Identity awareness commands

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  • Traditionally, firewalls use IP addresses to monitor traffic and are unaware of the user and machine identities behind those IP addresses. Identity Awareness removes this notion of anonymity since it maps users and machine identities. This lets you enforce access and audit data based on identity. Identity Awareness is an easy to deploy and scalable solution. It is applicable for both Active Directory and non-Active Directory based networks as well as for employees and guest users.

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  • In July 2009, the wife of a high-level government executive in the United Kingdom published personal data in a social networking site. This garnered a lot of attention, not for the confidentiality of the content but for the lack of awareness there is about the accessibility of your online content. There is also another issue at play here, which is the fact that once you publish any picture online, you lose control over it as people leech and republish it on places you do not even know.

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  • The lack of emphasis (about 10 % of the course) in connection design within a course is by no means a reflection of the significance of connections to the integrity of a structure. Instead, it is due to the time constraint in a semester and the common belief in the past that connections are standardized details that should be left to the fabricators. However, the connections are the glue that holds a structure together. Historically, connection failures have contributed to many structural failures, for example, the Hartford Civic Center in 1977 [1], the Hyatt Regency Hotel in...

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  • Many TCP/IP implementations follow a predictable pattern for picking sequence numbers. When a host is bootstrapped, the initial sequence number is 1. The initial sequence number is incremented by 128,000 every second, which causes the 32-bit initial sequence number counter to wrap every 9.32 hours if no connections occur. Each time a connection is initiated, however, the counter is incremented by 64,000. If sequence numbers were chosen at random when a connection arrived, no guarantees could be made that the sequence numbers would be different from a previous incarnation.

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