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  • In this chapter, I discuss Internet abuse from a psychoanalytic perspective. Internet abuse refers to the misuse of the Internet that leads to deterioration of both public and individual welfares.

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  • Internet use among children in the EU27 is widespread and growing continually. The results of the Eurobarometer on “Internet safety” conducted in 2005/06 showed that 68% of children (6 to 17 yearsof- age) – in the opinion of one of their parents – had gone online4; this proportion increased to threequarters for this 2008 survey. Nevertheless, the number of children using the Internet varied considerably across Europe. The proportion of parents who thought that their child (6 to 17 years-of-age) used the Internet was the lowest in Italy (45%), Greece and Cyprus (both 50%).

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  • As senior editor for this text, the responsibility to acknowledge and thank all the individuals who have contributed their expertise, time, energies, and efforts to the successful development of this text falls to me. This is no easy task. It is difficult to put into words the appreciation and gratitude I have for each of their efforts and to express appropriately to each of them my sincere thanks for giving their time and themselves to make this text a better product.

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  • RFC 2821 is a recent update to the venerable RFC 821, which dates from the early 1980s. It defines the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP. It specifies how to send mail round the network. For most people it’s not very interesting, but it does impose some restrictions such as the basic line length limit. Apart from this problem (which Microsoft abuses), most mail systems adhere to SMTP.

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  • Key planning considerations for federal agencies include recognizing that the transition is already under way, because IPv6-capable software and equipment already exists in agency networks. Other important agency planning considerations include developing inventories and assessing risks; creating business cases that identify organizational needs and goals; establishing policies and enforcement mechanisms; determining costs; and identifying timelines and methods for transition.

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  • ADC’s ruggedized simplex and duplex cables provide factory standard guaranteed performance specifications. They are 100% optically tested and are offered with a variety of optical performance levels.

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  • ADC's tactical cables provide factory standard guaranteed performance specifications. They are 100% optically tested and are offered with a variety of optical performance levels. Features: • 245/900 or 500/900 μm polyester buffer • Flame retardant polyurethane jacket • Survives repeated abuse, tangling and knots in retrieval • Superior abrasion resistance • Excellent performance at extreme temperature • Compatible with all industry standard connectors

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  • Comorbidity, which signifies the simul- taneous occurrence in a person of two or more disorders, is a topic of consid- erable and growing interest in the context of health care. Research sup- ports the view that a number of men- tal disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety, substance abuse) occur in people suf- fering from both non-communicable and communicable diseases more often than would be expected by chance. And people suffering from chronic physical conditions have a greater probability of developing mental disorders such as depression.

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  • Archimedes and Sons, Inc. is a developer and distributor of science and mathematics training programs aimed at community colleges and technical schools. Rather than provide CD-ROMs, which the technically-adept students tend to copy prolifically for their friends (thereby depriving A & S of their revenue), the firm provides interactive web-based training to user accounts (which are still abused, but less so).

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  • Electronic mail on the Internet has been an important form of communication for some years now. Various methods of securing electronic mail have been suggested (see our overview in section 2.5). One of the solutions that has seen commercial success is S/MIME. A major problem in using S/MIME to secure mail is locating certificates. Clients often support several methods to locate certificates, e.g., from LDAP servers or from white-pages on the Internet.

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  • The EU is considering a proposal to introduce filters for blocking of child abuse websites. European Digital Rights urges the Parliament and Council to rethink these plans. Child abuse and its portrayal on the Internet is a terrible crime that is sometimes of a severity that is scarcely believable. It must be treated seriously, with policies based on evidence and effectiveness and not on politics or gut reactions. We must avoid policies which give Member States the opportunity to adopt cosmetic measures that we have already seen being used as a replacement for real action.

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