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  • The problem of ‘Grand’ Corruption (I prefer the term ‘indigenous spoliation’ or ‘patrimonicide’ because both capture the exceptional gravity and magnitude of the plunder of national resources that takes place), the misuse of public power by high- ranking state officials for private gain, has finally been ‘outed.’ The veil that once shrouded this subject from public view, particularly the probing view of multilateral institutions and national legislatures, is now lifted. It has taken over ten years to get here.

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  • Oceanography is a very complex science. Its field study, the knowledge of the oceans and the seas and their physical and biological characteristics, is fundamental to comprehend many oceanographic and ecological aspects that directly influence the human life and the planet health. From micro-scale, like coastal processes, to macro-scale, like Global Change, the oceans, the seas and the marine life, play the main role to maintain the earth equilibrium, both from a physical and a chemical point of view (e.g. carbon cycle and water masses dynamic)....

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  • Ecthyma is a variant of impetigo that causes punched-out ulcerative lesions. It may result from neglected or inadequately treated impetigo. Treatment of both ecthyma and impetigo involves gentle debridement of adherent crusts, which is facilitated by the use of soaks and topical antibiotics, in conjunction with appropriate oral antibiotics. Furunculosis is also caused by S. aureus, and this disorder has gained prominence in the last decade because of CA-MRSA. A furuncle, or boil, is a painful, erythematous, nodule that can occur on any cutaneous surface.

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  • Harrison's Internal Medicine Chapter 102. Aplastic Anemia, Myelodysplasia, and Related Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes Aplastic Anemia, Myelodysplasia, and Related Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes: Introduction The hypoproliferative anemias are normochromic, normocytic or macrocytic and are characterized by a low reticulocyte count. Deficient production of RBCs occurs with marrow damage and dysfunction, which may be secondary to infection, inflammation, and cancer.

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  • Many classical integrable systems (like the Euler, Lagrange and Kowalewski tops or the Neumann system) as well as finite dimensional reductions of many integrable PDEs share the property of being algebraically completely integrable systems4. This means that they are completely integrable Hamiltonian systems in the usual sense and, moreover, their complexified invariant tori are open subsets of complex Abelian tori on which the complexified flow is linear. To such systems the powerful algebro-geometrical techniques may be applied...

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  • In order to gain an overview of our planet’s animal diversity, we humans have developed a scientific classification system, in which every life form holds an allotted place. Classification occurs according to universally applicable, internationally recognized rules established by the Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus in his famous work Systema Naturae, published in 1735. Since then, all known living creatures have been divided into categories according to their different physiological and behavioral characteristics....

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