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  • In MIDP, as in J2SE, IO streams are the primary mechanism available to applications to read and write streams of data. In addition to java.io, the MIDP defines the javax.microedition.io package in contrast to java.net, which supports networking and communications for MIDP applications. MIDP applications use the javax.microedition.io types to create and manipulate various kinds of network connections. They then read from these connections and write to them using the types in the MIDP java.io package, which contains a subset of the classes and interfaces in the J2SE java.io package....

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  • Các lớp javax.microedition.io.HttpConnection được sử dụng cho máy chủ truyền thông. Yêu cầu đến máy chủ sử dụng một phương pháp tiện ích, sendMessageToServer (), có một tham số duy nhất có chứa các yêu cầu XML được gửi. một

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  • Learning Wireless Java By Qusay Mahmoud Publisher : O'Reilly Pub Date : December 2001 ISBN : 0-59600-243-2 Table of Contents Pages : 262 Learning Wireless Java is for Java developers who want to create applications for the Micro Edition audience using the Connected, Limited Device Configuration and the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP). These APIs specifically for devices such as mobile phones and pagers, allowing programmers to create MIDlet applications. This book offers a solid introduction to J2ME and MIDP, including the javax.

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  • This book provides information on the messaging API which is included in the JSR 120 Wireless Messaging API (WMA) specification. It also describes Sun Microsystem’s reference implementation (RI) of the API. Who Should Use This Book This book is intended primarily for those individuals and companies who want to implement WMA, or to port the WMA RI to a new platform. Before You Read This Book This book assumes that you have experience programming in the C and Java™ languages, and that you have experience with the platforms to which you are porting the RI.

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