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  • It is a fundamental and important task to extract key phrases from documents. Generally, phrases in a document are not independent in delivering the content of the document. In order to capture and make better use of their relationships in key phrase extraction, we suggest exploring the Wikipedia knowledge to model a document as a semantic network, where both n-ary and binary relationships among phrases are formulated.

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  • An important part of evaluating the auditor’s objectivity and professional skepticism is for the audit committee to gauge the frankness and informative nature of responses to open-ended questions put to the lead audit engagement partner (and members of the audit engagement team as appropriate).

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  • Around the world, many fisheries are shared fisheries in the sense that a common fish stock is accessed by both commercial and non-commercial fishers. Non-commercial fishers can include recreational fishers, or customary fishers, or both. A prevalent problem in these fisheries is competition between commercial and non-commercial fishers for access to a resource that is subject to increasing utilisation pressure.

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  • Mr. Mac Corporation has no material problem with uncollectible accounts or obsolete inventory. All sales and purchases are on account. The company provided the following information for the year ending 20X5: Total sales $ 1,560,000 Beginning accounts receivable 350,000 Total purchases of inventory 1,080,000 Beginning inventory 25,000 Collections on accounts receivable 1,440,000 Payments on accounts payable 925,000 Cost of goods sold 1,065,000 a) Calculate the “accounts receivable turnover ratio.” b) Calculate the “inventory turnover ratio.

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  • In earlier book chapters, it was noted that the accounting profession uses an “all inclusive” approach to measuring income. Virtually all transactions, other than shareholder related transactions like issuing stock and paying dividends, are eventually channeled through the income statement. However, there are certain situations where the accounting rules have evolved in sophistication to provide special disclosures.

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  • The RBI operates the government bond market, and therefore acts as monetary authority and debt manager, as well as regulator of the government bond market and its key participants— primary dealers and banks. 6 Other participants are regulated by SEBI, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Agency (IRDA), or the Provident Fund regulator. New securities are issued by auction, with primary dealers required to participate. Trading is a mix of OTC bilateral negotiation and an order matching system.

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  • While it is generally accepted that many translation phenomena are correlated with linguistic structures, employing linguistic syntax for translation has proven a highly non-trivial task. The key assumption behind many approaches is that translation is guided by the source and/or target language parse, employing rules extracted from the parse tree or performing tree transformations. These approaches enforce strict constraints and might overlook important translation phenomena that cross linguistic constituents. ...

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  • A strategic plan helps guide the development of the internal audit function. The plan is more than a point-in-time risk assessment. It formally defines the value proposition of the new function, the customers it serves and the value it will create now and into the future. It outlines operational tactics to achieve key objectives as well as functional management responsibilities. The plan also addresses funding and human resource needs both initially and over a three-to-five year horizon. Key assumptions and benchmarks comparing the plan against third-party data are generally included.

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  • Sense induction seeks to automatically identify word senses directly from a corpus. A key assumption underlying previous work is that the context surrounding an ambiguous word is indicative of its meaning. Sense induction is thus typically viewed as an unsupervised clustering problem where the aim is to partition a word’s contexts into different classes, each representing a word sense.

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  • Tile Masters produces two varieties of tile, outdoor and indoor. In recent years, the outdoor tile business unit has failed to meet management’s goals. At the beginning of 20X9, Tile Masters sold the outdoor tile business, resulting in a $375,000 pretax gain. The indoor tile product continues to be very successful. During 20X9, product sales were $10,500,000, at a gross margin of 30%. Selling expenses totaled $1,200,000 and administrative expenses totaled $1,800,000. Tile Masters is subject to a 40% income tax rate....

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  • Chapter 18 - Spending, output, and fiscal policy. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Identify the key assumptions of the basic Keynesian model and explain how this affects firms' production decisions; discuss the determination of planned investment and aggregate consumption spending and how these concepts are used to develop a model of planned aggregate expenditure; analyze how an economy reaches short-run equilibrium in the basic Keynesian model, using both numbers and graphs,…

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  • With this chapter we begin a detailed examination of key issues in microeconomics, namely the study of how prices are determined in individual markets. Prices are important – or, rather, should be important – to managers because of their unavoidable impact on the decisions of managers within individual firms. We have already seen how the forces of supply and demand determine prices (Chapter 2). Now we will explore the determinants of the supply and demand for goods, services, and resources. Microeconomics rests on certain assumptions about individual behavior. ...

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  • Explain what requirements there are with respect to other key RE notions such as domain properties and environment assumptions...

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  • As their name suggests, the deep dives allowed attendees to delve into the questions under consideration in a profound way. In these intensive dialogs, participants worked to tease out the vital requirements, questions, issues, and assumptions surrounding 21st century literacy. What new ways of thinking, learning, and assessing are possible or implied by this concept of 21st century literacy — and what new kinds of technologies, organizations, structures, and infrastructures? These were key questions for the attendees.

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  • CHAPTER 4 The Value of Uncertainty. The general assumption in financial option pricing is that enhanced volatility enhances the value of the option. For financial options, a series of “Greeks” are tools that can be used by analysts to describe and understand the sensitivity of the financial option to key uncertainty parameters.

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  • The 6-step plan Assumption questions Additional evidence questions Inference questions Strategy questions Hypothesis questions Necessary inference questions Parallel argument questions Summing it up In this chapter, you’ll: • • • • Briefly review the basic terminology you need to know for GMAT Critical Reasoning Learn a step-by-step approach to handling any Critical Reasoning question Learn how to recognize and handle each of the three basic, and most common, types of Critical Reasoning questions Learn success keys for tackling Critical Reasoning questions ...

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  • The security of many public-key cryptosystems relies on the apparent intractability of the computational problems studied in this chapter. In a cryptographic setting, it is prudent to make the assumption that the adversary is very powerful. Thus, informally speaking, a computational problem is said to be easy or tractable if it can be solved in (expected)1 polynomial time, at least for a non-negligible fraction of all possible inputs.

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  • The 'how to' approaches are typified by their 'wealth pyramiding' approach. The 'how to get rich' formulae these authors provide in their self-labelled 'best seller' texts typically portray real estate as the investor's best opportunity to 'create personal wealth'. The key element of this approach is to borrrow heavily to buy as many properties as possible. These properties are then re-mortgaged to draw on equity build-up to provide the deposit for the next investment property. The implicit assumption of these authors is of a continuing strong growth in property values.

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  • A key factor for the impact of cloud computing is the size of fixed cost savings. The business literature emphasizes large savings. Dubey and Wagle (2007) conjec- ture large reductions in the cost of ownership for typical business services. 19 Carr (2003) suggests that about half of capital expenditure of modern firms is ICT re- lated. While this maybe true in a number of sectors and for advanced companies, we prefer to adopt a more conservative assumption for our macroeconomic investi- gation.

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  • The second set of assumptions is contained in the firm’s marketing model. This contains managers’ analysis of which customers the firm can most profitably target and knowledge about what their wants are. It also contains the analysis of the competition: what strategies competitors are likely to follow, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what capabilities are needed to create a competitive advantage. Next is the operations model, which contains the analysis of the best way to structure the firm’s value chain to produce and deliver products and service to customers.

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