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  • A signal transaction is now taking place in the course of Indian polity. These speeches, with no rhetorical pretensions, contain some of the just, prudent, and necessary points and considerations, that have guided this transaction, and helped to secure for it the sanction of Parliament. The too limited public that follows Indian affairs with coherent attention, may find this small sheaf of speeches, revised as they have been, to be of passing use. Three cardinal State-papers have been appended.

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  • The conquest of Canada was an event of momentous consequence in American history. It changed the political aspect of the continent, prepared a way for the independence of the British colonies, rescued the vast tracts of the interior from the rule of military despotism, and gave them, eventually, to the keeping of an ordered democracy. Yet to the red natives of the soil its results were wholly disastrous. Could the French have maintained their ground, the ruin of the Indian tribes might long have been postponed; but the victory of Quebec was the signal of their swift decline.

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  • My topic today is the ongoing subprime and credit crisis. Since our meeting today will also cover, for the first time, prospects for the Indian economy, I thought I should motivate my presentation with the following proverb from Mahatma Gandhi, “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” I plan to divide my remarks into three parts. First, I want to recap briefly what has happened in the crisis since it erupted in August 2007. Second, I want to comment briefly on the strategy for managing the crisis. And third, I want to offer...

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  • The Art of Public Speaking 26. THE DECAY OF ACTING. Article in Current Opinion, November, 1914. 27. THE YOUNG MAN AND THE CHURCH. "A Young man's Religion," N. McGee Waters. 28. INHERITING SUCCESS. Article in Current Opinion, November, 1914. 29. THE INDIAN IN OKLAHOMA. Article in Literary Digest, November 28, 1914. 30. HATE AND THE NATION. Article in Literary Digest, November 14, 1914. "1_2_3"APPENDIX C. SUGGESTIVE SUBJECTS FOR SPEECHES[36] With Occasional Hints on Treatment 1. MOVIES AND MORALS. 2. THE TRUTH ABOUT LYING. The essence of truth−telling and lying.

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  • Machine Transliteration is to transcribe a word written in a script with approximate phonetic equivalence in another language. It is useful for machine translation, cross-lingual information retrieval, multilingual text and speech processing. Punjabi Machine Transliteration (PMT) is a special case of machine transliteration and is a process of converting a word from Shahmukhi (based on Arabic script) to Gurmukhi (derivation of Landa, Shardha and Takri, old scripts of Indian subcontinent), two scripts of Punjabi, irrespective of the type of word. ...

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  • Named entity recognition for morphologically rich, case-insensitive languages, including the majority of semitic languages, Iranian languages, and Indian languages, is inherently more difficult than its English counterpart. Worse still, progress on machine learning approaches to named entity recognition for many of these languages is currently hampered by the scarcity of annotated data and the lack of an accurate part-of-speech tagger.

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