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  • Every generation demands that history shall be rewritten. This is not alone because it requires that the work should be adapted to its own point of view, but because it is instinctively seeking those lines which connect the problems and lessons of the past with its own questions and circumstances. If it were not for the existence of lines of this kind, history might be entertaining, but would have little real value. The more numerous they are between the present and any earlier period, the more valuable is, for us, the history of that period.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'state liability in investment treaty arbitration: global constitutional and administrative law in the bit generation', kinh tế - quản lý, luật phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Home-based businesses are on the rise, especially while the stubborn economic recession continues to hold our economy in its grips. More and more individuals who are unable to land positions are turning to opening their own home-based businesses. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the number of home-based businesses currently operating at 18.3 million. Other organizations say the number is closer to 38 million. The pros seem to outnumber the cons. The low start-up costs are of particular interest to the many unemployed.

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  • The international investment regime has changed dramatically in recent decades. Emerging economies throughout the world are attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) that goes beyond the traditional concentration on natural resources and agricultural products. Infrastructure projects and manufacturing for export and for the domestic market account for an important share of FDI.

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  • The authors propose a new approach to conceptualizing and conducting public diplomacy, defined as a process of informing and convincing foreign publics, especially those in the Muslim world, that the ideals Americans cherish-such as pluralism, freedom, women’s rights, and democracy

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  • In the late twentieth century international trade moved from a political multi-polar system based on the nation-state to a system featuring unified regional trading regimes. An inevitable feature of increased cooperation through bilateral, regional and international arrangements is the emergence of disputes over the interpretation and implementation of the agreed upon commitments. Accordingly, reliable mechanisms for the settlement of trade related disputes have become necessary to ensure the effective and continued functioning of these arrangements.

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  • This study of the origins of international law combines techniques of intellectual history and historiography to investigate the earliest developments of the law of nations. The book examines the sources, processes, and doctrines of international legal obligation in antiquity to reevaluate the critical attributes of international law. David J.

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  • Structural changes had happened previously in U.S. history without such radical effects on cities, though they had certainly devastated some groups of workers. For example, the carriage industry in Michigan was totally replaced by automobile manufacturing, but there was little to offset the loss of automobile production in Flint. What, in fact, might replace the lost sectors and employment in these cases? Two answers suggested them- selves: services and high technology.

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  • Confronting a terrorist threat that struck the American homeland on September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush responded by laying out a bold foreign policy and national security strategy with few precedents in the modern record of American diplomacy. To deal with the threat of global terror, Bush did not explore a reconfiguration of the global balance of power, as, in very different ways, his father had at the end of the Cold War and Richard Nixon had in the early 1970s.

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  • JEAN JACQUES ROUSSEAU began his famous Confessions by a vehement appeal to the Deity: "I have shown myself as I was; contemptible and vile when I was so; good, generous, sublime when I was so; I have unveiled my interior such as Thou thyself hast seen it, Eternal Father! Collect about me the innumerable swarm of my fellows; let them hear my confessions; let them groan at my unworthiness; let them blush at my meannesses! Let each of them discover his heart in his turn at the foot of thy throne with the same sincerity; and then let any one of them tell thee if...

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  • This paper, an abbreviated version of which appeared in the Los Angeles Times on October 27, 1985, discusses mistakes in diplomacy made by the U.S. government following the capture of the four hijackers of the Italian cruise ship, the Achille Lauro, and the subsequent demands for their extradition. The author suggests that these actions may have done more to damage relationships with Italy and Egy......

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  • M. de Tavannes smiled. Mademoiselle averted her eyes, and shivered; as if the air, even of that close summer night, entering by the door at her elbow, chilled her. And then came a welcome interruption. "Tavannes!" "Sire!" Count Hannibal rose slowly. The King had called, and he had no choice but to obey and go. Yet he hung a last moment over his companion, his hateful breath stirring her hair. "Our pleasure is cut short too soon, Mademoiselle," he said, in the tone, and with the look, she loathed. "But for a few hours only. We shall meet to-morrow. Or, it may be--earlier."...

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  • These are ambitious orientations and recommendations and they are faced by formidable challenges. They go against the conventional practice of most health professional schools. They are difficult but not impossible to implement. Indeed, WHO orientations that many have considered utopian have been realized. It has taken time and effort, resources*, diplomacy and patience. In many respects, what this report proposes is already in operation, albeit informally and on a small scale. ...

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  • This monograph examines regional, multilateral track two dialogues in the Middle East and South Asia that are focused on arms control and other cooperative security measures. Unofficial policy discourse, or track two diplomacy, is an increasingly important part of the changing international security landscape, with the potential

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  • The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is a multiple-choice test developed by the Educational Testing Service of Princeton, New Jersey, for normative speakers of English who use English in nonacademic situations, such as international business, trade, industry, and diplomacy.

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  • Energy is important for the existence and development of humankind and is a key issue in international politics, the economy, military preparedness, and diplomacy. To reduce the impact of conventional energy sources on the environment, much attention should be paid to the development of new energy and renewable energy resources. Solar energy, which is environment friendly, is renewable and can serve as a sustainable energy source. Hence, it will certainly become an important part of the future energy structure with the increasingly drying up of the terrestrial fossil fuel.

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  • In approaching this complex subject, it is important to understand where it sits in our social and political order. First, we must recognize that armed conflict is rarely, if ever, solely about religion or religious differences. Although armed conflicts may take on religious overtones, their genesis is found in a complex matrix of crisscrossing and mutually exacerbating factors such as economics, politics, resources, ethnicity and identity, power struggles, inequality, oppression, and other historical grievances.

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  • Because the East-West gas pipeline was an issue for the Soviets in the areas of domestic economic policy, East-West diplomacy, and foreign economic relations, and because of intense attention given to the pipeline affair in both East and West, it provides a rare window on Soviet decisionmaking. This report draws on the

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  • The Monroe Doctrine and the policy of political isolation are two phases of American diplomacy so closely related that very few writers appear to draw any distinction between them. The Monroe Doctrine was in its origin nothing more than the assertion, with special application to the American continents, of the right of independent states to pursue their own careers without fear or threat of intervention, domination, or subjugation by other states. President Monroe announced to the world that this principle would be upheld by the United States in this hemisphere.

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  • Three of the craftiest royal rogues in Christendom strove hard to cozen and outwit each other in the last years of the fifteenth and the earlier years of the sixteenth century. No betrayal was too false, no trick too undignified, no hypocrisy too contemptible for Ferdinand of Aragon, Maximilian of Austria, and Henry Tudor if unfair advantage could be gained by them; and the details of their diplomacy convey to modern students less an impression of serious State negotiations than of the paltry dodges of three hucksters with a strong sense of humour.

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