Hormonal regulation

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học 'Respiratory Research cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài:"Hormonal regulation of alveolarization: structure-function correlation...

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  • Thyroid hormone receptors (TRs) play a major role in animal physiology. TRs are important and very interesting regulators of diverse aspects, including brain development, hearing, bone growth, morphogenesis, metabolism, intestine, and heart rate in vertebrates (Fig. 1). Aberrant functions of TRs induce tremendous defects in these pathways. For example, the human disease of Resistance to Thyroid Hormone (RTH) (see Chapter 8 by Yoh and Privalsky) is a genetically autosomal dominant inherited syndrome that is caused by mutations in the gene encoding the TRβ.

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  • Histidine-containing protein (HPr) is a central metabolic sensor in low-GC Gram-positive bacteria and plays a dual role in sugar uptake by the phos-phoenolpyruvate–sugar phosphotransferase system and in transcriptional control during carbon catabolite repression. The latter process is mediated by interaction between HPr and the carbon catabolite repression master transcription regulator, carbon catabolite protein A (CcpA), a member of the LacI-GalR family of DNA-binding proteins.

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  • The ubiquitin ligase RING finger protein 13 gene (RNF13) was first identi-fied in a screen for genes whose expression is regulated by myostatin in chicken fetal myoblasts. In this study, we demonstrate that theRNF13gene is broadly expressed in many chicken tissues.

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  • Recent expansion of biomedical knowledge on the interactions between the fetus, placenta, and the mother have transformed our view of pregnancy in general. Recent basic and clinical investigations have improved significantly our understanding on how hormones affect the pregnancy, and on how pregnancy affects the fetal and maternal hormones. Because pregnancy may be seen as the ultimate hormonally mediated event, the topic of endocrinology of pregnancy is particularly relevant.

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  • Malonyl-CoA, a potent inhibitor of carnitine pamitoyl transferase-I (CPT-I), plays a pivotal role in fuel selection in cardiac muscle. Malonyl-CoA decarboxylase (MCD) cata-lyzes the degradation of malonyl-CoA, removes a potent allosteric inhibition on CPT-I and thereby increases fatty acid oxidation in the heart. Although MCDhas several Ser/ Thr phosphorylation sites, whether it is regulated by AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) has been controversial. We therefore overexpressed MCD(Ad.MCD) and consti-tutively active AMPK (Ad.

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  • In haem-regulated phosphodiesterase (PDE) fromEscheri-chia coli(EcDOS), haem is bound to the PAS domain, and the redox state of the haem iron regulates catalysis by the PDEdomain.We generatedmutants ofAsp40, which forms a hydrogen bondwithHis77 (a proximal haemaxial ligand) via twowater molecules, and a salt bridge withArg85 at the protein surface. The redox potential of haem was markedly increased from67 mVvs. the standardhydrogenelectrode in the wild-type enzyme to 95 mV and 114 mV in the Ala and Asn mutants, respectively. ...

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  • To sustain life mammals have an absolute and continual requirement for oxygen, which is necessary to produce energy for normal cell survival and growth. Hence, main-tainingoxygen homeostasis is a critical requirement and mammals have evolved a wide range of cellular and phy-siological responses to adapt to changes in oxygen avail-ability. In the past few years it has become evident that the transcriptional protein complex hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) is a key regulator of these processes.

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  • The expression of the six types of human Hb subunits over time is cur-rently considered to be regulated mainly by transcription factors that bind to upstream control regions of the gene (the ‘extrinsic’ component of regu-lation).

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  • As the key regulator of reproduction, gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) is released by neurons in the hypothalamus, and transported via the hypothalamo-hypophyseal portal circulation to the anterior pituitary to trigger gonadotropin release for gonadal steroidogenesis and gametogene-sis.

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  • Arachidonic acid and its lypoxygenated metabolites play a fundamental role in the hormonal regulation of steroidogenesis. Reduction in the expres-sion of the mitochondrial acyl-CoA thioesterase (MTE-I) by antisense or small interfering RNA (siRNA) and of the arachidonic acid-preferring acyl-CoA synthetase (ACS4) by siRNA produced a marked reduction in steroid output of cAMP-stimulated Leydig cells.

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  • Pituitary gonadotropins, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) play central roles in regulating gametogenesis and the production of gonadal hormones, in fish as in other vertebrates. Pituitary gonadotropins are composed of two non-covalently associated polypeptide subunits, which must be glycosylated, folded, and assembled as a heterodimer to be biologically active.

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  • Osteoporosis and fractures may increase due to hypoestrogenism in menopause and cytochrome P450 inducing AEDs. Recent studies suggest lower bone mineral density (BMD) in adults and children with epilepsy, irrespective of AED treatment. Both idiopathic epilepsy and symptomatic epilepsy are associated with reduced BMD, with the greatest reduction in symptomatic generalized epilepsy (Sheth & Hermann, 2008). However, the pathophysiological underlying mechanisms are far from understood and likely multifactorial.

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  • The food we eat has a major effect on our physical health and psychological wellbeing. An understanding of the way in which nutrients are metabolized, and hence of the principles of biochemistry, is essential for an understanding of the scientific basis of what we would call a prudent or healthy diet. My aim in the following pages is to explain both the conclusions of the many expert committees that have deliberated on the problems of nutritional requirements, diet and health over the years and also the scientific basis on which these experts have reached their conclusions.

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  • The peptide hormones of the anterior pituitary are essential for the regulation of growth and development, reproduction, responses to stress, and intermediary metabolism. Their synthesis and secretion are controlled by hypothalamic hormones and by hormones from the peripheral endocrine organs. A large number of disease states as well as a diverse group of drugs also affect their secretion.

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  • FOR NEARLY 30 YEARS after the discovery of auxin in 1927, and more than 20 years after its structural elucidation as indole-3-acetic acid, Western plant scientists tried to ascribe the regulation of all developmental phenomena in plants to auxin. However, as we will see in this and subsequent chapters, plant growth and development are regulated by several different types of hormones acting individually and in concert. In the 1950s the second group of hormones, the gibberellins (GAs), was characterized.

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  • Medical advances have been occurring at breathtaking speed, with diagnostic and treatment options becoming available for conditions for which none previously existed. However, several aspects of health care remain the same. Patients continue to rely heavily on clinicians for help in understanding the burgeoning evidence in medical research and for providing optimal health care. Clinicians remain steadfast in their quest to meet the needs of their patients and to encourage innovation in meeting those needs.

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  • THE FORM AND FUNCTION of multicellular organism would not be possible without efficient communication among cells, tissues, and organs. In higher plants, regulation and coordination of metabolism, growth, and morphogenesis often depend on chemical signals from one part of the plant to another. This idea originated in the nineteenth century with the German botanist Julius von Sachs (1832–1897). Sachs proposed that chemical messengers are responsible for the formation and growth of different plant organs.

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  • Inadvertent fetal exposure to contraceptive hormones is common, with a USA study estimating that approximately 70 000 fetuses are exposed to oral contraceptives annually.23 Most of the data on fetal outcomes relate to COC. The CEU found no studies that specifically assessed exposure through quick starting contraception. Studies are often limited by their observational nature, potential confounding factors and small sample size. Reassuringly there have been no consistent findings of specific fetal abnormalities.

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  • In summary, the DLEU2/miR-15a/16-1 tumor suppressor locus plays a role in regulating the expansion of the mature B-cell pool, by preventing the entry into G0/G1-S transition. The impairment of this cell cycle control in MDR-deleted cells may allow them to proliferate after BCR stimulation by foreign or self antigens. In these conditions, a model for the pathogenesis of CLL with 13q14 deletion based on the presumptive cellular origin of the tumor cell precursor can be proposed.

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