Investigating events

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  • Although there is an extensive body of research concerned with anaphora resolution (e.g. (Fox, 1987; Grosz et al., 1995)), event anaphora has been widely neglected. This paper describes the results of an empirical study regarding event reference. The experiment investigated event anaphora in narrative discourse via a sentence completion task. The results of the experiment suggest that the discourse structure established by an explanation or elaboration relation has an influence on whether the last mentioned event, previously mentioned events or a complex event is preferably referred to.

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  • Nested event structures are a common occurrence in both open domain and domain specific extraction tasks, e.g., a “crime” event can cause a “investigation” event, which can lead to an “arrest” event. However, most current approaches address event extraction with highly local models that extract each event and argument independently.

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  • Forensic Engineering Investigation is a compendium of the investigative methodologies used by engineers and scientific investigators to evaluate some of the more common types of failures and catastrophic events. In essence, the book provides analyses and methods for determining how an entity was damaged and when that damage may have legal consequences. The material covers 21 common types of failures, catastrophic events, and losses that forensic engineers routinely assess.

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  • SmartEvent provides centralized, real-time event correlation of log data from Check Point perimeter, internal, and Web security gateways-as well as third-party security devices-automatically prioritizing security events for decisive, intelligent action. By automating the aggregation and correlation of raw log data, SmartEvent not only minimizes the amount of data that needs to be reviewed but also isolates and prioritizes the real security threats.

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  • We investigate the problem of ordering medical events in unstructured clinical narratives by learning to rank them based on their time of occurrence. We represent each medical event as a time duration, with a corresponding start and stop, and learn to rank the starts/stops based on their proximity to the admission date.

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  • Effectively identifying events in unstructured text is a very difficult task. This is largely due to the fact that an individual event can be expressed by several sentences. In this paper, we investigate the use of clustering methods for the task of grouping the text spans in a news article that refer to the same event. The key idea is to cluster the sentences, using a novel distance metric that exploits regularities in the sequential structure of events within a document.

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  • Chapter 2 - Investigators, the investigative process, and the crime scene. When you finish this chapter, you should: Understand the role of the investigator and the skills and qualities he or she must possess, discuss the major events in the investigation of a crime, explain the seven major steps in a preliminary investigation, describe activities conducted in a follow-up investigation,...

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  • Introduction to SmartEvent Intro SmartEvent Intro lets you use SmartEvent features with one Security Gateway Software Blade. A Security Management Server can host 1 SmartEvent Intro server. SmartEvent Intro has these modes: IPS mode - shows events from the IPS blade DLP mode - shows events from the DLP blade Application Control mode - shows events from the Application Control blade

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  • We investigate independent and relevant event-based extractive mutli-document summarization approaches. In this paper, events are defined as event terms and associated event elements. With independent approach, we identify important contents by frequency of events. With relevant approach, we identify important contents by PageRank algorithm on the event map constructed from documents. Experimental results are encouraging.

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  • The purpose of this chapter is to provide information about the criminal intelligence units, the intelligence/analytical cycle which results in finished and useable products for clients, and an array of analytical and investigative tools available to investigators, such as crime analysis, time event charting, telephone record analysis, e-mail intercepts, various approaches to criminal profiling, geoprofiling, financial analysis,...

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  • In modern agriculture, farmers continuously face a battle to achieve products in high yields and better quality to feed an ever increasing world population (Stetter & Lieb, 2000). The optimization of agriculture techniques demands, along with other requirements, the application of crop protection agents to control a variety of diseases and pests, among which are weeds. Weeds compete with crops for nutrients, water, and physical space, may harbor insect and disease pests, and are thus capable of greatly undermining both crop quality and yield.

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  • Intelligence functions—before, during, and after an event—are critical for event security. In addition to drawing on local and state intelligence resources, many law enforcement agencies receive support from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) and Field Intelligence Groups (FIG). he Secret Service may also assist with intelligence on dangerous subjects who have threatened public oicials. With respect to intelligence functions during events, the guidelines report briely discusses practices related to intelligence gathering, communication, and management (e.g.

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  • A large majority of the Wisconsin household population is non-Hispanic white (86%), according to estimates from the 2008 Family Health Survey. Six percent of the population is non-Hispanic black or African American, and 5 percent is Hispanic or Latino. One percent of the population is non- Hispanic American Indian, 1 percent is non-Hispanic Asian, less than 0.5 percent is non-Hispanic other, and 1 percent is composed of non-Hispanic members of two or more racial groups (Figure 9).

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  • Forensic engineering is the application of engineering principles and methodologies to answer questions of fact. These questions of fact are usually associated with accidents, crimes, catastrophic events, degradation of property, and various types of failures.

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  • There are varied possibilities for investment in real assets. One of the most liquid segments, which is accessible through the financial markets, is the commodity market. As well as precious metals, investors also focus on industrial and agricultural raw materials. It is relatively easy for investors to inform them- selves about these homogenous markets. However, in this study we want to concentrate on real assets that are mainly not traded on financial markets but for which fund solutions or direct investment vehicles are dominant.

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  • The authors investigate the relationship between sports-related event sponsorship and stock market valuation and identify factors that influence the financial rewards of sponsorship using World Cup and PGA tour sponsorship data. In particular, relationship between sports sponsorship with financial performance is examined in terms of sponsorship fit, event characteristics, and brand equity.

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  • With digital evidence, technology is always needed to process the digital data and therefore the only difference between a forensic and a non-forensic investigation of digital data is whether or not the evidence can be used in a court of law. A forensic investigation is a process that uses science and technology to develop and test theories, which can be entered into a court of law, to answer questions about events that occurred.

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  • In the early stages of the planning process your plan will not contain definitive information, but it will help to keep you on track and will reassure partners and stakeholders that you are planning a safe, well -thought out and organised event. As the planning progresses, you will be updating this document and you should make sure that your fellow event organisers are updating their relevant areas of responsibility as well. All those undertaking key roles on the event day should receive a copy of the final Event Management Plan (EMP) in advance, to allow time...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học ngành toán học được đăng trên tạp chí toán học quốc tế đề tài: A new approach to investigate the interactions between sediment transport and ecotoxicological processes during flood events

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  • In today’s networked economy the goal is the availability and productive use of informa- tion. The marketplace will not tolerate the cost and inconvenience of proprietary and competing technologies. Customer demands and competition drive companies to the higher efficiencies that networking provides. Competitors are driven to work together on open standards in order to enable networking: sharing resources and knowledge to create new opportunities and enable new services.

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