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  • This book contains information about the technological development of ion exchange in their application for industrial processes. Widely used and well known fields of ion exchange like chromatography and electromembrane technology are described in this book with experimental details. Designing new materials for nanotechnology and nanomaterials as ion exchanger are also explained by experimental proofs. Ion exchange book is suitable not only for postgraduate students but also for researchers in chemistry, biochemistry and chemical technology....

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  • Materials physics, structure of adsorbents, ion exchangers, ion conductors, catalysts, and permeable materials, synthesis methods of catalyst adsorbents, ion exchangers, and permeable materials, material characterization methods,... is the main content of the book The Physical Chemistry of Matrials. Invite you to consult.

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  • Radiochemical Neutron Activation Analysis (RNAA) for gold determination in sulfide ores was studied. The sample was ignited in a porcelain for one hour at 600o C and dissolved then with aqua regia. The gold was absorbed on an ion exchange resin AG 1 × 8 in medium 1N HCl. The resin sample was then irradiation in Da Lat nuclear reactor with neutron flux about 2.4× 1012 n/cm2 s. The radioactivity of gold was measured by Au-198 isotope on a detector GeHP connected Multichannel analyser (MCA) and PC pentum 586.

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  • Ion Exchange Processes Ion trao đổi, trao đổi giữa các ion trong dung dịch và ion khác trong lớp ranh giới giữa các giải pháp và một bề mặt tích điện (Bảng thuật ngữ của Điều khoản Khoa học Đất, 1997), thực sự đã là một trong những dấu hiệu hóa học của đất. Kể từ khi các nghiên cứu tiên phong của J. Thomas Way vào giữa thế kỷ 19 (Way, 1850), nhiều nghiên cứu quan trọng đã xảy ra trên các khía cạnh khác nhau của cả hai cation và trao đổi anion trong đất.

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  • Ionic methods of separation have been used since the industrial revolution in Europe to reduce hardness of water. In the mid-nineteenth century, British researchers treated various clays with ammonium sulfate or carbonate in solution to release calcium. In the early twentieth century, zeolite columns were used to remove interfering calcium and magnesium ions from solutions to permit determination of sulfate. Ionic separation procedures were used in the Manhattan project to purify and concentrate radioactive materials needed to make atom bombs.

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  • Dung tích trao đổi cation của đất (CEC) Dung tích trao đổi cation của đất (dung tích hấp phụ) là tổng số cation hấp phụ (kể cả cation kiềm và không kiềm) trong 100 gam đất, tính bằng ly đương lượng gam, ký hiệu bằng chữ CEC (cation exchange capacity). Dung tích trao đổi cation được xác định bằng cách phân tích trực tiếp hoặc tính theo công thức: CEC = S + H. Trong đó S là tổng số cation kiềm, kiềm thổ hấp phụ (chủ yếu là Ca2+, Mg2+, K+ và Na+), ...

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  • Ion Exchange • Sử dụng trong lĩnh vực sinh học (phân tích protein, peptide, amino acid) • Sắc ký Ion : phân tích các hợp chất ion Bao gồm 2 loại cột: – Cột trao đổi Cation • Strong Cation Exchange • Weak Cation Exchange (SCX) (WCX) (R-COO ) (SAX) (R4N+) (WAX) (DEAE – diethyl

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  • Sinh viên giải thích được nguyên lý của phương pháp sắc ký lọc gel và sắc ký trao đổi ion. - Biết cách chuẩn bị gel, làm sắc ký. - Biết cách xây dựng đồ thị nồng độ thành phần protein trong mẫu.

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  • This book is intended as a guide to the selection or design of the principal kinds of chemical process equipment by engineers in school and industry. The level of treatment assumes an elementary knowledge of unit operations and transport phenomena.

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  • oncerns with ionic liquids are one of the most interesting and rapidly developing areas in modern physical chemistry, materials science, technologies, and engineering. Increasing attention has also been paid to the use of ionic liquids in the research fields of biological aspects and natural resources. This book provides the forum for dissemination and exchange of up-to-date scientific information on theoretical, generic, and applied areas of ionic liquids.

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  • Loại bỏ các kim loại nặng từ Media Nước bởi Ion Exchange với Y zeolit Kim loại nặng (HM) là một thuật ngữ chung chung áp dụng cho nhóm của kim loại và kim với một mật độ nguyên tử lớn hơn cm g 6 3 và bao gồm các yếu tố như Cu, Cd, Hg, Ni, Pb, Zn, Co, Al, và Fe [1,2]. Ô nhiễm và độc tính kết hợp với kim loại nặng cũng được thành lập, với bằng chứng cho thấy tác động có hại cho sức khỏe, sinh thái và công cộng [3,4]. Sự hiện diện của...

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  • 3 Comparison of Catalytic Reduction of NO by Propene on Zeolite-Based and Clay-Based Catalysts Ion-Exchanged by Cu ´ JOSE L. VALVERDE, FERNANDO DORADO, PAULA SANCHEZ, ISAAC ASENCIO, and AMAYA ROMERO University of Castilla–La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain I. INTRODUCTION Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NO with hydrocarbons has been a subject of extensive study due to its potential for the effective control of NO emission in oxidant environments [1–11].

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  • 11 Novel Materials and Processes for Pollution Control in the Mining Industry Alan Fuchs and Shuo Peng University of Nevada, Reno, Reno, Nevada Tremendous opportunities exist in the area of novel materials for environmental engineering applications. These opportunities have traditionally been in the areas of membranes, ion exchange, and adsorbents, but new areas relating to technological advances in “nanomaterials” and “bio-applications” have spawned new generations of designed materials for many pollution control applications.

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  • Another method for the detection of live trypanosomes in blood is by the use of ion exchange columns. The ion exchange gel is packed into plastic syringe bodies and the trypanosomes are collected in sealed Pasteur pipettes. After centrifugation, the pipette tip while immersed in a very shallow water bath, is examined with a 20 X objective. Trypanosomes may be seen undulating in the fluid within the pipette tip. The method is claimed 98% accurate, but requires more apparatus, preparation and skill development time.

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  • Thấm xử lý các rào cản Peter L.

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  • We have isolated a laccase (lac1) from culture fluid ofVol-variella volvacea, grown in a defined medium containing 150lMCuSO4 , by ion-exchange and gel filtration chroma-tography. Lac1 has a molecular mass of 58 kDa as deter-mined by SDS/PAGE and an isoelectric point of 3.7. Degenerate primers based on the N-terminal sequence of purified lac1 and a conserved copper-binding domain were used to generate cDNA fragments encoding a portion of the lac1 protein and RACE was used to obtain full-length cDNA clones. ...

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  • A method for determination of arsenic species in environmental samples have been studied (water and sediment of Nhatrang onshore). The analytical method used was ion-exchange liquid chromatography coupled on-line to atomic absorption pectrometry through hydride generation. It was applied to determination of As species in H3PO4+NH2OH.HCl extracts of sediments. The efficiency of this extraction procedure was studied in details. The sensibility of this investigated method allows both the analysis of As-poor samples and the dilution extracts, of As-rich ones.

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  • Liquid waste from Nong Son uranium ore processing is treated with concentrated acid, agglomerated, leached, run through ion exchange and then treated with H2O2 to precipitate yellowcake. The liquid radioactive waste has a pH of 1.86 and a high content of radioactive elements, such as: [U] = 143.898 ppm and [Th] = 7.967 ppm. In addition, this waste contains many polluted chemical elements with high content, such as arsenic, mercury, aluminum, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese and nickel. The application of the triditional method as one stage...

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  • After some further kilometres, sodium begins to increase by ion exchange at the expense of calcium, producing a natural softening of the water. Eventually, the available calcium in the water is exhausted, but sodium continues to increase to a level greater than could be achieved purely by cation exchange. As chloride also begins to increase, this marks the point at which recharging water moving slowly down through the aquifer mixes with much older saline water present in the sediments (Figure 4.1).

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  • We purified an extracellular pyranose dehydrogenase (PDH) from the basidiomycete fungusAgaricus xanthodermausing ammonium sulfate frac-tionation and ion-exchange and hydrophobic interaction chromatography. The native enzyme is a monomeric glycoprotein (5% carbohydrate) con-taining a covalently bound FAD as its prosthetic group.

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