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  • Traditionally, firewalls use IP addresses to monitor traffic and are unaware of the user and machine identities behind those IP addresses. Identity Awareness removes this notion of anonymity since it maps users and machine identities. This lets you enforce access and audit data based on identity. Identity Awareness is an easy to deploy and scalable solution. It is applicable for both Active Directory and non-Active Directory based networks as well as for employees and guest users.

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  • The lack of emphasis (about 10 % of the course) in connection design within a course is by no means a reflection of the significance of connections to the integrity of a structure. Instead, it is due to the time constraint in a semester and the common belief in the past that connections are standardized details that should be left to the fabricators. However, the connections are the glue that holds a structure together. Historically, connection failures have contributed to many structural failures, for example, the Hartford Civic Center in 1977 [1], the Hyatt Regency Hotel in...

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  • In July 2009, the wife of a high-level government executive in the United Kingdom published personal data in a social networking site. This garnered a lot of attention, not for the confidentiality of the content but for the lack of awareness there is about the accessibility of your online content. There is also another issue at play here, which is the fact that once you publish any picture online, you lose control over it as people leech and republish it on places you do not even know.

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  • Many TCP/IP implementations follow a predictable pattern for picking sequence numbers. When a host is bootstrapped, the initial sequence number is 1. The initial sequence number is incremented by 128,000 every second, which causes the 32-bit initial sequence number counter to wrap every 9.32 hours if no connections occur. Each time a connection is initiated, however, the counter is incremented by 64,000. If sequence numbers were chosen at random when a connection arrived, no guarantees could be made that the sequence numbers would be different from a previous incarnation.

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  • The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade came into force on 1 January 1948. This booklet contains the complete text of the General Agreement together with all amendments which have become effective since its entry into force. The text is identical to that published, since 1969, as Volume IV in the series Basic Instruments and Selected Documents. A guide to the legal sources of the provisions of the Agreement is provided in an appendix.

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  • This book contains 209 tales collected by the brothers Grimm. The exact print source is unknown. The etext appears to be based on the translation by Margaret Hunt called Grimm's Household Tales, but it is not identical to her edition. (Some of the translations are slightly different, the arrangement also differs, and the Grimm's scholarly notes are not included.)

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  • The identity of an organism may be confirmed by demonstrating its ability to perform a number of biochemical reactions, each species conforming to a recognizable result pattern. Most of the media used in the tests detailed in this section can be obtained from commercial sources

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  • Internal and External Sounds Once you’ve provided a linkage class name, you can create an instance of the sound the same way you instantiate a movie clip: var snd:Sound = new ClaireElmo(); N OT E Thereafter, you can manage the instance of this sound by referring to the variable snd. This creation of a Sound class instance and the use of one method to load a sound file are the only basic differences between using internal and external sounds. All play, pause, stop, and transform operations are identical, regardless of the sound source.

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  • This volume of Advances in Neurobiology deals with the neurochemistry of disease. Included are chapters on both human diseases and animal “model” diseases. Sources of human tissue. The three main sources of human neural tissues for chemical studies have been: Brain obtained at autopsy Brain obtained at biopsy or incidental to neurosurgery Nonneural tissues containing molecules identical to those in clinically affected brain or nerve In theory, peripheral nerve is more available than brain, but chemical analyses of peripheral nerves are relatively limited....

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  • The olive (Olea europaea) is increasingly recognized as a crop of great economic and health importance world-wide. Olive growing in Italy is very important, but there is still a high degree of confusion regarding the genetic identity of cultivars. This book is a source of recently accumulated information on olive trees and on olive oil industry.

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  • Digital technologies have been engines of cultural innovation, from the virtualization of group networks and social identities to the digital convergence of textural and audio-visual media. User-centered content production, from Wikipedia to YouTube to Open Source, has become the emblem of this transformation, but the changes run deeper and wider than these novel organizational forms.

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  • The issues of media, identity and gender are being discussed all over today. They have become integral to the discipline of media studies. The reason is the popularity and diversity of media as a source of mass consumption and its influence on constructing ideas and generating debate. The media scene in India has expanded in the recent times as there is a plethora of media choices available to the audiences. Media structures and systems have also undergone a sea change with privatization and globalization. Huge corporations with their own profit motives own media houses.

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  • Indicates the identity request message type sent from the local router to the network (assignment source point (ASP)) during the automatic TEI assignment procedure; this message is sent in a user interface (UI) command frame; the SAPI value for this message type is always 63 (indicating that it is a Layer 2 management procedure) but it is not displayed; the TEI value for this message type is 127 (indicating that it is a broadcast operation)

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  • We present a syntax-based statistical translation model. Our model transforms a source-language parse tree into a target-language string by applying stochastic operations at each node. These operations capture linguistic differences such as word order and case marking. Model parameters are estimated in polynomial time using an EM algorithm. The model produces word alignments that are better than those produced by IBM Model 5. is conditioned only on word classes and positions in the string, and the duplication and translation are conditioned only on the word identity. ...

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  • The aim of the thesis is to apply the theory in cognitive linguistics to Vietnamese to establish the conceptual structure and conceptual domain “food”, discover the target domains, the source domains, mapping system and the mapping mechanism among the conceptual domains; codifying metaphorical notion of "food" in Vietnamese in order to study cognitive characteristics and Vietnamese cultural identity through conceptual metaphor of "food”.

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  • We have looked at confidentiality services, and also examined the information theoretic framework for security.

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  • Sport is, indeed, not the source for all such ‘mischief’, although it is one vital source. However, in thinking about how we might conceive of sporting masculinities in different ways we open up both masculinity and sport to new questions and areas for research. Specifically, this empirical study of the extreme sport of rock climbing in the UK investigates male identities by considering the routine and extraordinary practices and relations in a sporting culture.

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  • Most previous corpus-based algorithms disambiguate a word with a classifier trained from previous usages of the same word. Separate classifiers have to be trained for different words. We present an algorithm that uses the same knowledge sources to disambiguate different words. The algorithm does not require a sense-tagged corpus and exploits the fact that two different words are likely to have similar meanings if they occur in identical local contexts.

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  • ATP-dependent Lon proteases belong to the superfamily of AAA + proteins. Until recently, the identity of the residues involved in their proteolytic active sites was not elucidated. However, the putative catalytic Ser–Lys dyad was recently suggested through sequence comparison of more than 100 Lon proteases from various sources. The presence of the catalytic dyadwas experimentally confirmedby site-directed mutagenesis of theEscherichia coliLon protease and by determination of the crystal structure of its proteolytic domain.

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  • We present a novel hierarchical prior structure for supervised transfer learning in named entity recognition, motivated by the common structure of feature spaces for this task across natural language data sets. The problem of transfer learning, where information gained in one learning task is used to improve performance in another related task, is an important new area of research.

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