Horizontally partitioning

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  • Contents: Visual Studio 2008 Unites Data Development LINQ to Your SQL Server Data Debugging and Logging in SSIS Dissecting SQL Server’s Top Waits Set Operations T-SQL101, Lesson 2 Insert, Update, & Delete Further Explorations in Plan-Cache Metadata Sharpen Your Basic SQL Server Skills Data Warehousing: Horizontally Partitioning the Fact Table 9184

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  • This paper describes the design of the Gamma database machine and the techniques employed in its imple- mentation. Gamma is a relational database machine currently operating on an Intel iPSC/2 hypercube with 32 pro- cessors and 32 disk drives. Gamma employs three key technical ideas which enable the architecture to be scaled to 100s of processors. First, all relations are horizontally partitioned across multiple disk drives enabling relations to be scanned in parallel.

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  • T tabula n.; pl. -ae [L. tabula, table] 1. (CNID: Anthozoa) Horizontal partitions across the vertical canals of corals. 2. (ECHINOD: Asteroidea) A flat elevated dorsal plate of sea stars. tabular a. [L. tabula, table] Arranged in a flat surface.

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  • Similar to a clustered index on a table, both horizontal and vertical partitioning are non-redundant, i.e., they incur little or no storage overhead. Also, in the same way that only one clustering can be chosen for a table, only one partitioning can be chosen for a table. This makes partitioning particularly attractive in storage constrained or update intensive environments. Commercial systems today support hash and/or range horizontal partitioning, and in some cases hybrid schemes as well.

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  • Common household products –detergents, disinfectants, plastics, and pesticides– contain chemical ingredients that enter the body, disrupt hormones and cause adverse developmental, disease, and reproductive problems. Known as endocrine disruptors, these chemicals, which interact with the endocrine system, wreak havoc in humans and wildlife.

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  • When the predicates table does not fit on one node, joins can no longer be performed strictly locally. Instead, the table must be horizontally partitioned. A tuple can only immediately join with the local partition at the node and must be shipped to other nodes to complete the join. Once the original tuple has reached every node that contains a partition of the table, it can be dropped and results can be forwarded to the root.

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