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  • Tham khảo sách 'essentials of inventory management', tài chính - ngân hàng, đầu tư chứng khoán phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • This standard aims to prescribe and guide the principles and method of accounting the inventories, including: determination of the value of inventories and accounting it.

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  • MANAGING SUPPLY CONTRACTS AND INVENTORY RISKS IN A SUPPLY CHAIN This seems a more accurate characterization of Tiebout markets, as the median U.S. metropolitan area has fewer than a dozen school districts from which to choose. It leads to a substantially different understanding of the market dynamics, as Hoxy’s assumption of competing schools with identical peer groups eliminates the “stickiness” that concern for peer group can create and that is the primary focus here.

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  • After studying this chapter, you should understand: How firms manage their receivables and the basic components of a firm’s credit policies, how to analyze the decision by a firm to grant credit, the types of inventory and inventory management systems used by firms, how to determine the costs of carrying inventory and the optimal inventory level.

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  • In this paper, we put forward an information theoretic definition of the redundancy that is observed across the sound inventories of the world’s languages. Through rigorous statistical analysis, we find that this redundancy is an invariant property of the consonant inventories. The statistical analysis further unfolds that the vowel inventories do not exhibit any such property, which in turn points to the fact that the organizing principles of the vowel and the consonant inventories are quite different in nature. ...

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  • In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Inventory system defined, Inventory costs, independent vs. dependent demand, single-period inventory model, multi-period inventory models: basic fixed-order quantity models, multi-period inventory models: basic fixed-time period model, miscellaneous systems and issues.

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  • This chapter will reveal the key variables involved in managing receivables effi- ciently, and it will show how these variables can be changed to obtain the optimal investment. We consider first the credit and collection policies of the firm as a whole, and then discuss credit and collection procedures for the individual account. The last part of the chapter investigates techniques for efficiently managing the final major current asset account for the typical firm – inventories.

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  • Chapter 12: Inventory management . When you complete this chapter you should be able to: Conduct an ABC analysis, explain and use cycle counting, explain and use the EOQ model for independent inventory demand, compute a reorder point and explain safety stock, apply the production order quantity model, explain and use the quantity discount model, understand service levels and probabilistic inventory models.

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  • Distribution Management (DM), formerly known as Velocity Management (VM), is an Army initiative to dramatically improve the performance of key logistics processes: distribution, repair, stockage determination, and financial management. This monograph describes how the then Velocity Management initiative was used to develop and implement a new algorithm for computing inventories maintained by Army supply support activities (SSAs). The new algorithm is called dollar cost banding (DCB), and it departs in important ways from the methodology that the Army had been using.

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  • Is it possible to use sense inventories to improve Web search results diversity for one word queries? To answer this question, we focus on two broad-coverage lexical resources of a different nature: WordNet, as a de-facto standard used in Word Sense Disambiguation experiments; and Wikipedia, as a large coverage, updated encyclopaedic resource which may have a better coverage of relevant senses in Web pages.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to: Accounting equation entries applied to capital costs and expenses and their impact on financial statements; depreciation methods, calculating depreciation and book value of assets and the affect on profit, taxes and cash flow; inventory management and the affect on the accounting equation; financial statement ratios and their use for economic decision making.

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  • Lecture Financial accounting - Appendix 5A: Periodic inventory system include objectives: Record purchase and sales transactions under the periodic inventory system, rrepare adjusting and closing entries under the periodic inventory system.

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  • Learning objective: Determine the cost of goods sold and ending inventory under the periodic inventory system for each of the four inventory costing methods: Specific identification; first-in, first-out (FIFO); last-in, first-out (LIFO); weighted average.

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  • Chapter 6 - Inventory issues. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Issues in counting inventory, ownership of inventory rules, inventory errors, 4 cost flow assumptions, special rule for inventory costing,...

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  • Chapter 9 - Inventories. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: The relationship between inventory valuation and cost of goods sold, the two methods used to determine inventory quantities-perpetual and periodic, what types of costs are included in inventory, what absorption costing is and how it complicates financial analysis,...

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  • In this chapter, students will be able to understand: In a perpetual inventory system, determine the cost of goods sold using (a) specific identification, (b) average cost, (c) FIFO, and (d) LIFO. Discuss the advantages and shortcomings of each method; explain the need for taking a physical inventory; record shrinkage losses and other year-end adjustments to inventory;...

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  • After completing this chapter you should be able to: Identify the items making up merchandise inventory, identify the costs of merchandise inventory, analyze the effects of inventory methods for both financial and tax reporting, analyze the effects of inventory errors on current and future financial statements,...

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: What accounting principle most guides the allocation of cost of goods available for sale between ending inventory and cost of goods sold? Describe one advantage for each of the inventory costing methods: specific identification, FIFO, LIFO, and weighted average; when costs are rising, which method reports higher net income LIFO or FIFO?

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  • Lecture Manufacturing planning and control (6th Edition) – Chapter 11: Order point inventory control methods. This chapter presents the following content: DeFinition, basic concepts, management issues, inventory costs, economic order quantity (EOQ), order timing, multi-item management, principles.

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  • Lecture Operations management - Chapter 13 presents the following content: Elements of inventory management, inventory control systems, economic order quantity models, quantity discounts, reorder point, order quantity for a periodic inventory system.

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