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  • Grateful acknowledgement is made to the following sources for permission to reproduce material in this book previously published elsewhere. Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders, but if any have been inadvertently overlooked the publisher will be pleased to make the necessary arrangement at the first opportunity.

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  • Analysis and abatement of air pollution involve a variety of technical disciplines. Formation of the most prevalent pollutants occurs during the combustion process, a tightly coupled system involving fluid flow, mass and energy transport, and chemical kinetics. Its complexity is exemplified by the fact that, in many respects, the simplest hydrocarbon combustion, the methane-oxygen flame, has been quantitatively modeled only within the last several years.

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  • One of the most prominent and urgent problems in international governance is how the different branches and norms of international law interact, and what to do in the event of conflict. With no single ‘international legislator’and a multitude of states, international organisations and tribunals making and enforcing the law, the international legal system is decentralised.

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  • Clinical Hypnosis has proved successful in a variety of clinical situations. This handbook, with its practical approach, covers both the scientific and clinical aspects of hypnosis providing information on a range of available psychological and physical treatments. * Explains how to learn and apply hypnosis in clinical situations * World renowned editors * Comprehensive coverage of relevant issues This title will be invaluable to practising psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, medical hypnotists and mental health care workers. ...

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  • INTERNATIONAL VARIETIES OF ENGLISH English stands out as requiring clearly different treatment from British and US varieties. Accordingly, southern hemisphere varieties will be discussed here in terms of deviation from the British standards. Comments on US, British, Australian and New Zealand Englishes are based on corpus studies; South African English is not mentioned specifically here; it tends to follow British norms; comments on Canadian English are based on Pratt (1993) and Fee and McAlpine (1997). 5.1 Lexical distributional differences ...

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  • INTERNATIONAL VARIETIES OF ENGLISH (6) We want to come. (main verb) We must come. (auxiliary) (7) He didn’t dare to look. (main verb) He didn’t dare look. (auxiliary) (8) Does she need to be here early? (main verb) Need she be here early? (auxiliary) (9) All you need to do is tell it like it is. (main verb) All you need do is tell it like it is. (attested. Hundt 1998: 64) (auxiliary) According to Trudgill and Hannah (1994: 61), US English does not have the auxiliary construction with these verbs, although other evidence (for example Hundt 1998: 62–3) suggests...

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  • INTERNATIONAL VARIETIES OF ENGLISH changed? If not, what might be preventing change? If you cannot set this up, try recording a single interviewer in the broadcast media interviewing two different people who speak different kinds of English, and ask the same questions about the interviewer. 3. The following brief passage is taken from R. D. Blackmore’s Lorna Doone (1869, chapter 3). The author is trying to represent the local Devon speech of his character.

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  • INTERNATIONAL VARIETIES OF ENGLISH may be specific to one geographical area. For example, ash and mahogany are both used in Australia to apply to many eucalypts; badger was used in Australia to refer to marsupials, especially the wombat, and mole was sometimes used in the nineteenth century to refer to the platypus; robin is used to refer to a number of different species of bird in North America, Australia and New Zealand; a barber may be a sheep-shearer in Australia; in South Africa a block is a number of farms in a single unit owned by one person or company...

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  • This report provides basic data concerning the development of plantation sawlogs glue in central and northern Vietnam, logging, harvesting and transportation, and processing of sawn boards in a sawmill. Planting Acacia pulpwood to appear as a profitable enterprise for small-scale farms, many of them are prepared to borrow from banks to establish plantations. Acacia hybrid clones are the materials most popular varieties. A simple spreadsheet financial model for pulpwood development has been developed that internal rate of return can be as high as 24% in basic conditions....

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  • INTERNATIONAL VARIETIES OF ENGLISH Americanisms. How do you react to these arguments? How do your consultants react to them? 2. The use of the so-called subjunctive after verbs of suggesting, requiring and ordering is a feature which is more frequent in American English than in British English, and which is generally believed to be increasing in British English, especially in formal contexts (see section 4.2.1). Thus (i) used to be American English, but might now also be British English, while (ii) is more likely to be British English.

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  • INTERNATIONAL VARIETIES OF ENGLISH spoken language is diverging, the formal written language shows (as yet) little evidence of such divergence. Indeed, one of the many advantages claimed for English is that you can sit down and read a work written in Canada or Australia or Tyneside wherever in the English-speaking world you come from. The differences of grammar between varieties are (as we have seen in Chapter 4) very slight.

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  • Insects are associated with a broad diversity of microorganisms in a variety of symbiotic relationships including: commensalism, mutualism, and parasitism. Internal mutualistic organisms are critical to the survival of the host, such as symbionts, which are found in mycetocytes and mycetomes of many invertebrate species. Although mutualistic organisms such as the protists associated with termites may be abundant in their insect hosts, they are not by definition pathogenic to the host insect.

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  • INTERNATIONAL VARIETIES OF ENGLISH changes would be necessary to make this a consistent text. (iv) The use of single is North American, so we would have to change fantasise, honour and centre to make a consistent text. (v) Center is only North American (especially US), and so fantasise, honour and travelling would have to be changed to make this a consistent text. (vi) Gipsy with an is much more likely to be American than British, but could be either, so that nothing else would have to be changed to make a consistent text. 5. In some cases it may...

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  • In the EU, investment funds can be broadly categorised as UCITS (undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities) and non-UCITS (or non-harmonised) funds. 1 UCITS funds are those that comply with harmonised rules as laid down in the UCITS Directive (85/611/EEC) and are authorised for sale to the retail market. Non-harmonised funds (hereafter referred to collectively as alternative investment funds, or AIF) do not form a homogenous class of investment fund. 2 AIF invest in a wide variety of asset types and employ very different investment strategies.

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  • Modern game theory has evolved enormously since its inception in the 1920s in the works of Borel and von Neumann. The branch of game theory known as dynamic games descended from the pioneering work on differential games by R. Isaacs, L. S. Pontryagin and his school, and from seminal papers on extensive form games by Kuhn and on stochastic games by Shapley.

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  • In many respects, the science of materials has only fully utilized two of its three fundamental tools —the variables of temperature and chemical composition. Pressure, the third fundamental variable altering materials, is in many ways the most remarkable, as it spans some 60 orders of magnitude in the universe.

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  • Nowadays most companies are facing a great pressure caused by shorter product life cycle and wider product variety in the global market. To identify customer needs has become a crucial factor in any product development in this circumstance. It is an imperative to create a high-quality information channel that runs directly between customers in the target market and the product developers [24], who have to listen to the customer voice so that they can create customer centric values and thus meet the market competition.

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  • A variety of factors influence the prevalence and duration of breast-feeding. The Twenty-seventh World Health Assembly, in 1974, noted the general decline in breast-feeding in many parts of the world, related to sociocultural and other factors including the promotion of manufactured breast-milk substitutes, and urged "Member countries to review sales promotion activities on baby foods to introduce appropriate remedial measures, including advertisement codes and legislation where necessary".1 The issue was taken up again by the Thirty-first World Health Assembly in May 1978.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Wertheim cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Variety of transversus thoracis muscle in relation to the internal thoracic artery: an autopsy study of 120 subjects...

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  • In this chapter, you will explore how companies select their international strategies and structures. You will also: Learn about the variety of strategies that companies use in international business, examine the organizational structures used in international operations, and understand factors relevant to selecting these strategies and structures.

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