Increasing tension

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  • Traditionally, the woman displayed has functioned on two levels: as erotic object for the characters within the screen story, and as erotic object for the spectator within the auditorium, with a shifting tension between the looks on either side of the screen. For instance, the device of the show- girl allows the two looks to be unified technically without any apparent break in the diegesis. A woman performs within the narrative, the gaze of the spectator and that of the male characters in the film are neatly combined without breaking narrative verisimilitude.

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  • As an important priority at the national and state levels, AMCHP has worked to address and reduce tobacco use among women of reproductive age, focusing specifically on pregnant and postpartum women. This first article in the 2008 Women’s Health Watch will highlight innovative strategies to reducing tobacco use among women. It will demonstrate the need, use, and success of smoking cessation counseling in helping pregnant and postpartum women quit smoking.

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  • Agitation (dễ cáu gắt) is an unpleasant state of extreme arousal, increased tension, and irritability anxiety (lo lắng) Fear or apprehension or dread of impending danger and accompanied by restlessness, tension, tachycardia, and dyspnea unattached to a clearly identifiable stimulus.

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  • Since the publication of this book in the Netherlands in 2001, our approach to dynamic enterprise architecture has taken off. We were the first to address the everyday ups and downs that organizations face in enterprise architecture. Our initial audience—organizations that had some experience with enterprise architecture and those new to the concept— benefited from that first edition.

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  • Of course this is a good news/bad news report. The good news is that increased driver turnover means that companies are hiring, meaning that the economy continues to strengthen - something we all are happy about. The bad news is that competition for drivers is getting tougher and that ultimately we are looking at a

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  • Etiologic factors include: obstruction of lymph spaces, especially the angle of the anterior chamber; blood pressure, arterial, capillary and venous; affinity of tissues for fluids; alterations of the intra-ocular fluids; inflammations in the eye ball; and failure of a nerve apparatus to control fluid in the globe. Classification: various types of glaucoma constituting clinical entities must be recognised, as: simple glaucoma, recurring exacerbations, congestive, mechanical, and increased tension arising during uveal inflammations....

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  • We found that benomyl, a benzimidazole fungicide, strongly suppressed the reassembly of cold-depolymerized spindle microtubules in HeLa cells. Benomyl perturbed microtubule-kinetochore attachment and chromosome alignment at the metaphase plate. Benomyl also significantly decreased the distance between the sister kinetochore pairs in metaphase cells and increased the level of the checkpoint protein BubR1 at the kinetochore region, indicating that benomyl caused loss of tension across the kineto-chores....

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học General Psychiatry cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Human meniscus cells express hypoxia inducible factor-1α and increased SOX9 in response to low oxygen tension in cell aggregate culture...

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  • First, whether you are dining at your home or at a restaurant, have your prospect seated with his back to a solid wall or screen. Research shows that respiration, heart rate, brain wave frequencies and blood pressure rapidly increase when a person sits with his back to an open space, particularly where others are moving about. Tension is further increased if the person’s back is towards an open door or a window at ground level. Next, the lights should be dimmed and muffled background music played. Many top restaurants have an open fireplace or facsimile near the entrance of the...

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  • Laughter is one of the best emotional and physical therapies for anyone under stress. Laughing releases endorphins into the brain. Endorphins are like the nerve-numbing drug morphine and serve to reduce harmful chemicals in the body that are released by stress. As you know first-hand, one of the best ways to increase comfort in negative situations is to break the ice with laughter. When everyone is thinking the worst or feeling anxious about a situation, laughter can dissipate the tension just enough to give everyone a more manageable perspective on an issue. ...

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  • Arterial CO2 tension is a powerful modulator of cerebral vascular calibre, CBF and ICP (12-15.) While the mechanisms are incompletely understood, CO2 relaxes pial arterioles by interactions between the endothelium, vascular smooth muscle, pericytes, adjacent neurons and glial cells. Studies supported that cerebral vessels are sensitive to changes in extracellular pH, rather than a direct response to CO2 or bicarbonate. In the limits of physiological PaCO2, 20-60 mmHg, the relationship between PaCO2 and CBF is linear.

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  • The financial burdens imposed on peasants have become a major source of discontent in the Chinese countryside and a worrisome source of political and social instability for the Chinese government. Throughout the 1990s and into the new century, much of rural China has been in a state of crisis as tension has grown between the peasant masses and the state. Farmers who bitterly resented the taxburden began increasingly to protest (sometimes violently) against unpredictable and open-ended financial exactions by predatory local governments.

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  • The global cost of communicable diseases is expected to rise. SARS has put the world on alert. We have now Avian Flu on the watch. Recognizing the global nature of threats posed by new and re-emerging infectious diseases and the fact that many recent occurrences originated in the Asia Pacific regions, there has been an increased interest in learning and knowing about disease surveillance and monitoring progresses made in these regions. Such knowledge and awareness is necessary to reduce conflict, discomfort, tension and uneasiness in future negotiations and global cooperation....

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  • CHAPTER 6 SPRING, BELLOW, FLEXURE, SCREW, AND BALL DEVICES FLAT SPRINGS IN MECHANISMS Constant force is approached because of the length of this U-spring. Don’t align the studs or the spring will fall. A flat-wire sprag is straight until the knob is assembled: thus tension helps the sprag to grip for one-way clutching. A spring-loaded slide will always return to its original position unless it is pushed until the spring kicks out. Easy positioning of the slide is possible when the handle pins move a grip spring out of contact with the anchor bar.

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  • Despite ongoing domestic political tension, vulnerabilities in the economy and continued volatility in global financial markets, Turkey remains an attractive longer-term investment market, being the second most populous country in Europe after Germany and the sixth largest European economy. It has a young and growing population of over 70 million – 43% of the Turkish population is under the age of 25 and sizable migration to the country’s cities is taking place. These demographic trends compare favourably against those of aging Europe.

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  • From 2005 through the first half of 2007, construction was one of the most important growth sectors in the Turkish economy. Private con- struction projects and public investments supported this growth. But, by the end of 2007, construction activity stagnated. Rising prices of commodities, including iron, copper, steel and cement have con- tributed to increased construction costs.

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  • Common to these episodes is a struggle to manage tensions associated with the (long- term) movement of accountants into markets that have not been conventionally associated with their professional expertise and status.

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  • Global credit squeeze, escalating political tensions and monetary tightening will weigh on economic growth in 2008. From 2006 to 2007, the annual growth rate decreased from 6.9% to 4.5%. Slower growth in 2007 was attributable to the strength of the Turkish currency, which hurt the export industry, the delayed effects of monetary tightening in mid-2006 and a drought-related drop in agricultural output. The most significant slowdowns in growth in 2007 were in agriculture, construction and manufacturing.

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  • Inam-ur-Rahim et al. Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice 2011, 1:2 RESEARCH Open Access Indigenous fodder trees can increase grazing accessibility for landless and mobile pastoralists in northern Pakistan Inam-ur-Rahim1*, Daniel Maselli1,2, Henri Rueff3 and Urs Wiesmann3 * Correspondence: inam. rahim@ucentralasia.

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  • Materials: 4 balls of Sandnesgarn Mini Alpakka Needles: 4mm (US 6) 80 cm (32”) circular needle Finished Measurement: approx. 58” wide x 24” deep when blocked Tension: Tension is not critical for this project Abbreviations WS = wrong side RS = right side inc 1 = increase in the next st by knitting into the front then the back of the st yo = yarn over needle SSK = slip two sts knitwise then knit into the front of the two slipped sts on the right hand needle K2tog = knit two sts together S2KP2 = slip two sts together,...

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