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  • To rock the boat, To hold water, To be left high and dry.

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  • According to the scheme for forests, the services are divided into five main categories: resources; ecological; biospheric; social; and amenities2. The resources category refers to all goods that may be obtained from forests (wood and non-wood); the ecological services are those related to protection of water, soil and health; the biospheric services are mainly climate regulation and biodiversity protection; while social and amenity services comprise of different types of recreational activities and the cultural importance of forests.

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  • Mining wastes can cause significant ecological destruction. Often, solid mine wastes are dumped into streams, destroying habitat and causing siltation and heavy metal and other contamination. Even when such wastes are stored out of water channels, trace materials can leach into surface waters and infiltrate into local groundwater. Fine- grained tailings can wash into local waterways and degrade streams by covering and filling coarser-grained substrates.

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  • A further example of process redesign for manufacturability is Boeing’s Point of Use system for chemical materials. This enables the storage of materials where the production process utilizes them, as opposed to the previous system which utilized centralized chemical disbursement centers that entailed frequent machinist travel over substantial distances and greater overall chemical usage and waste. Generally, point of use efforts enable the storage of materials where the production process utilizes them.

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  • The growth in the production of hardware and software for these sectors has been phenomenal, certainly equaling or exceeding anything in the Industrial Revolution. These industries have located to new sites, either in the suburbs in existing metropolitan areas or in rapidly growing, relatively new cities (Scott, 1993; Castells and Hall, 1994). Almost nowhere have they been significant as employment generators for older, inner cities. As growth generators, they are, at best, indirect.

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  • Real developments, as measured for example by changes in GDP or Industrial Production (IP) Indices over selected horizons, are typically forecast through a combination of macroeconomic variables, financial variables and confidence indicators. These three sets of variables have been so far typically selected at the aggregate level, i.e. no firm-level information has been regularly employed to forecast business cycle developments.

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  • Regioregular polythiophene-based conductive copolymers with highly crystalline nanostructures are shown to hold considerable promise as the active layer in volatile organic compound (VOC) chemresistor sensors. While the regioregular polythiophene polymer chain provides a charge conduction path, its chemical sensing selectivity and sensitivity can be altered either by incorporating a second polymer to form a block copolymer or by making a random copolymer of polythiophene with different alkyl side chains.

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  • What is the first office of the soil? How does it hold water for the uses of the plant? How does it obtain a part of its moisture? The mechanical character of the soil is well understood from preceding remarks, and the learner knows that there are many offices to be performed by the soil aside from the feeding of plants. 1. It admits the roots of plants, and holds them in their position. 2. By a sponge-like action, it holds water for the uses of the plant. 3. It absorbs moisture from the atmosphere to supply the demands...

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  • This collection was selected from papers presented at a conference titled “Veterinary Science, Disease and Livestock Economies,” which was organized by the editors and held at St Antony’s College, Oxford, in June 2005. The idea for the conference originated from our project, sponsored by the Wellcome Trust, which explored the history of veterinary science at the Onderstepoort Research Laboratories in South Africa during the first half of the twentieth century.

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  • Most of the sovereign bank debt likely to be exchanged, however, is held by larger German, French and Swiss banks with the capability (if not necessarily the desire) to take the write-offs required. The overhang of such future losses affects the entire European banking system at a time when it too is being restructured.

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  • After completing this unit, you should be able to: Distinguish the three soil textures; define the relationship between the textures and aeration, workability and water holding capacity; what are ways of desalinating water? What are the disadvantages of this process? Why do different regions of the world receive different amounts of precipitation? Describe how water demands might be reduced in agriculture, industry, and households.

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  • From the beginnings of modern science, lakes have fulfilled a focus of attention. Doubtless, this has something to do with the lure that water bodies hold for most of us, as well as for long having been a source of food as well as water. Authors, from Aristotle to Izaak Walton, committed much common knowledge of the freshwater fauna to the formal written record, so it is still a little surprising to realise that the formal study of lakes—limnology (from the Greek word, limnos, a lake)—is scarcely more than a century in age (Forel 1895).

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  • Imperative Complete the following sentences with the imperative form of the verb in brackets: 0. Leon, water the flowers in the evening! 1. Sam, __________________ (not to call) me before 8 o’clock! 2. Please __________________ (to feed) the dog twice a day! 3. __________________ (not to touch) the hot electric iron! 4. Hold on __________________ (to hold on) for a minute! 5. Please __________________ (to be) nice to your little sister! Complete the following sentences with the imperative form of the verb in brackets: 0. Let’s play our favourite games! 1.

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  • The effects of micronization methods, mechanical and jet millings, on the physico-chemical properties of mushroom (Lentinus edodes) powder were investigated in contrast to shear pulverization. The powders of dried mushroom cap and stipe were prepared to obtain six powders. Compared to shear pulverization, mechanical and jet millings effectively reduced particle size and brought about a narrow and uniform particle size distribution.

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  • European society and the European economy do not yet exploit the full potential for resource efficiency. Much recyclable waste is either exported or sent to landfill. A lack of long-term frameworks holds back planning and investment, most obviously on a climate and energy framework beyond 2020, but also on long term sustainable use of key resources such as air, soil, energy, water, fish and biomass. At the same time, such frameworks can help to galvanise the innovation needed to exploit the potential of the transition to a low-carbon economy in areas like transport, energy and agriculture....

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  • The extension of national accounts to cover economic natural assets and their services (incorporated into commodities) is important but cannot deliver a sufficiently complete vision of the interaction of people and nature. For example, an enterprise holding and managing a forest will know and care about trees and timber, but much less about 'non-timber forest values', or forest water regulating functions and micro-climate effects which may be highly important for other sectors of society and for biodiversity.

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  • The normal glomerular endothelial cell forms a barrier composed of pores of ~100 nm that hold back blood cells but offer little impediment to passage of most proteins. The glomerular basement membrane traps most large proteins (100 kDa), while the foot processes of epithelial cells (podocytes) cover the urinary side of the glomerular basement membrane and produce a series of narrow channels (slit diaphragms) to normally allow molecular passage of small solutes and water but not proteins.

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  • Water temperature plays an important role in signaling biological functions such as spawning and migration, and in affecting metabolic rates in aquatic organisms. Altering natural water temperature cycles can impair reproductive success and growth patterns, leading to long-term population declines in fisheries and other classes of organisms. Warmer water holds less oxygen, impairing metabolic function and reducing fitness.

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  • As the success of Wildfire continued, in June 2003 a new location was opened in Schaumburg, Illinois. Later that summer, LEYE developed a new fast casual concept called Wow Bao, located in the entrance of Chicago’s Water Tower Place shopping center. Wow Bao, specializes in Asian influenced savory steamed buns, nourishing broths, crunchy salads and specialty sodas and teas. In 2004, two more restaurants were opened in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba! and Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab. Also in October, Lund Food Holdings, Inc.

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  • Knowing nature is a complex, multiple, and highly political process. This is clearly illustrated by looking at the knowledge and management of a piece of land, seemingly isolated but impacting and impacted by decision- making processes, politics, and technology around the world. A barren stretch of ground in the Sahelian region of West Africa holds diverse meanings to different people and institutions. Livestock herders value it for its proximity to a water point and for the grass it will grow once the rains come.

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