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  • This book is divided into different research areas relevant in Bioinformatics such as biological networks, next generation sequencing, high performance computing, molecular modeling, structural bioinformatics, molecular modeling and intelligent data analysis. Each book section introduces the basic concepts and then explains its application to problems of great relevance, so both novice and expert readers can benefit from the information and research works presented here.

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  • Weak and transient protein–protein interactions are associated with biolog-ical processes, but many are still undefined because of the difficulties in their identification. Here, we describe a redesigned method to screen transient protein–protein interactions by using a novel signal amplification circuit, which is incorporated into yeast to artificially magnify the signal responding to the interactions.

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  • Chapter 18 - The mechanism of translation II: Elongation and termination. This chapter consider some fundamental questions about the nature of elongation: (1) In what direction is a polypeptide synthesized? (2) In what direction does the ribosome read the mRNA? (3) What is the nature of the genetic code that dictates which amino acids will be incorporated in response to the mRNA?

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  • Chapter 18 - The mechanism of translation II: Elongation and termination. This chapter consider some fundamental questions about the nature of elongation: In what direction is a polypeptide synthesized? In what direction does the ribosome read the mRNA? What is the nature of the genetic code that dictates which amino acids will be incorporated in response to the mRNA?

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  • The third edition of Principles of Tissue Engineering attempts to incorporate the latest advances in the biology and design of tissues and organs and simultaneously to connect the basic sciences — including new discoveries in the field of stem cells — with the potential application of tissue engineering to diseases affecting specific organ systems.

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  • Under Article 22n paragraph 1 of the Austrian Banking Act, all positions in fi nancial instruments and commodities held for trading purposes are to be assigned to the trading book. Likewise, fi nancial instruments and commodi- ties used to hedge or refi nance specifi c risks in the trading book are also to be assigned to the trading book.

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  • The iconic two-century-old Capitol hill landmark operates under the jurisdiction of the Architect of the Capitol, the agency responsible for historical preservation and incorporating energy-efficiency features. Once the new equipment financed by the bank is installed and operational, annual energy savings are expected to reach 4,637 megawatt hours of electricity and 107,587 million BTus (British thermal units) of steam and chilled water energy. In the first full year alone, the financial savings from this initiative are projected to be $2.3 million.

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  • The past several decades have seen dramatic advances in understanding the etiopathogenesis of glomerulonephritis. The science of renal disease has progressed steadily from a discipline focused largely on whole organ physiology, through successive eras of cell and molecular biology, several omics (proteomics, genomics) and now into molecular mapping and personalized medicine.

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  • Technical notes (on page 331) provide information detailing the specific data sources for key indicators as well as guidance for the interpretation of the statistics. Official United Nations estimates are used for all MDG indicators. These figures are supplemented, as necessary, by additional standard data sources. Information on social and political contexts and policy priorities have been obtained from UNFPA country offices and standard United Nations reports.

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  • Automatic sampler (optional)—The sampler must incorporate glass sample containers for the collection of a minimum of 250 mL of sample. Sample containers must be kept refrigerated at 4°C and protected from light during compositing. If the sampler uses a peristaltic pump, a minimum length of compressible silicone rubber tubing may be used. Before use, however, the compressible tubing should be thoroughly rinsed with methanol, followed by repeated rinsings with distilled water to minimize the potential for contamination of the sample.

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  • Our technique determines per-application resource quo- tas in the database and storage caches, on the fly, in a transparent manner, with minimal changes to the DBMS, and no changes to existing interfaces between compo- nents. Towards this objective, we use an online perfor- mance estimation algorithm to dynamically determine the mapping between any given resource configuration setting and the corresponding application latency.

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  • Genome wide association studies (GWAS) have the capacity to detect low-risk genetic susceptibility regions associated with prostate cancer with an increased risk varying between 14-52 % (table 3) (Schumacher et al. 2011, Witte 2009). Several recent studies incorporating single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analyses in models predicting the diagnosis of prostate cancer upon biopsy have been published (Wiklund 2010, Aly et al. 2011, Witte 2009).

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  • Haem (protohaem IX) analogues are toxic compounds and have been con-sidered for use as antibacterial agents, but the primary mechanism behind their toxicity has not been demonstrated. Using the haem protein catalase in the Gram-positive bacterium Enterococcus faecalisas an experimental system, we show that a variety of haem analogues can be taken up by bac-terial cells and incorporated into haem-dependent enzymes.

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  • What a difference a few years can make! The financial crisis that engulfed mature economies in the late 2000s has prompted much soul searching. Economists are now trying hard to incorporate financial factors into standard macroeconomic models. However, the prevailing, in fact almost exclusive, strategy is a conservative one. It is to graft additional so-called financial “frictions” on otherwise fully well behaved equilibrium macroeconomic models, built on real-business-cycle foundations and augmented with nominal rigidities.

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  • GMP synthetase is a glutamine amidotransferase that incorporates ammo-nia derived from glutamine into the nucleotide xanthosine 5¢-monophos-phate (XMP) to form guanosine 5¢-monophosphate (GMP). Functional coordination of domains in glutamine amidotransferases leads to upregula

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  • In the treatment of bone pain, the second step on the WHO analgesic ladder is commonly unhelpful, with inadequate pain relief or the development of undesirable/intolerable side-effects (Eisenberg, 2005). There is currently no place for interventional treatment on the ladder and the earlier recommendations of a fourth step of interventional management are not applied widely enough. The main principles of pain management, including the use of a biopsychosocial approach, should be applied, rather than simply following the WHO ladder.

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  • Escherichia colicells express at least 90 species of lipoprotein. LolB is one of the essential outer membrane lipoproteins, being involved in the last step of lipoprotein sorting. It accepts lipoproteins from a periplasmic molecular chaperone, LolA, and mediates the outer membrane anchoring of lipopro-teins through a largely unknown mechanism. It has been shown previously that a LolB derivative, mLolB, lacking an N-terminal acyl chain, can bind lipoproteins.

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  • Phagocytic cells exposed to exogenous arachidonic acid (AA) incorporate large quantities of this fatty acid into choline and ethanolamine glycero-phospholipids, and into phosphatidylinositol (PtdIns). Utilizing liquid chro-matography coupled to MS, we have characterized the incorporation of exogenous deuterated AA ([ 2 H]AA) into specific PtdIns molecular species in human monocyte cells.

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  • a-Crystallin, a molecular chaperone and lens structural protein protects soluble enzymes against heat-induced aggregation and inactivation by a variety of molecules. In this study we investigated the chaperone function ofa-crys-tallininamorephysiological systeminwhicha-crystallinwas incorporated into red cell ghosts. Its ability to protect the intrinsic membrane protein Na/K-ATPase from external stresses was studied. Red cell ghosts were created by lysing the red cells and removing cytoplasmic contents by size-exclusion chromatography. ...

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  • Two studies of reflection in clinical teaching in medicine were found (Pinsky and Irby 1997; Pinsky et al. 1998). The authors surveyed 48 distinguished clinical teachers in medicine regarding the role of reflecting on instructional success in their professional development as teachers. They identified three phases of reflection: anticipatory reflection, which used past experience for planning teaching activities; reflection-in-action, which involved maintaining flexibility during teaching; and, reflection-on-action, which involved thoughtful analysis of the experience.

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