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  • Finding a great job is one of the most important things you can do to live a happy, fulfilled life. This section of Mind Tools guides you through the job hunting process and shows you how to win the job you really want. We start the job hunting process by helping you to identify your ideal career - to do this we use a mixture of personality testing, ability testing, personal goal setting and career research.

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  • Captain Lew Golden would have saved any foreign observer a great deal of trouble in studying America. He was an almost perfect type of the petty small-town middle-class lawyer. He lived in Panama, Pennsylvania. He had never been "captain" of anything except the Crescent Volunteer Fire Company, but he owned the title because he collected rents, wrote insurance, and meddled with lawsuits. He carried a quite visible mustache-comb and wore a collar, but no tie.

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  • Săn việc (job hunting) có rất nhiều điểm tương đồng với việc tiếp thị một sản phẩm. Và bí quyết 6P - được lấy từ chữ cái đầu tiên của 6 chữ đầu của 6 yếu tố then chốt nhất cho một chiến dịch thành công chính là Positioning (Định vị), Process (Tiến trình), Persistence (Kiên trì) tiếp theo là Performance (Hành động), Personality (Đặc tính) và Pricing (Định giá). Ở đây sản phẩm là một ứng viên như bạn.

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