Hydrocarbon waste

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  • This book examines the practices used or considered for biological treatment of waterlwastewater and hazardous wastes. The technologies described involve conventional treatment processes, their variations, as well as recent research. The book is intended for those seeking an overview of the field, and covers the major topics. The book is divided into five principal sections, and references are provided for those who wish to dig deeper.

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  • This is the fourth in the series of volumes I have prepared for Ventus Publishing. There are a number of factors which have contributed to my decision to develop the series. One is that, as I said in the postscript to one of the earlier volumes, I am at a career stage where my time is possibly best spent setting out knowledge and ideas I have built up over the decades for the benefit of younger readers. BookBoon provides a splendid medium for this. That is why I very much hope that this fourth in the series will be by no means the last even...

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  • Zero-Valent sắt Việc sử dụng không-valent sắt để giảm hydrocarbon clo lần đầu tiên được báo cáo trong y văn bằng sáng chế bởi chứng gầy mòn bắp thịt ngựa và Fischer năm 1972, tuy nhiên, chứng gầy mòn bắp thịt ngựa và Fischer không bao giờ công bố nghiên cứu của họ trên các tạp chí phản biện chuyên gia, vì vậy công việc của họ đã bị bỏ qua bởi cộng đồng nghiên cứu (Gillham O'Hannesin, 1994).

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  • Soil contamination has severely increased over the last decades, mainly due to petroleum hydrocarbons, solvents, pesticides, lead and other heavy metals from industrial wastes and human activities. The critical point regarding contaminated soil monitoring is the intrinsic difficulty in defining fixed monitoring variables and indicators as the establishment of any a priori criterion and threshold for soil quality can be still considered subjective.

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  • Linh hoạt thay thế cho Chất thải xử lý ô nhiễm Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) và các hợp chất thơm khác được khử trùng bằng clo được phân phối trong đất, bùn cặn, cửa sông, vv, tại hơn 400 trang web trong Hoa Kỳ một mình. Clo béo hydrocarbon (CAHs), rộng rãi được sử dụng để tẩy dầu mỡ và làm sạch động cơ, phụ tùng ô tô, và các thành phần điện tử, chất gây ô nhiễm nghiêm trọng tại 358 lớn các trang web trong chất thải nguy hại Hoa Kỳ.

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  • The study conducted by Hiller et al. (2011) to investigate the concentrations, distributions, and hazards of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). PCBs are used mainly as coolant and electronic industries (capacitors, transformers), paints, sealants for wood, cutting and lubricating fluids, plasticizers, and as dielectric fluids. Therefore, at the former site of PCB manufacturing area in Slovakia, high concentrations of PCBs are detected in soils, sediments, humans, and wildlife (Kocan et al., 2001; Petrik et al., 2001; Hiller et al., 2011)....

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  • Flare gas. This is an associated gas obtained during crude oil exploration, largely consisting of methane and higher hydrocarbons. The use of flare gas—which is generally available free of charge as a waste product—ensures a fuel source for on- site power generation and, if required, the engines can also provide a heat supply for surrounding facilities. Consequently this problem gas, instead of flaring it off while causing ecological exposure, can be used economically and practically. Biogas.

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