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  • Đây là cách học tiếng Anh đem lại rất nhiều hứng thú, vừa học vừa thư giãn, giúp chúng ta dễ nhớ hơn nhờ giai điệu của nó và không đem lại cảm giác nhàm chán, tăng cường kỹ năng nghe.

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  • This paper explores the role of information retrieval in answering “relationship” questions, a new class complex information needs formally introduced in TREC 2005. Since information retrieval is often an integral component of many question answering strategies, it is important to understand the impact of different termbased techniques.

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  • former / latter Some people insist that you should use the phrases the former and the latter only to refer to the first of two things and the second of two things, respectively: “But Flynn preceded Casey, as did also Jimmy Blake, and the former was a lulu and the latter was a fake” (Ernest Lawrence Thayer). It is easy to find violations of this rule in the works of good writers, but since former and latter are comparatives, many readers feel uneasy when the words are used in enumerations of more than two things, just as they would feel uneasy...

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  • Classic Elite Yarns is proud to participate in Stitch Red, a fastgrowing campaign to “stick it to heart disease” started by Jimmy Beans Wool and supported by many in the needlearts industry. When you buy our designated Stitch Red yarns, CEY will donate 5% of proceeds to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) in support of The Heart Truth®. Joining thousands of knitters and crocheters by supporting Stitch Red, and help raise awareness and prevent heart disease in women. To learn more about Stitch Red, visit and see how you can get involved!...

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  • I REMEMBER FEELING LIKE SOMEBODY HAD HIT ME over the head with a blunt object. My mouth was wide open. I was stunned into silence. It was the night before the Fiesta Bowl, January 2, 987. Hours before we went out to break heads in the game for the national championship, Penn State’s players and coaches broke bread with Miami’s players and coaches at a barbeque given by bowl organizers. College football, after all, is about sportsmanship. Or so we thought.

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