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  • The remarkable political changes that have taken place within the European Region in the last five years have greatly enlarged the potential for international collaboration. The First European Conference on Environment and Health was held in Frankfurt in December 1989, when these dramatic changes were at their height. Ministers from 29 countries, and the European Commission, approved a Charter that set out the principles, strategy and priorities for achieving an effective approach to the many areas in which environmental conditions may significantly affect human health....

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  • There is increasing recognition that new forms of partnership and intersectoral work are required to address the social and economic determinants of health. Investments in both education and health are compromised unless a school is a healthy place in which to live, learn and work. School communities respond to a dynamic set of factors affecting student achievement and learning outcomes. The health of students, teachers and families is a key factor influencing learning.

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  • To date, health policy-makers have had little success in inf luencing the organizational framework of other areas of public policy in order to create the appropriate organizational framework for setting intersectoral health goals. Moreover, although some efforts have been made to improve access to health services among marginalized sections of society, planned interventions to deal with health inequities within the wider framework of social determinants of health are still lacking.

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  • A variety of reforms have been implemented and attempted since the previous HiT profile on Hungary was published in 2004, with varying success.

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