Historical milestones

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  • Bioinformatics is a growing multidisciplinary field of science comprising biology, computer science, and mathematics. It is the theoretical and computational arm of modern biology. In other words, bioinformatics is a tool in the hands of biologists for analyzing huge amount of biological data available on mainstream public databases. Currently, bioinformatics has gained variety of applications in agriculture, medicine, engineering, and natural science. This book discusses a small portion of these applications along with basic concepts and fundamental techniques in bioinformatics....

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Sleep medicine - A comprehensive guide to its development, clinical milestones and advances in treatment" presents the following contents: Evolution of sleep medicine by historical periods, sleep medicine from the medieval period to the 19th century, the early evolution of modern sleep medicine,...

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  • Pyrometers Classification and Radiation Laws Classification of Pyrometers The simplest and oldest non-contact way of estimating the temperature of a radiating body is by observing its colour. Table 8 .1 summarises the relationship between temperature and colour . Using this method, experienced practitioners can estimate temperatures over about 700 °C, with a precision sufficient for simpler heat-treatment processes . This is shown in a witty way in Figure 8.1, which is taken from Forsythe's paper (Forsythe, 1941) .

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  • Chapter 3 - Historical and cultural context. This chapter include objectives: describe the major events and general trends in media history recognize the milestones in the development of human communication understand the role that these advances played in prompting significant changes in our culture and society learn that the emergence of new communications advances changes but does not make extinct those communications that came before understand that each advance in communication increases our power to convey and record -information.

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  • Chapter 3 - Historical and cultural context. History tends to be cyclical, and knowing what happened back then might help us understand what is going on now. Specifically, this chapter discusses seven milestones in the development of human communication: language, writing, printing, telegraph and telephone, photography and motion pictures, radio and television, and computers.

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