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  • kinh tế trình bày tất cả các nước hay vùng lãnh thổ trên thế giới theo điều tra của Liên Hiệp quốc, bao gồm cả Đài Loan, Porto Rico, Palestine, tổng cộng là 230 nước. Trên thực tế, 234 vùng lãnh thổ đã được LHQ điều tra, nhưng trong số đó có 4 nước chưa được phân tích thật sự, đó là BIOT (British Indian Ocean Territory), quần đảo Pitcairn, TTAF (vùng lãnh thổ của Pháp vùng đất Australe) và Vatican.

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  • Having worked in and traveled to many countries, most recently as the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Thailand to the United Nations, I have seen people in different societies react to trauma in various ways. While experts contributed to this important book, Trauma Psychology: Issues in Violence, Disaster, Health, and Illness, I share my perspectives from serving the people of Thailand and other nations and from my experiences in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami that struck the cities and towns in the Indian Ocean rim, including Thailand.

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  • Eastern Sea of Vietnam is the world's largest semi-open sea and is bounded by archipelagos, islands, mainland and connected partially with Pacific and Indian Ocean. Its total water surface area is about 2,974,600km2. Vietnamese and foreign geoscientists have researched, got samples and mapped the geological map of Eastern Sea since 1960s but no guidance or right method was carried out to map, especially in presenting geological units on geological map.

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  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch operates an active carbon market services business that provides risk management, market access and liquidity, and structured finance to a variety of corporate clients looking to offset carbon emissions or manage their carbon exposure. In 2008, we engineered a ground-breaking transaction to preserve a 750,000-hectare refuge in the Aceh province of Indonesia, an ecologically sensitive region recovering from the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004.

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  • Each year more than 200 million people are affected by floods, tropical storms, droughts, earthquakes, and also operational failures, wars, terrorism, vandalism, and accidents involving hazardous materials. These are part of the wide variety of events that cause death, injury, and significant economic losses for the countries affected. As demonstrated by recent events, natural and manmade hazards can affect anyone in anyplace.

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  • Jules Gabriel Verne (February 8, 1828–March 24, 1905) was a French author who pioneered the science-fiction genre. He is best known for novels such as Journey To The Center Of The Earth (1864), Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea (1870), and Around the World in Eighty Days (1873). Verne wrote about space, air, and underwater travel before air travel and practical submarines were invented, and before practical means of space travel had been devised. He is the third most translated author in the world, according to Index Translationum. Some of his books have been made into films.

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  • Coastal Ecosystems. Africa has three coastlines—along the Mediterranean Sea in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and the Indian Ocean in the east. These shores consist of stretches of sand, soil, or rock. In general, plants and animals on Africa’s western coast are less varied and numerous than on the eastern coast. The coastal environments of Africa include coral reef, lagoon, mangrove, salt marsh, and seagrass ecosystems.

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  • THE country to which the term Hindustan is strictly and properly applied may be roughly described as a rhomboid, bounded on the north-west by the rivers Indus and Satlej, on the south-west by the Indian Ocean, on the south-east by the Narbadda and the Son, and on the north-east by the Himalaya Mountains and the river Ghagra.

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  • As Durban, South Africa, prepares for the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol in November this year, the world is recovering from a series of climate and environmental-related disasters, which have occurred over the past few years. The Indian Ocean tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake, the New Zealand earthquake, the Japanese tsunami and nuclear crisis, among others, have killed and affected millions.

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  • As the full horror of the Asian tsunami sinks in, the reactions of scientists echo those of the population as a whole. These range from a sense of hopelessness in the face of nature’s power to concern for the victims and a determination that their suffering should be addressed.

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  • Divided into : chia ra Part : vùng Pacific : Thái bình dương Atlantic : Đại tây dương Indian : Ấn độ dương Antarctic : Nam băng dương Arctic Oceans : Bắc băng dương Bay : vịnh Form : hình thành Altogether : cùng nhau

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  • Cuba, "the Pearl of the Antilles" and the key to the Gulf of Mexico, is not only the largest, but the most important and the wealthiest island in the West Indian Archipelago. Its curious shape has been aptly compared to that of a bird's tongue,--a parrot's by preference. From Point Maisi, at one extremity, to Cape San Antonio, at the other, it describes a curve of 900 miles, being, at its greatest breadth, only 120 miles from sea to sea.

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