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  • the book’s success is due in no small part to the success of JSP itself. JavaServer Pages technology has experienced a rapid adoption in the past year or so, anxiously embraced by the “teeming millions” of Java and web developers who had been clamoring for a standard mechanism for generating dynamic web con- tent.

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  • Cách thức GET dữ liệu và hiển thị kết quả trên trình duyệt. • Get và hiển thị kết quả trên Applet (HTTP tunneling) • Using object serialization to exchange highlevel data structures between applets and servlets • Sending POST data and processing the results within the applet (HTTP tunneling)

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  • Writing data applications is tricky in any language, but coders committed to JSP will find a welcome side-kick in Pure Java Server Pages. The handy volume is about two-thirds code and one-third reference. Code near the beginning serves to illustrate crash courses in servlets, JavaBeans, JDBC, and JSP concepts, while the rest of the coding section plunges straight into building a shopping cart, sending JavaMail, and much more. The final third of the book is a syntax reference for the javax.servlet.jsp, javax.servlet.jsp.tagext, javax.servlet.package, and javax.servlet.http packages.

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  • The Contract Manager Web server accepts HTTP and HTTPS requests and supplies HTTP and HTTPS responses. It routes requests to the proper Java Servlet, which processes the request and passes it to the appropriate resource in the Contract Manager Application server. The response from the Application server is sent back to the Web Server and is directed to the appropriate Java Server Page (JSP). The Web Server uses the JSP and the data from the response to create the HTML page that is sent back to the requesting client.Contract Manager uses either JBoss or WebLogic for an Application server.

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  • provide request information for HTTP servlets. The servlet container creates an HttpServletRequest object and passes it as an argument to the servlet's service methods (doGet, doPost, etc).Client request information including : parameter name and values, and an input stream Attributes : custom information about a request. Extends the ServletRequest interface Returns the value of attribute : public Object getAttribute(String name)

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  • Semantic Bank shares a very similar architecture to the Java part of Piggy Bank. They both make use of the same servlet that serves their DHTML-based faceted browsing user interface. They make use of several profiles for segregating data models. Semantic Bank gives each of its subscribed members a different profile for persisting data while it keeps another profile where “published” information from all members gets mixed together. Semantic Bank listens to HTTP POSTs sent by a user’s piggy bank to upload his/her data.

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