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  • Many were filled with hopes as high as Mahjoub's stars as they crossed the kala pani (the sea) making their way from India to Durban in southern Africa in the late 1800s. But dreams of a better life and the opportunity to save money and return to the village as 'success stories' were not to be for many who returned 'home' with less than they had started out with, and found that

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  • The most gratifying aspect of finishing a book is the opportunity for the author—or authors in our case—to express thanks to those individuals and institutions that assisted in the endeavor. If writing a book can be compared to indentured servitude, then all authors are perpetual debtors. Our bills are long overdue and our list of collectors long. Both authors are grateful to the management, administrators, and staff of the James V.

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  • The life of Benjamin Franklin is stranger than fiction. Its realities surpass the idealities of novelists. Imagination would scarcely venture to portray such victories over poverty, obscurity, difficulties, and hardships. The tact, application, perseverance, and industry, that he brought to his life-work, make him an example for all time. He met with defeats; but they inspired him to manlier efforts. His successes increased his desire for something higher and nobler. He was satisfied only with going up still higher.

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