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  • Are you fascinated by the look and design of Web pages? Do you wish that you had the knowledge and skills to create a great looking Web site? Whether you’re an up-and-coming Web designer or just an enthusiastic hobbyist, you are probably using HTML, the standard authoring language for the Internet. HTML 4 For Dummies, now in its 5th edition, will show you the basics of working with this language as well as advanced skills for all-around knowledge.

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  • Practical, hands-on approach helps web designers or developers begin using HTML5 right away Step-by-step directions show how to implement HTML5 video, drawing, drag and drop, forms, and more Makes sense of all the competing claims and misinformation about what HTML5 is or isn't You don't need to wait to begin using HTML5, the successor to HTML 4 and XHTML . HTML5 is now being implemented in the latest versions of all the major browsers, and with it come some of the most exciting and powerful advances in web development technology in...

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  • Sau đó, chúng ta nói về tổ chức văn bản trong khối và danh sách. Tiếp theo, chúng tôi giải thích làm thế nào liên kết trong (X) HTML cung cấp một chất keo dính các mối quan hệ toàn bộ World Wide Web. Để giúp bạn minh họa cho lời nói của bạn, chúng tôi giải thích thêm đồ họa để trang của bạn, quá.

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