Indirect questions exercise

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  • Rewrite the following questions into the indirect questions: 1. Who built that enormous bridge? (I wonder...) 2. What's Brazil like? (I want to find out...) 3. Did Benjamin Franklin write 'Poor Richard's Almanac'? (I can't remember ....) 4. How do you do it? (Can you tell me ...)

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  • Can i use future after when or if How i use present tenses to talk aout the future how do i form indirect questions. Have or have got, when do i use th present perfect, when do i use the past perfect.Must or have to? must'n or don't have to.Can, could, couldn' or be able to?.say or tell, make or do, find out, make up, bring up, grow up or take or as.which common nouns are uncountanle

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  • Objectives: -After the lesson Ss will be able to revise the grammar: The indirect speech, the passive voice, Question words before to – infinitive. Complete the exercise in the text book. -To drill Ss reading and writing skills.

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