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  • This paper will present applications of the Proper Transformations based on both cross spectral matrix and covariance matrix branches to analysis and identification of multi-variate random pressure fields. The random pressure fields are determined due to the physical measurements on some typical rectangular models in the wind tunnel tests.

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  • This paper examines two problems in document-level sentiment analysis: (1) determining whether a given document is a review or not, and (2) classifying the polarity of a review as positive or negative. We first demonstrate that review identification can be performed with high accuracy using only unigrams as features. We then examine the role of four types of simple linguistic knowledge sources in a polarity classification system.

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  • In this paper, we propose an implementable characterization of genre suitable for automatic genre identification of web pages. This characterization is implemented as an inferential model based on a modified version of Bayes’ theorem. Such a model can deal with genre hybridism and individualization, two important forces behind genre evolution. Results show that this approach is effective and is worth further research.

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  • In this interactive presentation, a Chinese named entity and relation identification system is demonstrated. The domainspecific system has a three-stage pipeline architecture which includes word segmentation and part-of-speech (POS) tagging, named entity recognition, and named entity relation identitfication. The experimental results have shown that the average F-measure for word segmentation and POS tagging after correcting errors achieves 92.86 and 90.01 separately.

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  • This paper presents a novel statistical model for automatic identification of English baseNP. It uses two steps: the Nbest Part-Of-Speech (POS) tagging and baseNP identification given the N-best POS-sequences. Unlike the other approaches where the two steps are separated, we integrate them into a unified statistical framework. Our model also integrates lexical information. Finally, Viterbi algorithm is applied to make global search in the entire sentence, allowing us to obtain linear complexity for the entire process. ...

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  • Non-compositional expressions present a special challenge to NLP applications. We present a method for automatic identification of non-compositional expressions using their statistical properties in a text corpus. Our method is based on the hypothesis that when a phrase is non-composition, its mutual information differs significantly from the mutual informations of phrases obtained by substituting one of the word in the phrase with a similar word.

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  • I argue that because of spelling and typing errors and other properties of typed text, the identification of words and word boundaries in general requires syntactic and semantic knowledge. A lattice representation is therefore appropriate for lexical analysis. I show how the use of such a representation in the CLARE system allows different kinds of hypothesis about word identity to be integrated in a uniform framework. I then describe a quantitative evaluation of CLARE's performance on a set of sentences into which typographic errors have been introduced. ...

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  • Molecular identification and genetic diversity within species of the genera Hanseniaspora and Kloeckera has many contents: introduction, yeast strain, isolation of DNA for PCR ass, RAPD-PCR analysi, PFGE karyotypin, PCR-RFLP analysis of rDN, karyotyping,...

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  • Identification is a necessary component of Authentication, Authorization and Accounting. The idea is that each entity has a unique ID. IDs should NEVER be shared IDs are a foundational component of AAA

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  • A solution to the problem of homograph (words with multiple distinct meanings) identification is proposed and evaluated in this paper. It is demonstrated that a mixture model based framework is better suited for this task than the standard classification algorithms – relative improvement of 7% in F1 measure and 14% in Cohen’s kappa score is observed.

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  • We have established a phonotactic language model as the solution to spoken language identification (LID). In this framework, we define a single set of acoustic tokens to represent the acoustic activities in the world’s spoken languages. A voice tokenizer converts a spoken document into a text-like document of acoustic tokens. Thus a spoken document can be represented by a count vector of acoustic tokens and token n-grams in the vector space.

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  • In this paper we present a method to group adjectives according to their meaning, as a first step towards the automatic identification of adjectival scales. We discuss the properties of adjectival scales and of groups of semantically related adjectives and how they imply sources of linguistic knowledge in text corpora. We describe how our system exploits this linguistic knowledge to compute a measure of similarity between two adjectives, using statistical techniques and without having access to any semantic information about the adjectives. ...

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  • Chinese sentences are written with no special delimiters such as space to indicate word boundaries. Existing Chinese NLP systems therefore employ preprocessors to segment sentences into words. Contrary to the conventional wisdom of separating this issue from the task of sentence understanding, we propose an integrated model that performs word boundary identification in lockstep with sentence understanding. In this approach, there is no distinction between rules for word boundary identification and rules for sentence understanding. These two functions are combined. ...

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  • Bộ tài liệu hacker highschool này sẽ giúp bạn biết nên học những gì để trở thành một hacker. Đây là tập 5 của bộ 13 tập

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  • AFIS systems are amazing. With AFIS, people can be fingerprinted and have their criminal history records checked in a matter of minutes; a mug shot and palm print might be included on the rap sheet returned to the inquiring agency. The technology has moved from exclusively forensic or criminal applications into other areas, such as social services benefits and other emerging applications. The greatest use of AFIS technology is for tenprint identifications, in which rolled fingerprint images are compared against enrolled records.

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  • Nếu bạn biết cách đọc, số VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) sẽ cho biết nhiều thông tin cần thiết về chiếc xe. Vậy làm thế nào để khám phá bí mật nằm sau 17 chữ số và chữ cái này?

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  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a fascinating, fast developing and multidisciplinary domain with emerging technologies and applications. It is characterized by a variety of research topics, analytical methods, models, protocols, design principles and processing software. With a relatively large range of applications, RFID enjoys extensive investor confidence and is poised for growth.

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  • Instrumentation Symbols and Identification NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT This is a copyrighted document and may not be copied or distributed in any form or manner without the permission of ISA. This copy of the document was made for the sole use of the person to whom ISA provided it and is subject to the restrictions stated in ISA’s license to that person. It may not be provided to any other person in print, electronic, or any other form. Violations of ISA’s copyright will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and may result in substantial civil and criminal penalties. ...

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  • The number of applications for RFID systems has increased each year and various research directions have been developed to improve the performance of these systems. Therefore IN-TECH publisher has decided to continue the series of books dedicated to the latest results of research in the RFID field and launch a new book, entitled “Radio Frequency Identification Fundamentals and Applications, Design Methods and Solutions”, which could support the further development of RFID.

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  • Giới thiệu về định danh và xác thực Phương pháp định danh Phương pháp xác thực Giao thức xác thực Bảo mật hệ thống thông tin Chương 3: Định danh và Xác thực 2 .

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