Intellectual foundations

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Antitrust law and intellectual property rights" has contents: The foundations of the intersection between antitrust law and intellectual property rights, the antitrust implications of unilateral conduct by intellectual property owners, the antitrust implications of horizontal agreements involving intellectual property

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  • Digital piracy. It's a global war -- and it's just begun. Pirates of the Digital Millennium chronicles that war. All of it: media conglomerates vs. teenagers, tech companies vs. content providers, artists battling artists, nations vs. nations, law enforcement vs. organized crime. John Gantz and Jack Rochester cover every side and all the implications. Economics. Law. Ethics. Culture. The players. And above all, the realities -- including the exclusive new findings of a 57-country digital piracy research project. The media universe is shaking to its very foundations.

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  • On many levels, YouthAIDS revealed the power of celebrity advocates in promoting awareness and raising funds for a cause. Celebrity advocates were able to raise funds through conventional and unconventional means for the organization. For example, actress Debra Messing’s field visit to Zimbabwe raised awareness for PSI’s work in that country and provided the additional advocacy needed to raise millions of dollars of additional funding from USAID so many more kids could be saved.

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  • The belief that the only solid foundation for the accurate study of American ethnology and linguistics must be in the productions of the native mind in their original form has led me to the venturesome undertaking of which this is the first issue. The object of the proposed series of publications is to preserve permanently a number of rude specimens of literature composed by the members of various American tribes, and exhibiting their habits of thought, modes of expressions, intellectual range and æsthetic faculties.

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  • The philosopher Wilhelm Dilthey believed that historians who judge past events by the standards of later eras are acting ahistorically and arbitrarily. It was more valid and illuminating, he suggested, to ask whether earlier statesmen’s actions were internally consistent and well-aligned with existing circumstances, an approach that he called “immanent critique.”1 In judging contemporary climate policies, some scientists and environmental activists resemble the historians of whom Dilthey complained.

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  • This authoritative book, highly regarded for its intellectual quality and contributions provides a solid foundation and life-long reference for anyone studying the most important methods of modern signal and system analysis. The major changes of the revision are reorganization of chapter material and the addition of a much wider range of difficulties.

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  • Meinong is nowadays principally remembered as an ontologist, his ideas valued as anticipations of work in rather deviant fields of logic and semantics. The Meinongian ontology was not, however, developed for its own sake, and its logical and semantic implications were far from being uppermost in Meinong's mind.

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  • Twenty years is a long time to spend in prison, but it is a short time in intellectual history. In the few years Just prior to the foundation of this Association, we had come from remarkably complex but nevertheless rather superficial analysis of text as strings of characters or, perhaps, lexlcal units to programs for parsing that operated on complex grammatical symbols but according to rather simple general principles; the programs could be independent of the language. And at the moment of foundation, we had--In the words of D. R. Swanson--run up against the stone wall of semantics. ...

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