Inventive problems

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  • Following World War II, the high quality, technologically advanced products of the United States dominated world markets. With the oil shock of the 1970s, however, many of the economic advantages associated with cheap petroleum were lost and the recovered economies of Europe and Asia emerged as strong competitors in many product areas. The innovative technologies of the US could no longer insulate industries from the customer oriented approaches of European and Asian producers.

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  • Innovation is central to business success, yet no other aspect of business is as frustrating and out of control. Instead of occurring in fits and starts and strokes of genius, innovation needs to become an all-the-time event that’s measurable, reliable, predictable, streamlined, and effective. Asserting that every innovation objective has a finite set of possible solutions given its unique constraints, TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, is a structured system for making innovation more manageable and profitable. ...

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  • Globalization wrote: “...the speed by which your latest invention can be made obsolete or turned into a commodity is now lightening quick. Therefore, only the paranoid, only those who are constantly looking over their shoulders to see who is creating something new that will destroy them and then staying just one step ahead of them, will survive.

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  • Two months ago, three agri-biotechnology experts namely Dr. Marc Van Montagu, MaryDel Chilton and Dr. Robert T. Fraley have been hailed as the 2013 World Food Prize (WFP) Laureates [8]. They are the pioneers in inventing transgenic plants through a natural tool called Agrobacterium tumefaciens. What do you think about this news? Their invention has become an effective tool to change the world or destroy the world – it is still a question without the final answer.

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  • Chapter 11 - Technology, R&D, and efficiency. In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Invention, innovation, and technological diffusion; furthering technological advance; optimal amount of R&D; benefits from innovation; market structure and technological advance; technological advance and efficiency.

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  • There are many problems with this approach: the semantics is encoded into text formatting tags; l there is no means of checking that a recipe is encoded correctly; l it is difficult to change the layout of recipes (CSS is not enough). l It would be much better to invent a special recipe markup language:

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  • Một số câu hỏi thuộc dạng này: · According to the professor, what is one way that X can affect Y? (Theo vị giáo sư, X có thể ảnh hưởng tới Y theo cách nào?) · What are X? (X là gì?) · What resulted from the invention of X? (Phát minh X đã đem lại kết quả gì?) · According to the professor, what is the main problem with the X theory? (Theo vị giáo sư, vấn đề chính của thuyết X là gì?) Bởi vậy, để trả lời tốt những câu hỏi nghe lấy thông tin chi tiết…...

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  • Britain's motor industry today employs a million people. However the industry which has shown such brilliant inventiveness over the century now faces its biggest challenge: to ensure a future of growth without pollution. The problem facing Britain is that millions rely on the car because there is no viable alternative. After 100 years, what is the future of the car? We have asked the experts, now let us know what the ordinary motorist thinks.

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  • Genetic programming (GP) is a branch of Evolutionary Computing that aims the automatic discovery of programs to solve a given problem. Since its appearance, in the earliest nineties, GP has become one of the most promising paradigms for solving problems in the artificial intelligence field, producing a number of human-competitive results and even patentable new inventions. And, as other areas in Computer Science, GP continues evolving quickly, with new ideas, techniques and applications being constantly proposed....

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  • For a timely answer to the question of sustainability, or how to provide for future generations, there needs to be shared accounting of our social and physical resources. Supply chain transparency makes it possible to map resource flows and ensure dependable production while avoiding social and environmental problems. Open channels of communications can support a collective effort to account for the impacts of supply chains and engage more people in the invention of long-term solutions, or sustainable design....

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  • Twenty-five years ago, Georges Köhler and César Milstein invented a means of cloning individual antibodies, thus opening up the way for tremendous advances in the fields of cell biology and clinical diagnostics (1). However, in spite of their early promise, monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) were largely unsuccessful as therapeutic reagents resulting from insufficient activation of human effector functions and immune reactions against proteins of murine origin.

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  • On 21 March 1990 John Hammersley celebrates his seventieth birthday. A number of his colleagues and friends wish to pay tribute on this occasion to a mathematician whose exceptional inventiveness has greatly enriched mathematical science. The breadth and versatility of Hammersley’s interests are remarkable, doubly so in an age of increased specialisation. In a range of highly individual papers on a variety of topics, he has theorised, and posed (and solved) problems, thereby laying the foundations for many subjects currently under study.

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  • The problem of “Protecting Intellectual Property” ranks as the 67 most severe problem for small-business owners, five positions lower than in 2008 where it ranked 62nd . Just under 5 percent find it to be a critical problem compared to 34 percent who do not find it a problem at all. Small businesses invent and improve on processes and products to enhance productivity and market share.

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  • THE FACSIMILE MACHINE Although the facsimile machine was invented in the 1840s, it remained largely a device used in the newspaper industry for the transmission of pictures until the mid1980s. There were several reasons for this; some were technical and the others commercial. The technical problems which held up the development of the fax machine are illustrated in Figure 10.1. For simplicity we use the letter H and assume that scanning is carried out horizontally from the top left side to the right. ...

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  • Ready to join the personal fabrication movement? This hands-on book shows you how to make a wide variety of physical objects with the amazing MakerBot 3D printer. It’s handy when you need a replacement for something lost, broken, or no longer made—like a knob on your stove. You can make things instead of buying them, or solve problems with inventions of your own. The possibilities are endless, and MakerBot is the fun, affordable, and inspiring way to go. Get started with your own little factory today! ...

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  • Any book that covers a broad range of topics will likely harbor some problems with notation and symbology. This results from having the same symbol used in different areas to represent different quantities, and also from having too many quantities to represent. Rather than invent new symbols, we choose to stay close to the standards and warn the reader about any symbol used to represent more than one distinct quantity.

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  • Profound differences in theory are never gratuitous or invented. They grow out of conflicting elements in a genuine problem—a problem which is genuine just because the elements, taken as they stand, are conflicting. Any significant problem involves conditions that for the moment contradict each other. Solution comes only by getting away from the meaning of terms that is already fixed upon and coming to see the conditions from another 4 point of view, and hence in a fresh light. But this reconstruction means travail of thought. ...

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  • When man invented the wheel, he very quickly learned that if it wasn’t completely round and if it didn’t rotate evenly about it’s central axis, then he had a problem! The wheel would vibrate, causing damage to itself and it’s support mechanism and in severe cases, be unusable. As the task of manufacturing a replacement was so huge and time consuming, a method had to be found to minimize the problem. Research showed that the wheel and its shaft had to be in a state of balance, i.e.

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  • We know how to fix the problem of childhood hunger, and we have an opportunity now to build a prosperous future for us all by doing that. Over the past century Americans have built marvelous networks and systems of infrastructure that are necessary to our economy and quality of life. Through creativity, inventiveness, ingenuity and hard work we have made our country a model of success in many areas. For example, we have built a national power grid, telecommunication systems, water systems, transportation systems, and internet systems that are peerless, to list just a few.

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  • Working groups that include representatives from the program and also other parts of the organization can provide a rich variety of perspectives on what outcomes should be measured, how outcome information can be collected, and the ways the outcome information can be used. The working group approach can also reduce the likelihood that program staff will feel that the outcome process was imposed on them by outsiders (the “not-invented-here” problem). An alternative is to have a small number of managers and consultants develop the outcome measurement process.

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