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  • This research provided important findings for practitioners and mental health commissioners. Other research has also highlighted that access to appropriate treatments may be less frequent for refugees. 9 The issues are manifold and most seem to be fundamentally related to a lack of mutual understanding of mental health care needs and how the services designed to meet those specific needs are organised and accessed.

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  • Strategic gender needs are those required to transform womenís existing subordinate position to men. Meeting strategic gender needs helps women achieve gender equality and changes existing roles. 15 This includes instituting change in gender divisions of labour and power, the threat of domestic violence, equitable wages, division of household responsibilities and child rearing, access to credit and other resources, and reproductive choice.

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  • However, instead of appropriately distributing risks, this process often concentrated risk in opaque and complex ways. Innovations occurred too rapidly for many financial institutions’ risk management systems; for the market infrastructure, which consists of payment, clearing and settlement systems; and for the nation’s financial supervisors. Securitization, by breaking down the traditional relationship between borrowers and lenders, created conflicts of interest that market discipline failed to correct.

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  • The sculpture entitled The Four Winds was made by Henrik Starcke in 1964. Originally located in an open car park close to Ter- minal 2, it was temporarily relocated in 1993 to prevent it being damaged during the excavation work for the railway and motor- way for the new fixed link across the Sound to Sweden. In the summer of 1999 - one hundred years after the artist was born - The Four Winds returned to its present location in the public area of the airport at the western end of the four-storey car park close to Terminal 2.

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  • The information in this guide is best applied in the context of current technology and applications. It also provides guidance for information disposition sanitization and control decisions to be made throughout the system life cycle. Forms of media exist that are not addressed by this guide, and media are yet to be developed and deployed that are not covered by this guide.

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  • Successful implementation of the Child Health program requires a blend of universal and targeted public health strategies. In The Early Years Study: Reversing the Real Brain Drain (60), McCain and Mustard acknowledge that “targeting measures to support children and families who are at risk or having diffi culties is necessary, but it works within a system available to everyone.

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  • Representative audience surveys on early motion picture audiences are lacking, and modern market research was not yet done by the emerging movie companies (Bakker 2003). The only information available is from the press and trade press and from company sources. Before the era of fixed cinemas emerged, probably a dual audience existed. At the high end was the upper middle class, who saw the first shows of Lumière’s cinematograph probably in a legitimate theatre, as a special event, and later on between the live-acts in big-time vaudeville.

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  • To summarize, our study provides the rst evidence of local stock-picking skills of country- focused mutual funds. Further, we show that these skills are time-varying, and are best captured through the use of macroeconomic variables. To return to the issue of industry vs. country in Europe, we nd evidence that much more e ort is spent on managing and o ering country-focused funds, although sector-focused funds are gaining in popularity in Europe. As such, it appears that the industry vs. country debate is not yet resolved in the asset management world.

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  • It is also important to note that our definition of support is narrow and excludes certain instances of sponsor intervention to protect MMMFs from losses. Specifically, direct support excludes support in the form of Capital Support Agreements (CSAs) and/or Letters of Credit (both of which provided guarantees on individual or a portfolio of securities) that were not drawn upon - even where such facilities were important in maintaining the market value NAVs of the funds.

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  • The distribution of this Prospectus and the offering of the Shares may be restricted in certain jurisdictions. It is the responsibility of any persons in possession of this Prospectus and any persons wishing to apply for Shares to inform themselves of, and to observe, all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdictions. Prospective applicants for Shares should inform themselves as to legal requirements so applying and any applicable exchange control regulations and taxes in the countries of their respective citizenship, residence or domicile.

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  • The focus of this study is exploring determinants of mutual fund growth as its impressive growth, Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.97%. As documented by Ramasamy and Yeung (2003), growth of mutual fund industry among emerging markets is expected to grow at the rate of double digit by 2030. There are extensive research collections of U.S. mutual fund or US funds investing in emerging markets i.e., Sharpe (1966), Petersen (2001), Kaminsky (2001), and Ramasamy and Yeung (2003). However, research on emerging mutual funds and their determinants is still limited. ...

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  • In order to accommodate this kind of diversity, it is important that project cycle management systems support the application of standard working modalities/rules in a flexible manner. Relationship between projects, programmes and policies: A well-formulated project should derive from an appropriate balance between the EC’s development policy priorities and the partner’s development priorities. Within the scope of these policy priorities, the executive arms of government or non-governmental agencies formulate the broad areas of work required to implement policy decisions.

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  • The goal of this book is to provide a step-by-step guideline for managing projects in general, and managing distance education projects in particular. It is directed at two audiences, namely, practitioners who find themselves having to run numerous projects, both big and small, on a day-to-day basis, and open and distance learning practitioners who are team members of projects within their institutions. The writers are also hopeful that the book will be useful to aspiring professionals whose wish is to undertake specific projects.

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  • Place bottle tops, top-side up, to make a shape. Record the co- ordinates of the corners of the shape. Place another set of bottle tops, teeth-side up, to show the image of the shape when it has been rotated 90° clockwise about the origin. Record these new co- ordinates. Compare the two sets of co-ordinate pairs. Show different shapes rotated 90° clockwise about the origin. Note the co-ordinates and investigate how the sets of co-ordinates are related. Now try rotations of other angles like 180° clockwise, 90° anticlockwise....

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  • π π A European company, with supermarkets as well as food and beverage manufacturing operations, focuses social media efforts around Facebook. Some pages focus on the company; others, built by customers, discuss specific products. The company is building a site where consumers receive information about new products and vote pro or con on the product ideas. A moderating system also is used to screen blogs. “Sometimes, you find little jewels of insight. It can also be a warning system if anything is growing into an uproar,” says the vice president of corporate development.

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  • The development of the catalytic converter was society's response to smog problems. The installation of this clever device in the exhaust system has been mandatory on all new cars sold in the United States since 1975. It accomplishes three tasks, with varying degree of effectiveness: it converts any CO in the combustion products to CO2. It also facilitates the combustion of any unburned hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water. Finally, it also helps to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides by transforming them into the harmless nitrogen (N2).

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  • Any composition of original music or sound elements that serve as a bed or background and/or otherwise heighten, accent or strengthen the advertising message. In the case of “full sing” jingles, the “sound” entry may be the commercial itself. Entries must be music that is custom-composed for advertising, or audio/visual sales promotion. Entries may be no longer than 60 seconds, except for audio/visual entries, which may run up to five minutes. 74A Music Only.

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  • First we must determine what is important. Do we need all log data from every critical system in order to perform security, response, and audit? Will we need all that data at lightning speed? (Most likely, we will not.) How much data can the network and collection tool actually handle under load? What is the threshold before networks bottleneck and/or the SIEM is rendered unusable, not unlike a denial of service (DOS)? These are variables that every organization must consider as they hold SIEM to standards that best suit their operational goals....

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  • Most highway expansion benefits are captured by consumers; it increases their mobility, allowing motorists to live in more distant suburbs and exurban areas. Only a small portion of these benefits are captured by businesses since commercial vehicles represent only a small portion of total traffic. Although some industrial trends, such as just-in-time production, increase the importance of road transport, other trends, such as telecommunications that substitute for physical travel, reduce its importance.

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  • On opening the gate valve, the flow path is enlarged in a highly nonlinear manner with respect to percent of opening. This means that flow rate does not change evenly with stem travel. Also, a partially open gate disk tends to vibrate from the fluid flow. Most of the flow change occurs near shutoff with a relatively high fluid velocity causing disk and seat wear and eventual leakage if used to regulate flow. For ...

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