Identifying development tool requirements

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  • In addition to our rigorous analysis, we also used one tool to informally assess our perception of consumer comprehension during the debriefing session—Bloom’s Taxonomy. 8 In 1957, Benjamin Bloom developed the taxonomy to assess questions included in many school tests. The taxonomy identifies a scale of seven categories of increasingly higher levels of cognitive processing—from lower levels such as simple recall of details (Knowledge) to assessment of the value of the information (Evaluation).

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  • The objective of this study is to develop an early‐warning system (EWS) for identifying systemic banking risk, which will give policymakers and supervisors time to prevent or mitigate a potential financial crisis. It is important to forecast—and perhaps to alleviate—the pressures that lead to systemic crises, which are economically and socially costly and which require significant time to reverse (Honohan et al., 2003). The current U.S.

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  • The industry approach to environmental issues has moved from ‘end-of-pipe’ solutions, towards a pollu- tion prevention strategy. This strategy requires an integrated, holistic view of activities. Tools have been developed to assist management, including cleaner production, life cycle assessment and industrial ecolo- gy. Each of these looks at the life cycle of the product or service, to identify where the major environmental issues or problems may arise and where the most cost- effective solutions can be developed.

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