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  • HTML5 and JavaScript Projects shows you how to build on your basic knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript to create substantial HTML5 applications. Through the many interesting projects you can build in this book, you'll build your HTML5 skills for your future projects, and extend the core skills you may have learned with its companion book, The Essential Guide to HTML5.

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  • This practical resource contains 100 ready-to-run JavaScript plug-ins you can use to create dynamic Web content. The book begins by explaining JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and the Document Object Model (DOM). Then, each chapter in Plug-In JavaScript offers complete, working examples for specific end results you can achieve right away. Using these plug-ins, you'll be able to build JavaScript projects quicker and easier than ever, as many complex tasks are reduced to a single function call. ...

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  • ou’ll build sample apps with jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, and PhoneGap to learn the unique advantages—and disadvantages—of each framework. From there, you can determine which one is best for your project. This book is ideal for web developers familiar with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

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  • Windows 8 App Projects: XAML and C# Edition Copyright © 2013 by Nico Vermeir This work is subject to copyright. All rights are reserved by the Publisher, whether the whole or part of the material is concerned, specifically the rights of translation, reprinting, reuse of illustrations, recitation, broadcasting, reproduction on microfilms or in any other physical way, and transmission or information storage and retrieval, electronic adaptation, computer software, or by similar or dissimilar methodology now known or hereafter developed.

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  • Author Hazem Saleh Reviewer Allan Lykke Christensen Acquisition Editor Jonathan Titmus Commissioning Editors Harsha Bharwani Priyanka Shah Technical Editors Hardik Soni Devdutt Kulkarni Copy Editors Brandt D'Mello Insiya Morbiwala Alfida Paiva Project Coordinator Priya Sharma Proofreaders Lawrence A. Herman Joel Johnson Indexer Hemangini Bari Graphics Aditi Gajjar Production Coordinator Melwyn D'sa Cover Work Melwyn D'sa

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  • I. KHỞI ĐỘNG WINSOCK Để lập trình được Winsock chúng ta sẽ khai báo thư viện winsock2.h (chứa các prototypes) và 1 file lib (chính là file .cpp đã được biên dịch thành .lib) có tên là ws2_2.lib. Bây giờ hãy tạo 1 project Windows32 Console Project. Lưu ý: Chúng ta không khai báo trong file .cpp có hàm main mà khai báo trong file stdafx.h. Đây là cách khai báo thư viện của Visual C++. #include ... #include #pragma comment (lib,"ws2_32.

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  • Chủ đề này tập hợp một số mẹo vặt đúc kết từ kinh nghiệm thực tế sử dụng JavaScript (JS). Để hiểu và sử dụng được những mẹo này, người đọc cần có kiến thức trung bình khá trở lên về JS, nghĩa là ít nhất cũng đã đọc qua Nhập môn JS, JS nâng cao và Tài liệu hướng dẫn về prototype.js. Để làm việc hiệu quả, các thành viên trong cùng project cần tuân theo qui ước chung. JS và Ruby có rất nhiều điểm tương đồng. Qui ước sau lấy chút tinh thần của Ruby.

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  • Cách thực hiện: 1. Tạo project VB mới. 2. Tham chiếu (Reference) thư viện Excel (Microsoft Excel Object Library). 3. Soạn code với thuật toán: - Tạo đối tượng Excel.Application. - Mở Workbook (file excel) của bạn. - Lấy sheet chứa dữ liệu. - Đặt biến I (Long) chạy từ dòng đầu tiên của sheet đến dòng dữ liệu cuối cùng của sheet. Tại mỗi bước dùng lệnh SQL Insert hoặc Recordset.

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  • HTML5 Games Most Wanted gathers the top HTML5 games developers and reveals the passion they all share for creating and coding great games. You'll learn programming tips, tricks, and optimization techniques alongside real-world code examples that you can use in your own projects. You won't just make games—you'll make great games. The book is packed full of JavaScript, HTML5, WebGL, and CSS3 code, showing you how these fantastic games were built and passing on the skills you'll need to create your own great games...

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  • uild an application from backend to browser with Node.js, and kick open the doors to real-time event programming. With this hands-on book, you’ll learn how to create a social network application similar to LinkedIn and Facebook, but with a real-time twist. And you’ll build it with just one programming language: JavaScript. If you’re an experienced web developer unfamiliar with JavaScript, the book’s first section introduces you to the project’s core technologies: Node.js, Backbone.js, and the MongoDB data store.

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  • Author David Cochran Reviewers Chris Gunther Veturi JV Subramanyeswari Production Coordinator Acquisition Editor Sarah Cullington Cover Work Commissioning Editor Meeta Rajani Technical Editor Vrinda Amberkar Melwyn D'sa Melwyn D'sa Project Coordinator Michelle Quadros Proofreader Maria Gould

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  • Rhawi Dantas is a Brazilian Software Engineer, more specifically from Recife, with severeal years of experience in the Java platform. He has mainly focused on Web/Server developmen and hsa contributed to projects ranging from mobile/server integration, different customization of IDEs and development of CRMs. He currently works at with Java Web development. He graduated as Bachelor in Information Systems and at that time he had the opportunity to work as a tutor for the University with Object Oriented Programming subject.

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  • This book is written for programmers who want to build rich Internet applications using the Ext JS 4 library. If you are working on a project using Ext JS 4, or are ready to get started with a new Ext JS 4 application, this book is for you, as it explains all the concepts in Ext JS 4 from a developer’s point of view. Or if you are just interested in reading about Ext JS 4 and its features, this book should make it clear.

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  • Why reinvent the wheel every time you run into a problem with JavaScript? This cookbook is chock-full of code recipes that address common programming tasks, as well as techniques for building web apps that work in any browser. Just copy and paste the code samples into your project - you'll get the job done faster and learn more about JavaScript in the process.

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  • PHP Master is tailor-made for the PHP developer who's serious about taking their server-side applications to the next level and who wants to really keep ahead of the game by adhering to best practice, employing the most effective object-oriented programming techniques, wrapping projects in layers of security and ensuring their code is doing its job perfectly.

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  • The main purpose of this project is to develop a web version of an IDE i.e., Web-based IDE (Coding in the cloud) for Struts based Projects. To interface view and controller components of MVC architecture. Enables users to create XHTML pages using the drag and drop mechanism.

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  • This book takes a practical approach to integrating PHP and jQuery, showing examples of every point discussed. All examples are written such that you should be able to copy out the code into your own projects and see immediate results, no matter what your experience with JavaScript. You will find projects developed within a chapter, building them up step-by-step, describing the process and thought that goes into it.

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  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the basic programming language of the World Wide Web. It’s the common thread that ties together virtually every website, from large-scale corporate sites like Microsoft’s to single-page classroom projects at the local grade school. In simple terms, a webpage (or HTML document) is a plain text file that has been encoded using HTML so that it appears nicely formatted in a web browser. Here’s what HTML means, word-by-word:

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  • Author Dirk van der Walt Reviewers Ante Gulam Atif Razzaq Indexers Acquisition Editor Chaitanya Apte Development Editors Kartikey Pandey Alina Lewis Production Coordinator Technical Editor Vanjeet D'souza Cover Work Copy Editor Neha Shetty Adline Swetha Jesuthas Adline Swetha Jesuthas Hemangini Bari Tejal Daruwale Graphics Nilesh Mohite Project Coordinator Srimoyee Ghoshal Proofreader Chris Smith

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  • On August 11, 2010, nearly two years ago, John Resig (creator of jQuery) announced the jQuery Mobile project. While focused on the UI framework, it was also a recognition of jQuery itself as a tool for mobile sites and that work would be done to the core framework itself, to make it work better on devices. Release after release, the jQuery Mobile project evolved into a powerful framework encompassing more platforms, more features, and better performance with every update.

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