory of Histology and Comparative Anatomy, University of Bari, Italy; 3Center for the Study of Mitochondria and Energy Metabolism (CNR) Bari, Italy Mitochondrial bioenergetic impairment has been found in the organelles isolated from rat liver during the prereplicative phase of liver regeneration.

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