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  • Hooked on TOEFL Reading( New Edition) is the revised version of Hooked on TOEFL Reading Cram/Crash Course series. It is intended for advanced students preparing for the TOEFL iBT and is based on the most up- to-date information on the test.

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  • Hooked on TOEFL Writing is the revised version of Hooked on TOEFL Writing Cram/Crash Course series. It is intended for advanced students preparing for the TOEFL iBT and is based on the most up-to-date information on the test.

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  • All Tangled Up knitting from across the pond Kiri Kiri is a triangular shawl, with fern motif, garter stitch border and scalloped edging. Knit in Rowan Kid Silk haze, it has a gossamer effect which belies its warmth. The pattern uses 3 balls of KSH, at 75 grams, it's the perfect shawl to wear throughout the year The Fern motif is a classic Shetland motif that works well either on its own or as a panel within a larger design. I have adapted the original design used by Sharon Miller in her Birch shawl for Rowan, to make the pattern easier for new...

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  • A. READING (pages 105-108) postal (adj) thuyộc bưu điện telecommunications (n) viễn thông Wikipedia (n) từ điển BK toàn thư Blog (n) nhật kí trên mạng Yahoo! Messager (n) người đưa tin cell phone (n) điện thoại di động landline phone(n) điện thoại cố định link (v) = connect: kết nối hook up (v) móc nối Internet Service provider: nhà cung cấp dịch vụ Internet dial (v) quay số access (n) truy cập Asymmetric.

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  • Data communications and networking are changing the way we do business and the way we live. Business decisions have to be made ever more quickly, and the decision makers require immediate access to accurate information. Why wait a week for that report from Germany to arrive by mail when it could appear almost instantaneously through computer networks? Businesses today rely on computer networks and internetworks.

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  • Solar electric plants shall be understood to be photovoltaic energy converters that are able to self-sufficiently satisfy a mean energy demand over a significant period of time, be it an appliance that is permanently hooked up or just for sporadic power supply of appliances. Such plants have in common that their input and output quantities fluctuate widely. They can therefore only be dimensioned on the basis of a mean value and are not able to satisfy this demand without the possibility to store energy. ...

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  • Soft Linen Minnie’s Cover Up Soft Linen 35% linen, 35% wool, 30% baby alpaca Soft Linen is composed of an interesting blend of fibers: Cool, crisp linen, soft, warm alpaca, and elastic wool. Together they make a soft yarn that’s comfortable to wear all year round. Garments knitted in Soft Linen have a nice drape while providing just the right amount of warmth. When knit in an airy lace pattern Soft Linen is great for transitional garments like Grace’s top. Wear it over a tank in warm weather or over long sleeves when the weather gets cooler....

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  • Cotton Bam Boo 52% Cotton, 48% Bamboo Cotton Bam Boo is a smooth, lustrous sportweight yarn with great stitch definition. The cotton component allows the blend to knit up into a fabric that is soft and breathable. Bamboo viscose adds a soft sheen, and it is naturally antibacterial. The cotton/bamboo viscose blend gives this yarn a wonderful drape – perfect for summer shawls and wraps.

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  • I always wanted to design a spring shawl, so here is what finally emerged: Some sunrays at the centre top; below, birds high up in the sky flying north after a long winter, and on the bottom the first blossoms appear, lots of them. To finish, I added a nice and easy-to-knit lacy edging. Size: 190 x 90 cm Materials: 100 grams of lace wool, 600 metres (660 yds), 5 mm (US8) needles,tapestry needle, markers if you prefer to use them; you should mark the centre stitch Gauge: 10 x 10 cm (4” x 4”) Stockinette, after blocking: 16 stitches x...

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  • Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Terra Verte, 3 skeins Needles: #6 Gauge: 18 stitches equals 3.5 inches, in the first main stitch pattern, after blocking. “Tetrad” is a term that, loosely, means, “four.” It pops up in Physics, geometry, music, chromosomes and a few other areas. My twin sister visited me a little while ago to celebrate our birthday. We visited a yarn shop and I asked her to choose a yarn she would like for a new shawl. Her “old” shawl was the first lace-patterned shawl I ever made, Icarus. Her Icarus is holding up well, but I think it’s...

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  • Measurements were carried out in a sheep shed and a pig- sty at a FAL branch in Mariensee near Neustadt-Hanno- ver, Germany, during the winter months when all animals spend their time indoors. Data was collected from a pigsty from 2st to 28th of Janu- ary 200. Hygiene regulations did not permit entry into the pigsty, and the measurement setup was therefore deployed in a nearby building with a heated sampling line hooked up to the exhaust of a flue. The normally intermittent ex- haust was changed to a constant low flow midway through the weeklong sampling period.

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  • John sauntered lazily towards his new high school, making his parents wait as long as possible in their stupid H-cell car. He hoped that he was pissing them off. Their idea to send him to this hi-tech educational prison, their idea to wait out front until he synced on the school grounds, both because they didn’t trust him. So screw them. He glanced back over his shoulder, saw their fake big smiles and waving arms, waving him on. Shit, how humiliating. Ahead at the main entrance, the view held more promise. Two perfect girls, lush hair, blemishless skin, full lips, sculpted curves.

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  • Carrie Vaughn is an American author who writes the urban fantasy Kitty Norville series. She has published more than 30 short stories in science fiction and fantasy magazines as well as short story anthologies and internet magazines. She is on the list of authors for the upcoming Wild Cards books. She graduated with a BA from Occidental College (during the course of which she also spent a year at the University of York) and later graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with an MA in English Literature. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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  • Syd sat in his one room apartment looking out his window onto the street several stories below. He ate a peanut butter sandwich that stuck to the roof of his mouth like paste and tried to dislodge it with the bitter taste of foc. His normal midnight snack. He thought about how he was in a poor area of Steeple City, and how even though the people drove battery cars and only ran the room disinfecting Spaires Machines if they had children, the people walking in the street below were happier than him. The foc, an anti-depressant and stimulant, only made his head pound so he set the...

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  • It takes a long time to get to work. The traffic in Norwich is terrible! I hate traffic jams because you have to drive so slowly. Driving to work is so boring! When I get to work I hang up my coat on the usual hook and go into the staff canteen to make a cup of tea. I usually see my friends Rodney and Penelope in there and we chat about the weather. Rodney is a Customer Services Assistant and Penelope is one of our managers.

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  • I’ll give you an overview of Drupal. Details on how each part of the system works will be provided in later chapters. Here, we’ll cover the technology stack on which Drupal runs, the layout of the files that make up Drupal, and the various conceptual terms that Drupal uses, such as nodes, hooks, blocks, and themes.

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  • “We’re going to have to look at schools,” the president said, later adding that Sandy Hook “… should be a wake-up call for all of us to say that if we are not getting right the need to keep our children safe, then nothing else matters.” Nothing else matters. The NRA agreed about making our schools safer for our children. A few days after the president’s press conference, we announced the NRA School Shield safety program to put trained, qualified, armed police or security officers in every single school in the country. ...

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