How to gesture effectively

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  • Gestures are reflections of every speaker's individual personality What's right for one speaker may not be right for another; however, the following six rules apply to anyone who seeks to become a dynamic effective speaker.

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  • Perhaps the most difficult method of the four methods, memorizing is the technique many novice speakers start off with, because they are under the impression that this is how all speeches are prepared and delivered The most polished speakers forget their words halfway through

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  • By taking the same posture, you can effectively disconcert them and force them to change their position, allowing you to take the control. Research shows that when the leader of a group uses certain gestures and positions, subordinates copy them. Leaders also tend to be the first of a group to walk through a doorway and they like to sit on the end of a couch or bench seat rather than in the centre. When a group of executives walk into a room, the boss usually goes first. When executives are seated in the board room, the boss usually...

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  • In order to realize their full potential, multimodal systems need to support not just input from multiple modes, but also synchronized integration of modes. Johnston et al (1997) model this integration using a unification operation over typed feature structures. This is an effective solution for a broad class of systems, but limits multimodal utterances to combinations of a single spoken phrase with a single gesture. We show how the unification-based approach can be scaled up to provide a full multimodal grammar formalism.

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