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  • - of the third edition, while maintaining an emphasis on nutrition and, in particular, the effects of processing on the nutritive value of the products as compared with that of the raw cereals. However, some new material has been introduced, notably sections dealing with extrusion cooking and the use of cereals for animal feed, and the section on industrial uses for cereals has been considerably enlarged. A change in the fourth edition, which readers of earlier editions will notice, is the order in which the material is presented.

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  • Microbial spoilage is manifested by a variety of sensory cues such as off-colours, off- odours, off- flavours, softening of vegetables and fruits, and slime. However, even before it becomes obvious, microbes have begun the process of breaking down food molecules for their own metabolic needs. Sugars and easily digested carbohydrates are used first, plant pectins are degraded. Then proteins are attacked, producing volatile compounds with characteristic smells such as ammonia, amines, and sulfides.

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  • In pursuit of a more engaging experience, one might be tempted to sit closer to a 2K presentation. But moving closer than 3.16 PH causes unwanted on-screen artifacts to become more obvious. The illusion of a continuous image begins to break down as individual pixels become evident. Subjects that present fine detail such as motion picture credits will appear especially rough. Image diagonals will appear jagged. And gaps between the pixels may also become visible. This is called “screen door effect” because viewing the movie becomes like looking through a screen door. ...

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  • This book developed as a result of my requirement to have a simple, comprehensive and well-structured repertoire of tools for my own consulting activities. Whenever I wanted to ‘pull the rabbit out of the hat’, I used to waste time browsing through previous project work to find things I had done previously. In order to avoid having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ each time, I developed my own ‘cheat sheet’ – a list with names of tools to prompt and remind me of what was ‘available’....

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  • The fourth row of Table 3 indicates that for over half of nongovernmental organizations at least 85 percent of borrowers are female. At least a quarter of nongovernmental organizations serve women exclusively. Banks serve many women, but in lower numbers; for slightly less than half of institutions, men make up the majority of borrowers. Column 4 breaks out the median only for profitable nongovernmental microfinance organizations, and their data on women as a share of all borrowers are much closer to that of other nongovernmental organizations than that of banks.

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  • While at one time it might have been acceptable for companies to capture just the obviously “important” data and throw the rest away, today leading companies understand that the value of their data goes far deeper. The decision about which data to keep and which to throw away—that is, which data will prove to be important in the future—is deceptively hard to make.

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  • We have seen that the landlords' profits were seriously diminished by the Black Death, and they cast about them for new ways of increasing their incomes. Arable land had been until now largely in excess of pasture, the cultivation of corn was the chief object of agriculture, bread forming a much larger proportion of men's diet than now. This began to change. Much of the land was laid down to grass, and there was a steady increase in sheep farming; thus commenced that revolution in farming which in the sixteenth century led Harrison to say that England was mainly...

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  • We’ve already made progress toward this goal – last year, America produced more oil than we had in the last seven years. We’re taking steps to encourage more offshore oil exploration and production – as long as it’s safe and responsible. And, because we know we can’t just drill our way out of our energy challenge, we’re reducing our dependence on oil by increasing our production of natural gas and biofuels, and increasing our fuel efficiency.

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  • The dataset was compiled without recourse to extrapolation, interpolation, or auxiliary regressions. Given the range of sources used, differences in coverage and definitions arose. In many cases, transitions from one source to another were smooth. However, in other instances, there were either step differences between series or differences in the implied direction of the underlying debt ratio. In such situations, breaks were implemented in the HPDD. These are clearly highlighted in the dataset.

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  • The key weekly sessions are outlined in the program below. There is only 3 sessions that need to be completed as part of the structured program each week. However, for those runners wanting to break 40 or 50 minutes, it is important to supplement these 3 key sessions with some lower intensity recovery runs. These runs can be completed 1-3 times weekly and should consist of 25-40 minutes of easy running. They should not be stressful at all, and in most cases you should finish the run feeling better than you did at the beginning. ...

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  • Social life. Leisure time. Say goodbye to both of them. Quoting Professor V.V. Chari: “You’ll find a new ability to sleep during times and positions you’ve never dreamed of.” It is not uncommon to start your day at 7:00 A.M. to discover you’re going to bed at 2:00 or 3:00 A.M., and repeat again. And then, you discover that you’ve been working all day long, no breaks except for food / classes / teaching (this last one, in case you’re TAing). You should be able to program yourself to accept this as a way of life during the first year,...

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  • A word oft-times is expressive of an entire policy. Such is the term Abolition. Though formerly used as a synonym of Anti-Slavery, people now clearly understand that the designs of those who have ranged themselves under the first of these systems of reform are of deeper significance and wider scope than are the objects contemplated by the latter, and concern themselves not only with the great primary question of bodily freedom, but take in also the collateral issues connected with human enfranchisement, independent of race, complexion, or sex.

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  • Chapter 14 - Planning for profit. This chapter will help you: Establish a profit goal for a bar business; prepare a budget; price drinks on the basis of beverage cost; use an income statement; forecast cashflow; calculate a break-even point; standardize drink size, recipes, and glassware; establish a control system; use par stock as a control tool; establish a system of sales records and cash control.

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  • This section gives you the all important advice on securing that job in PR consultancy. As the third most popular career choice for graduates, PR is an extremely difficult career to break into, and competition is fierce for places at the best consultancies. But do not let this deter you. The PR industry is driven by the quality of the people that work within it, and no consultancy can afford to overlook an opportunity to recruit the stars of tomorrow. Do your research Do think carefully about the type of consultancy you would like to work in. You may be...

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  • How well a product is packaged can make or break its commercial success. The latest volume in RockportÆs popular Design Secrets series is a hands-on sourcebook for designers in any industry. Design Secrets: Packaging deconstructs 50 projectsùranging from food and beverages to gift sets to electronics -- to illuminate some of the best thinking in this challenging arena.

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  • In 2003, when Canon introduced the very first sub-$1000 digital SLR camera, the EOS Rebel/300D, it revolutionized the camera scene. For the first time, photography enthusiasts could enjoy the benefits of digital SLR photography without breaking the bank. And even at the then-unheard-of price, the camera delivered exceptional performance and picture quality, earning it rave reviews and multiple industry awards. No wonder it quickly became a best seller.

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  • The Nobel Prize in Medicine 1968 for interpretation of the genetic code and its function in protein synthesis and in Chemistry 2009 for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome highlighted the ground-breaking experiment performed on May 15, 1961 by Nirenberg and Matthaei and their principal breakthrough on the creation of "cell-free protein synthesis (CFPS) system". Since then the continuous technical advances have revitalized CFPS system as a simple and powerful technology platform for industrial and high-throughput protein production....

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  • They say what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. For hedge funds, 2012 was a backbreaking year to put it mildly. Heightened market volatility, stressed global macroeconomic conditions, and underperformance relative to traditional investing vehicles were just a few of the factors that challenged hedge funds in 2012. Add the extra weight of an increasing regulatory burden, and many fund leaders might have been forgiven for packing it in.

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  • Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is perceived as an enigma, a man whose message is cloaked behind a wall of obtuse language. The markets spend an inordinate amount of time trying to break down that wall, hoping they might at last find the Holy Grail on Greenspanisms. But for most, understanding Greenspan to the point where both he and the Fed are even semi- predictable, and hence, tradable, is an elusive challenge. Greenspan is therefore seen as a distraction to investors who would rather focus on companies and industry fundamentals than monetary policy.

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  • This is a small car, but it has a powerful engine/machine. Do you use an electric/electrical toothbrush? I can't see anything. Where's the light plug/switch? I'm going to buy a new notebook/desktop PC that I can take to work. You can't use the lift. It's out of order or work. If you don't press this button, the washing machine won't go/move. Use this torch. The other one doesn't act/work. The lights have gone out. It must be a power break/cut. A car factory/industry has just been built in our town. Who exactly discovered/invented the computer? ...

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