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  • The subject of study is the Vietnamese bourgeoisie of Trung Ky with the relevant issues as its formation, development, activities in economic sectors, participation in the national democratic movement, and characteristics, historical role in the first 30 years of the 20th century.

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  • Research purposes: Basing on the study of the content and value of inheritance law during Le Dynasty and Nguyen Dynasty and the application practice of the values of this legal system throughout historical periods in Vietnam from 1945 until recently, the thesis points out the limitations and inadequacies of this application process, thus raising the requirements and proposing solutions to continue to apply Le Dynasty’sand Nguyen Dynasty’s inheritance law in completing the inheritance law of Vietnam nowadays.

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  • Industrial robots are currently employed in a large number of applications and are available with a wide range of configurations, drive systems, physical sizes and payloads. However, the numbers in service throughout the world are much less than predicted over twenty years ago (Engelberger 1980). This is despite major technological advances in related areas of computing and electronics, and the availability of fast, reliable and low-cost microprocessors and memory. This situation is mainly a result of historical and economic circumstances, rather than technical considerations.

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  • The atomic theory of matter asserts that material bodies are made up of small particles. This theory was founded in ancient times by Democritus and expressed in poetic form by Lucretius. This view was challenged by the opposite theory, according to which matter is a continuous expanse.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Film Art - An introduction" has contents: Summary - Style as a formal system, film genres; documentary, experimental, and animated films; film criticism - Sample analyses; historical changes in film art - Conventions and choices, tradition and trends.

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  • In this note, we question their “interpretation” of the US historical track record, which is incorporated in Reinhart and Rogoff (2009), where we present results of 224 historical banking crises from around the world, including pre-2007 banking crises in the United States. Perhaps part of the confusion in the recent “US is different” op-eds is a failure to distinguish systemic financial crises from more minor ones and from regular business cycles. A systemic financial crisis affects a large share of a country’s financial system.

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  • To obtain the content summary of a database, a metasearcher could rely on the database to supply the summary (e.g., by following a protocol like STARTS [12], or possibly using Semantic Web [1] tags in the future). Unfortunately many web-accessible text databases are completely autonomous and do not report any detailed metadata about their contents to facilitate metasearch- ing. To handle such databases, a metasearcher could rely on manually generated descriptions of the database con- tents.

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  • As we stated in our 2011 Industry Review, the fuel cell industry began its road to commercialisation in 2007. This process has not been an easy one, with the problems associated with introducing a new technology to the general public (and even to industrial customers) comprising legislative, manufacturing and cost barriers. Slow-but-steady progress has meant that, historically, announcements purporting signifi cant product shipments have tended to disappoint, often experiencing delays or even being cancelled.

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  • This is a book about the Cerrado Biome, a major Brazilian savanna-like ecosystem for which no such summary exists. Biologists outside Brazil know little about the cerrados, despite the fact that the biome covers approximately 22% of the country’s surface area, or 2 million km2. Even though much of the attention of conservationists has focused on rainforests such as the Amazon and Atlantic forests, the cerrados are currently one the most threatened biomes of South America due to the rapid expansion of agriculture.

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  • When this Work first appeared as a candidate for public favour in 1852, the Compiler had but faint hopes of its ever attaining a position of usefulness which the sale of the several editions has proved it to have done. His constant aim has been to render it a faithful as well as a convenient and useful companion to strangers and others when examining this interesting Cathedral; and, in order to render each succeeding edition more complete, his study has been to give from time to time the best information in his power upon the improvements which have for many years been in progress. He...

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  • Purpose: On the basis of studying and clarifying fundamental theoretical issues on the role of the implementation of social justice towards human development, the thesis analyses the reality and recommends a number of major solutions to well implement social justice for human development in Vietnam at present.

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  • Research objectives: Based on theoretical analysis and situation of changing socialist production relations in Vietnam, the thesis contributes to recommend a number of major directions and solutions to promote positive changes, to limit the negative changes of socialist production relations in order to promote production development.

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  • Target of the thesis: Based on clarifying theoretical thinking capacity and analyzing actual improvement of theoretical thinking capacity of lecturers at cadre training institutions, the thesis proposes main solutions to improve theoretical thinking capacity of these lecturers in Vietnam today.

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  • Everyone is familiar with money. Yet few realise that currently contentious issues and financial difficulties are not new. On the contrary, most are firmly rooted in the past and when examined help to put current economic problems into historical context. This book presents a detailed history of money from Charlemagne’s reform in approximately AD 800 to the end of the Silver Wars in 1896. It also offers a summary of twentieth century events and an analysis of how the past relates to present problems....

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  • In summary, a long series of studies have investigated the relationship between income and pollution as defined by the Environmental Kutznets Curve. Papers by Grossman and Krueger (1991), Shafik and Bandyopadhyay (1992) and Selden and Song (1994) presented evidence that some pollutants have historically followed an inverted U-curve with respect to income. Although these and other empirical studies point to a correlation between income and pollution, the causal relation is not observed for all sets of data.

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  • When an alert is raised, it appears in McAfee Network Security Manager (Manager) in an unacknowledged state. Unacknowledged means that you have not officially recognized its presence by marking it acknowledged. An alert remains in an unacknowledged state until you either acknowledge it or delete it. Unacknowledged alerts display in the Unacknowledged Alert Summary section of the Home page and in the Real-Time Threat Analyzer. Acknowledging alerts dismisses them from these views. Acknowledged alerts display only in the Historical Threat Analyzer and in reports. ...

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  • This sketch of the iconography of the dance does not pretend to be a history of the subject, except in the most elementary way. It may be taken as a summary of the history of posture; a complete dance cannot be easily rendered in illustration. The text is of the most elementary description; to go into the subject thoroughly would involve years and volumes. The descriptions of the various historic dances or music are enormous subjects; two authors alone have given 800 dances in four volumes.[1] It would have been interesting if some idea of the orchesography of the...

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  • This review provides a brief summary of the current knowledge on oleaginous algae and their fatty acid and TAG biosynthesis, algal model systems and genomic approaches to a better understanding of TAG production, and a historical perspective and path forward for microalgae-based biofuel research and commercialization.

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