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  • In this paper we consider the following problem. Given a class of episodes and an input sequence of events, find all episodes that occur frequently in the event sequence. We describe the framework and formalize the discovery task in Section 2. Algorithms for discovering all frequent episodes are given in Section 3. They are based on the idea of first finding small frequent episodes, and then progressively looking for larger frequent episodes. Additionally, the algorithms use some simple pattern matching ideas to speed up the recognition of occurrences of single episodes.

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  • This Guide is designed for use by recipients of LSC funds. The Guide sets forth financial accounting and reporting standards for recipients of LSC funds, and describes the accounting policies, records, and internal control procedures to be maintained by recipients to ensure the integrity of accounting, reporting and financial systems. In addition, the Guide includes illustrative appendices which describe accounting practices and procedures (such as the illustrative financial statements and chart of accounts) acceptable to LSC.

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  • Vancouver’s green economy is growing more than twice as fast as traditional sectors. he green economy includes jobs in clean technology and products, green building design and construction, sustainability consulting and education, recycling and composting, local food, green transportation, and much, much more. Green jobs can be found across traditional and new industry sectors.

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  • Internet customer service: customer service is always important and a good business website has good customer service. For example, it should allow customers access to their account, track their orders and allow them to talk to live sales representative if they desire to do so. Allowing customers’ control over their orders is expected and can make a huge difference. Most website designers think of a web site’s overall appearance and then about its functionality.

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  • The overall fragility of the marginal wine drinker segment is highlighted by the long-term trend among them for growing preferences of other forms of beverage alcohol over wine. In the 2003 Merrill Research study, only 50 percent of marginal wine drinkers stated that they actually preferred wine over beer and spirits. Marginal wine drinkers have trimmed their wine consumption levels overall in the past three years.

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  • In order to historicize the Workman montages, I want to point first to the Oscars telecast for 2002, a year in which no Chuck Workman pieces appeared, and the first year the awards were held in Hollywood. This Oscars was different: the show was held in a theater that seated 1500 fewer guests than some previous venues (Anderton), but whose location within the new media complex and mall at Hollywood and Highland offered— for virtual guests—geographic cachet, ersatz Intolerance elephants, and big-screen video displays. As commentators and stars alike remarked, this...

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  • In total, the model can generate expected excess corporate bond returns in four ways. First, through the dependence of credit spreads (or, equivalently, default intensities) on default-free term structure factors. Second, because the risk of common or systematic changes in credit spreads across firms is priced. Third, via a risk premium on firm-specific credit spread changes, and, fourth, due to a risk premium on the default jump. 1 Empirically, we find that all these terms contribute to the expected excess corporate bond return, except for the risk of firm-specific credit spread changes.

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  • The Group puts forward these recommendations recognising that the project on economic evaluation has still to produce its final report, and that the Group’s recommendation will be assessed in the light of the economic evaluation by the Steering Committee. Also, the question of geogenic dust, which plays an important role in some member states, has not been taken into full account and needs further consideration by the Commission. Whatever decisions the Commission takes finally on the above values, the Group recommends that they be reviewed within 5 years after entry into force.

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  • When toymaker Mattel launched an e-commerce website in 2009 (shop.mattel.com), it used a heavy dose of video to increase consumer engagement and distinguish its offerings from those found on traditional retail sites. The company, in effect, turned video into a direct sales tool: in the fi rst year, as many as 42% of the top-selling products on the Mattel site appeared after a visitor clicked on a video. Mattel cross-promotes the store and specifi c products heavily through its Facebook page and Twitter account.

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  • This landmark principle, "All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves," was stated by Eli Siegel, the American poet, critic, and educator, who founded Aesthetic Realism. It is the basis of the museum art and anthropology classes we teach together. And this principle, we've seen, is the means for people to have large emotions from the art of every continent—including styles unfamiliar to them— and to see people of other cultures with authentic depth and kindness....

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  • Th is motivation explains the desire for continually increasing executive salaries, but does not justify them. Nor does it explain why the higher salaries are agreed to. Recognition of ability is an understandable desire in members of every profession, and higher salary is one of the means of providing it. Yet it is not the case that salaries in every other profession are continually rising in real terms. Th us the desire for recognition might explain the motivation of executives seeking higher salaries, but does not explain why they are awarded. Th is motivation also...

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  • The term of a bond ends on the bond’s maturity date, when the issuer repays to the investor the face amount listed on the bond. When a bond is held to maturity, its face amount is repaid in full. Before maturity, however, the value of a bond often fluctuates. These continual changes in bond prices are influenced by many factors, including interest rate movements, supply of and demand for bonds, changes in the financial health of bond issuers, returns offered by other investments, and the maturity date of a bond. Price fluctuations will be addressed more fully on pages 12 and 13....

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  • Caja Granada, Chair of the International Association of Social Pledging Credit Establishments, was appointed as Spanish Focal Point of the Year of Microcredit by the United Nations. Apart form coordinating the contributions to the Blue Book, it led a major exhibition on microcredit in Spanish savings banks, a joint effort to communicate the importance of this financial tool and the support of the Spanish savings banks.

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  • The results of the audit for fiscal year 2010 provided valuable lessons on preparing for a first-time financial statement audit. In our September 2011 report, we identified five fundamental lessons that are critical to success.

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  • The results of the IS audit are reported to the management of the organisation, the person responsible for IS audits, and the IT Security Officer (see section 4.9) and integrated into the ISMS process. A clearly defined procedure should be available for this purpose that is stated in a guideline for examining and improving the security process (see [BSI2]). Requirements for eliminating deficiencies and improving quality are the result of the evaluation of the IS audit report. The IT Security Officer derives the corresponding follow-up activities from these requirements.

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  • We’re just a few days away from the third PMI India National Conference on Project Management and the excitement in the community is palpable. The huge success of the conference in the past two years has set delegate expectations high. A lot of effort has gone in this time to ensure we raise the bar even further in terms of the content and overall delegate experience during the conference. I’m delighted to see that our efforts have paid off. Bangalore, the host for this year’s conference, is truly the home for project management in India.

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  • Why has relational database technology grown to become the de facto database tech- nology since that time? A look back at previous database technology may help to explain this phenomenon. Database management systems were first defined in the 1960s to provide a common organizational framework for what had been data stored in independent files. In 1964, Charles Bachman of General Electric proposed a network model with data records linked together, forming intersecting sets of data, as shown on the left in Figure 1-1. This work formed the basis of the CODASYL Data Base Task Group.

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  • The yield spread – the difference between the long-term and the short-term interest rate – is widely discussed as a leading indicator for economic activity. While the yield spread does not affect economic activity in itself, in contrast to the level of short-term or long-term interest rates, it may contain information about market expectations of future changes in inflation and real interest rates, which may in turn be associated with fluctuations in real output.

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  • Additions or deletions of participating sites that provide an educational experience required for all residents of one month FTE (four weeks) or more must be submitted through the Accreditation Data System (ADS). Information to be entered in ADS for each participating site besides that in the PLA includes the distance (in miles) and time (in minutes) from the primary teaching site and whether the participating site is integrated (for those specialties that use that term).

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  • There are also papers suggesting that the link between central bank finances and policy outcomes is not straightforward, and that other aspects are crucial, too. For example, Ueda (2004) wrote: “Summing up the experiences of insolvent central banks, my conclusion is that the maintenance of a sound balance sheet is, in general, neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition for fulfilling a central bank’s responsibility, but there have been cases where an unhealthy balance sheet became a major obstacle to price stability.

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