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  • ‘java.sql’ and ‘javax.sql’ package SQL Interfaces for application JDBC Driver Manager manage two or more JDBC drivers ‘DriverManager’ class in the java.sql package. JDBC Driver API defined for connecting between the JDBC driver manager and JDBC drivers JDBC Driver access each database 4 types : JDBCODBC bridge Native API partly – Java technologybased driver Netprotocol all Java technologybased driver

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  • This preface introduces you to the Oracle Database JDBC Developer's Guide and Reference discussing the intended audience, structure, and conventions of this document. A list of related Oracle documents is also provided. The Oracle Database JDBC Developer's Guide and Reference is intended for developers of JDBC-based applications and applets. This book can be read by anyone with an interest in JDBC programming, but assumes at least some prior knowledge of the following:

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  • In this chapter you will learn: Relational database concepts, to use Structured Query Language (SQL) to retrieve data from and manipulate data in a database, to use the JDBC™ API of package java.sql to access databases, to use the RowSet interface from package javax.sql to manipulate databases, to use JDBC 4.0’s automatic JDBC driver discovery,...

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