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  • The Deakin MBA has been designed to provide you with far more than a qualification. Optional components of the program allow you to complement your academic studies with practical learning experiences that, for many, prove life changing. These initiatives provide you with unrivalled opportunities for self- fulfilment and development.

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  • Our measurements show that our strategy can be used as a way to disable the communication within the Storm botnet to a large extent. As a side effect, we are able to estimate the size of the Storm botnet, in general a hard task [25]. Our measurements are much more precise than previous measurements [12, 17]. This is because measurements previously were based on passive techniques, e.g., by observing visible network events like the number of spam mails supposedly sent via the bots.

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  • Functional and flexible, this guide takes an objects-first approach to Java programming and problem using games and puzzles. Updated to cover Java version 1.5 features, such as generic types, enumerated types, and the Scanner class. Offers independent introductions to both a command-line interface and a graphical user interface (GUI). Features coverage of Unified Modeling Language (UML), the industry-standard, object-oriented design tool. Illustrates key aspects of Java with a collection of game and puzzle examples. Instructor and Student resources available online.

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  • First, however we must deal with the more problematic examples of aesthetic objects comprehended in category 4. Here it is no longer the case that the subject must be connected in a real relation to some real existing object. Thus his aesthetic pleasure may no longer be conceived as flowing - more or less as a matter of course - from his perceptual experiences of the object's parts or moments and of their more or less harmonious interrelations. Consider the pleasure we experience in watching, say, a silent film. Here the real thing...

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  • As noted, actions foreseen within the Social Business Initiative (and on Corporate Social Responsibility and Socially Responsible Investing) could also contribute to addressing the issues explored in this Impact Assessment. Actions under the Initiative have been laid out in detail in the Social Business Communication adopted on 25th October.

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  • Therefore, we match SRI funds with conventional funds that are initially similar and estimate the differences over time in performance and fees between the initially similar funds. We report results for simple and biased-adjusted estimators obtained using one and four matches per SRI fund. The one-match procedure is the one that most closely approximates the matched-pair methodology used in previous studies and it maximizes the quality of the matches, although at the cost of a small sample size.

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  • In the beginning of the course in April, I carried out my listening instruction by teaching vocabulary and grammar with repeated CD listening, focusing on listening to key- words. Then, after an actual TOEFL ITP test was conducted inside the school in June, my students’ negative reaction against the test led me to attempt new strategies applying conversational analysis to the study of TOEFL listening. A post-examination survey filled out after the actual TOEFL showed that students were overwhelmed by the difficulty and time length of the test.

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  • The countries in which you are serving most likely inherited educational systems from Britain or France. The original goal of these systems was to provide education to the children of the local elites and to supply the colonial administrations and trading companies with clerical staff. Remarkable progress has been made since the former colonies achieved independence. Educational opportunities have been expanded at all levels as national leaders put a priory on productivity and economic growth.

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  • Here’s an example A group of language schools was unhappy with its system for issuing end-of-course certificates. These tended simply to record the level of the class attended and didn’t give information about real-life communicative competence or individual progress or achievement. They had a vision of a coherent system of clearly described levels, of interesting communicative kinds of assessment recorded in a certificate which would show – in language accessible to everybody – the learners’ language competence.

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  • The quality organization will provide CQAM, DQAM, Staff Inspectors, and sampling and testing staff to meet the project schedule. The staffing levels indicated in Staffing Exhibit are based on a preliminary construction schedule and represent an approximate number of personnel needed per month. The staffing levels will be adjusted on a monthly and weekly basis, depending on the work being accomplished on each day, so that all work will be inspected and tested according to the QMP.

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  • As with every hypothesis test, inference based on alpha estimates can lead to the detection of a lucky fund, namely a fund with a significant estimated alpha, while its true alpha is equal to zero. The difficulty raised by the standard approach is that it implies a multiple hypothesis test since the null hypothesis of no performance is not tested once, but M times. Accounting for the presence of luck in a multiple testing framework is much more complex, because luck cannot be measured by the significance level applied to each fund.

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  • For example, by insulating our cavity walls we can cut heat loss in our homes by around a third. It is easily available, cheap and will save all of those homes money in the long run, as well as reducing their impact on climate change. Yet 11 million houses in the UK that could have cavity wall insulation have yet to install it. Other individual actions revolve around our choice of transport, the food we ...

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  • The United Kingdom Medicines Control Agency subsequently stopped this initiative citing it as unlawful promotion. However Herxheimer (2003) points out that in the absence of adequate independent funding patients organisations and lobbying groups are likely to continue to accept funding from pharmaceutical companies despite the clear ethical issues. He gives as examples the International Alliance of Patient Organisations and the Global Alliance of Mental Health Illness Advocacy which are both highly visible and linked financially to Big Pharma.

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  • “Whether it’s OEM or third party, the equipment itself should cost about the same,” says Tucker. “It’s the service contract that tends to be different and cost a little more through the OEM. But for good reason: a third-party vendor might be a one- or two-person operation, which means if your equipment goes down there may be a delay in service.” Additional factors to consider if dealing with a third-party vendor are the vendor’s inventory supply and how it handles a sale.

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  • Describing the very active Swiss programme, G. Müller outlined in detail the key contributions. They include the World Calibration Centre for Ozone, Carbon Monoxide and Methane, the QA/SAC Switzerland, and the World Optical Depth Research and Calibration Centre. Mr Müller, the Rapporteur on Strategic Planning and Implementation of GAW, has led the effort to produce the GAW Strategic Plan (GAW Report No. 142). He pointed out that Swiss scientists have been active in assisting with the establishment of the Nairobi ozonesonde measurements and the Mount Kenya Global station.

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  • Entering the ADDY competition supports our entire industry, because the AAF and its local and district affiliates use the proceeds to enhance advertising through programs such as public service, internships, advocacy groups, advertising education, and consumer awareness. Selection of the most creative entry in each category is affected by a scoring process in which a panel of judges evaluates all creative dimensions of every entry. A GOLD ADDY is recognition of the highest level of creative excellence and is judged to be superior to all other entries in the category.

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  • Check that you have the correct tools and materials to carry out your intended repair. Apart from the usual spanners, screwdrivers and sockets, hexagon and `Torx' (star) drive fasteners are now in common use. If possible wash the repair area with a good detergent or a washing soda solution to remove any traces of wax or silicone polishes/trim dressings.

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  • Although output growth should be stronger next year, resource slack and unemployment seem likely to decline only slowly. The prospect of high unemployment for a long period of time remains a central concern of policy. Not only does high unemployment, particularly long-term unemployment, impose heavy costs on the unemployed and their families and on society, but it also poses risks to the sustainability of the recovery itself through its effects on households’ incomes and confidence. Maintaining price stability is also a central concern of policy.

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  • The literary and informational texts chosen for study should be rich in content. Since certain works are products of exceptional craft and thought, all students should have access to these especially strong models of thinking and writing. This includes texts that have broad resonance and are referred to and quoted often, such as influential political documents, foundational literary works, and seminal historical and scientific texts.

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  • Our supervisory framework was not equipped to handle a crisis of this magnitude. To be sure, most of the largest, most interconnected, and most highly leveraged financial firms in the country were subject to some form of supervision and regulation by a federal government agency. But those forms of supervision and regulation proved inadequate and inconsistent. First, capital and liquidity requirements were simply too low.

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