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  • Tham khảo sách 'resource management in satellite networks', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, kĩ thuật viễn thông phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Despite important problems and deficits concerning the current content of the Directive and namely of its implementation in practice (which are detailed below), the institutes and requirements established by the Directive can be considered as some of the most efficient horizontal measures of environmental protection in existence in Europe. The EIA procedure is in keeping with the polluter pays principle and aims to reduce pressure on the environment. This leads ultimately to social and economic costs for society being reduced....

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  • This book focuses on the development of cloud-native applications. A cloud-native ap plication is architected to take advantage of specific engineering practices that have proven successful in some of the world’s largest and most successful web properties. Many of these practices are unconventional, yet the need for unprecedented scalability and efficiency inspired development and drove adoption in the relatively small number of companies that truly needed them. After an approach has been adopted successfully enough times, it becomes a pattern.

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  • LSI’s CAM content is based upon the unique and proprietary Alternative Health Grid Matrix Technology. The uniqueness of this matrix is the horizontal human anatomy; each organ is virtually integrated horizontally from one single button to each of the 15 alternative healing modalities. In addition, each modality is supported by references from leading medical literature, not eastern philosophy. LSI has taken the above system and then using the body-organ to disease-organ architecture, has created a duplicable, repeatable engine for every other modality.

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  • This report is the final product of a Committee on Earth Studies (CES) examination of technical and programmatic issues related to the integration of research and operational Earth observation satellite systems in the support of climate research (see Appendix A for the statement of task).

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  • "Prepare for battle!" The command crackled in Allan Dane's helmet. "Enemy approaching from southeast! Squadron commanders execute plan two!" Allan settled back in the seat of his one-man helicopter, his broad frame rendered even bulkier by the leather suit that incased it. He was tensed, but quiescent. Action would be first joined sixty miles away, and his own squadron was in reserve. Over New York and its bay the American air fleet was in motion. Suddenly movement ceased, and the formation froze.

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  • Even though we re-analysed data from the most representative data source available at this moment, the ECHP, there is no guarantee that what has been found in a single data set will be reproduced in other data sets. There is an urgent need for analysis of additional data sets, including data on new EU member states. In addition, systematic reviews or meta-analyses are needed to assess the causal effect of ill-health on earnings in the European Union.

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  • Provision for forward slope of the seat, up to a maximum of 10 degrees, is useful to reduce pressure on the thighs when working while leaning forward. However, purchasers sh ould consider carefully whether this advantage warrants purchasing a chair with slope adjustment. Chair users already have trouble with the proper settings of seat height and backrest adjustment without adding a further control. For general purposes, a chair with the seat angle fixed and horizontal is probably best. Seat Depth Seat depth is measured from the front edge of the seat to the lumbar...

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  • North Korea’s centrifuge program poses both a horizontal and a vertical proliferation threat. It is an avenue for North Korea to increase the number and sophistication of its nuclear weapons and for it to proliferate to others who seek to build their own centrifuge programs. As a result, the priority is finding ways to either stop the program or to delay its progress through a combination of negotiations and sanctions. Procurement data obtained by governments and information from Pakistan, establish that North Korea is developing centrifuges.

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  • Vessel Collision Design of Bridges 60.1 60.2 Introduction Background • Basic Concepts • Application 60 Initial Planning Selection of Bridge Site • Selection of Bridge Type, Configuration, and Layout • Horizontal and Vertical Clearance • Approach Spans • Protection Systems 60.3 Waterway Characteristics Channel Layout and Geometry • Water Depth and Fluctuations • Current Speed and Direction 60.4 Vessel Traffic Characteristics Physical and Operating Characteristics • Vessel Fleet Characteristics 60.5 60.

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  • Market structure, conduct performance analysis. Marketing channels for different products in agriculture and animal husbandry. State intervention and parastatals in agricultural marketing. Pricing of agricultural inputs and products. Buffer stocking and import policies for agricultural produce. Value addition and its impact on prices of agricultural commodities. Systems approach to agricultural marketing. Marketing costs, margins and market efficiency. Market integration-horizontal and vertical, spatial and temporal. Price integration between domestic and international markets.

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  • South-east Asian components of our population are increasing rapidly. The ethnic mix in each organisation is likely to be quite different, so the best approach may be to develop anthropometric distributions for each organisation from different data sets, using the proportions of each ethnic group. Some applications of anthropometric data are discussed below. The arrangement of equipment on a working surface should be based on placing the most frequently used items within the easiest reach.

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  • The now commonly available option of seat tilt should be approached with caution. It can be valuable for workers who spend a lot of time bent forward over their desks, but for most, the fixed horizontal seat surface provides adequate versatility. The seat tilt adjustment mechanisms available allow backward as well as forward tilt, so there is the danger that users will leave the adjustment in the backward tilt position at all times, thus putting undesirable pressure under their thighs. Also, some mechanisms free both seat tilt and backrest angle at the same time, making it quite...

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