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  • The two daceds between 1975 and 1995 brought significant changes in the representation of women in Freedonis's work force, according to the graph. In 1975, for example, some 300.000 men and 250.000 women in the communications sector. Twenty years later, though the number of men remained unchanged, the number of women rose to 550.000....

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  • (BQ) Practice IELTS tests plus 3 gives you the key words, or it is frequently used in the IELTS Writing TAST 1 ... .. Along with the exam is the answer detailed, full, clear analysis of the responses words right and wrong for Listening and Reading sections of the exam and Tapescript Listen to the answers marked. invite you to refer to part 2 book.

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  • These 3 complete Listening tests, 9 complete Reading tests, 9 complete Writing tests and 2 Speaking tests, have been prepared so that you can practise on your own or in a classroom with the help of a teacher. They have been trialled with students at different levels and at language centres internationally. Feedback from trialling has been incorporated at each stage of development. Procedure for Listening, Reading and Writing Tests, do these practice tests under strict test conditions, time yourself carefully and do not use a dictionary.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Cambridge English IELTS 10" introduced: Reading and writing test A, reading and writing test B, listening and reading answer keys, model and sample answers for writing tasks, sample answer sheets.

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  • Following the contents of the first book, "Expert on Cambridge IELTS practice test 1", part 2 gives readers the lessons in reading, writing, listening and speaking English on the theme: Greneral training, answer key, model and sample answers for writing tasks, ... Invite you to consult.

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  • . Try to answer the question at completely as possible usrng information from the reading passage and the lecture. The question doss not ask you to express your persona) opinion. Vou wiff be able lo see the reading passage again v/hen it is time lor you to write You may use your notes to help you answer the question.

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