Intelligence and shrewdness

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  • A man of native intelligence and shrewdness, and of good business training. Doctor Charles Harley Cleaveland might have rendered signal service had he not proved tactless and turbulent and disposed to controversialism. He knew little concerning Eclectic medicines, and through his conduct in the matter of the resinoids he became the most potent factor in bringing about the imbroglio which disrupted the college and led to the institution of a rival school in 1856.

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  • Against this backdrop, the Vienna Policy Dialogue in preparation of the 2014 Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) will explore how to firmly position gender equality and the empowerment of women and the protection of their rights in the changing landscape of international development cooperation and in the evolving post-2015 UN development agenda.

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  • Our new insight is on the interaction between relative labor turnover dynamics and lack of insurers’ premium flexibility. A related possibility is that high labor turnover may be preferred by some employers, especially small firms that employ homogenous workers with low job-specific human capital. Workers tolerant of high turnover tend to be younger and healthier. By not offering health insurance, despite the tax advantage, these firms deter older and less healthy workers.

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  • Age-related hearing loss or presbycusis is mainly caused by changes in the inner ear. However, your genes and loud noises (such as from rock concerts or music headphones) may play a large role. Initially there is difficulty in hearing high-frequency sounds, such as someone talking. As hearing gets worse, it may become difficult to hear sounds at lower pitches. Hearing aids Telephone amplifiers and other assistive devices may be helpful. A cochlear implant (Surgery) may be recommended for certain women with very severe hearing loss.

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  • This paper analyses the equilibrium level of private credit to GDP in 11 Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries on the basis of a number of dynamic panels containing quarterly data on CEE economies, emerging markets and developed OECD countries. In doing so, we propose a unify- ing framework which includes factors driving both the demand for and the supply of private credit.

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  • Looking at the political consequences of decentralization, Weingast (1995) proposes that a properly designed decentralization is one way to make government more accountable to its citizens.

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  • In 2002, methodological issues around time series analyses of air pollution and health attracted the attention of the scienti¯c community, policy makers, the press, and the diverse stakeholders con- cerned with air pollution.

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  • The Committee evaluated whether the 100% CCF for contingent trade finance products in calculating the leverage ratio is too high and whether the 100% CCF disadvantage banks specialised in trade finance. In principle, off-balance sheet positions are subject to a CCF when calculating the risk-based capital adequacy measure under the Basel capital framework. The CCF reflects the likelihood of an off-balance sheet position becoming an on-balance sheet item. The Committee decided to not change the CCF for calculating the leverage ratio.

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  • Non-housing business fixed investment is also expected to be an important source of growth over the next decade. Higher private saving, lower budget deficits, and lower demand for new homes will all tend to put downward pressure on real interest rates, and so tend to increase business investment. The many investment opportunities in areas such as renewable energy, the smart grid, and energy-saving technologies will also promote higher investment.

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  • Raw materials used in the production of biobased products are produced in agriculture, forestry and microbial systems. The content of the material undergoes treatment and processing inarefinerytoconvert it,similartothepetroleum.Whilepetroleum isobtainedby extraction, biomass already exists as a product (Kamm & Kamm, 2004) that can then be modifiedwithin the actual process, to optimally adapt the results so as to obtain particular targetproduct(s).

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  • Theconstituentsofsoil—namelymineral,organicmatter,water,air,etc.—playanimportantrole inprovidingtherightenvironmentforplantgrowth.Theorganicmatterofthesoilhasthemost important role to play, as it is primarily responsible for making the soil loose and porous, therebypreventingpackingofmineralsandaidsinaerationandpenetrationbywater.Alsothe organicmatterof thesoil improves thewaterretentioncapabilityof thesoil toagreatextent.

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  • However, in 1978, China differed from the Soviet Union in its resource endowment and economic structure. China was poor, and agriculture remained the dominant economic activity. Peasants suffered from high rates of under-employment and vulnerability to income shocks. In contrast to the Soviet Union’s large, vertically- integrated state enterprises, Chinese industrial output was produced in relatively smaller state firms as well as in small collectives. Infrastructure was weak, and there was little capacity to move commodities between provinces.

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  • Though duck is a water fowl and very fond of water, WATER FOR SWIMMING IS NOT ESSENTIAL AT ANY STAGE OF DUCK REARING. However, water in drinkers should be sufficiently deep to allow the immersion of their heads and not themselves. If they cannot do this, their eyes seem to get scaly and crusty and in extreme cases, blindness may follow. In addition, they also like to clean their bills periodically and wash them to clear off the feed. While in meat strains a slight increase in body weight of ducks at seven weeks of age has been...

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  • Avian influenza is here to stay. It has been always been around, and always co- existed with its host species - wild birds - without great cause for concern. Today we see it jumping across to domestic birds over and over again, killing whole flocks within days. While wild birds are being blamed for the outbreaks, free range farms are considered the biggest risk because of the potential contact between domestic and wild birds. Yet, wild birds have always carried avian influenza viruses. They have always migrated and had contact with backyard domestic poultry.

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  • This project is another effort by NLM to reach the consumer/end user, no matter where that user is located. MedlinePlus African tutorials focus on tropical disease issues in developing country contexts. The first two tutorials were on malaria and diarrhea and were developed with the Faculty of Medicine at Makerere University in Uganda. In coordination with the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, NLM worked with African doctors, artists, and medical students to create two original tutorials as well as guides for their use in the field.

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  • Estimating the results of legislative proposals to expand health insurance coverage is challenging, partly because there is so little empirical evidence concerning individual people’s responsiveness to health insurance mandates. Since 2007, adults in Massachusetts have been required to have health insurance or face penalties for noncompliance, but it may be too soon to infer the effect of mandates from that experience. Moreover, that experience itself could be unique to Massachusetts.

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  • In recognition of the importance of establishing gender equality around the world, the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) was established as a separate fund within the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in 1984. At that time, the General Assembly instructed it to “ensure women’s involvement with mainstream activities.”3 The Platform of Action resulting from the 1995 Beijing World Conference on Women expanded this concept, calling it “gender mainstreaming”—i.e.

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  • Global credit squeeze, escalating political tensions and monetary tightening will weigh on economic growth in 2008. From 2006 to 2007, the annual growth rate decreased from 6.9% to 4.5%. Slower growth in 2007 was attributable to the strength of the Turkish currency, which hurt the export industry, the delayed effects of monetary tightening in mid-2006 and a drought-related drop in agricultural output. The most significant slowdowns in growth in 2007 were in agriculture, construction and manufacturing.

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  • The International School of Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology is the educational branch of ISGE entitled for the organization of educational courses on behalf of the Society itself. The mission of The International School of Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology is to promote clinical education world-wide by aiding the training of physicians from all nations in Gynecological Endocrinology and related fields.

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  • A marketing plan is essential for every horticultural business and for efficient and effective marketing of any horticultural product or service. A marketing plan serves as a road map. It establishes objectives, recommended actions, and timing for achieving the objectives. An understanding of the marketing planning process is also a valuable aid in helping managers organize their thinking about the marketing process and the various methods and procedures used. A strategic marketing plan takes into account the market environment facing the business (e.g.

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