Ionising radiation

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  • In recent years, awareness of the vulnerability of the environment has increased, as evidenced by new and developing international policies for environmental protection, starting with the Rio Declaration of 1992. In the context of ionizing radiation, the existing international approach is largely based on providing for the protection of humans, but this is being critically reviewed in several international fora.

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  • This new edition has been prompted by the introduction of new legislation and guidance on the use of ionising radiation in the UK. In addition to providing a summary of these new regulations I have taken the opportunity to update certain chapters and encompass many of the helpful suggestions and comments I have received from reviewers, colleagues and students. In particular I have increased the number of examples of many of the pathological conditions so that a range of appearances is illustrated....

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  • The beginning of this book was university lecture notes and training material for process engineers. Although it now is a lot more comprehensive, it has been our intention to maintain a mixed academic and industrial approach to the various subjects. Our motivation for writing this book has been the need for a text covering the full range from the underlying physics to the process applications of radioisotope gauges. We could not deal with all subjects in detail; however, we have included references to many excellent books and articles where further details can be found....

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  • Fear has dominated much of the experience of the human race from earliest times. Fear of death, fear of natural disaster, fear of human enemies and fear of deities: these were fused together beneath a dense shroud of the unseen and the unknown. The major impact of physics on civilisation has been to roll back this shroud. Physics explains. It enables us to see inside the Earth and inside our own bodies. It gives us ways to probe and to cure.

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  • The complexity of children’s environmental health (CEH) issues is compounded by the combination of legacy environmental issues, such as water quality and sanitation service delivery, with modern challenges such as transboundary contamination by persistent toxic substances, ozone depletion and hence ultraviolet and ionising radiation, global climate change, and exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals).

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