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  • ...and assured myself that these pitfalls would certainly not effect me. However, over the three years it has taken to complete this book, I have experienced all of the above pitfalls and some others that I never knew existed. These few words are an attempt to thank all of those who in varying ways contributed to the completion of this book. They are the friends and family, too numerous to list, who were always there to offer help with the nonstop editing, art wor

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  • House Beautiful gives us an inside look at how interior designers create their magic. It's savvy, elegant, inspiring, and sure to equal the success of 750 Decorating & Design Ideas, which has sold nearly 65,000 copies. Even those of us with great taste and a natural talent for decorating know that there are certain insider design skills and secrets accessible only to professionals with years of experience. House Beautiful: 750 Designer Secrets gives everyone access to this precious knowledge.

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  • The guidelines are targeted at public health professionals involved in prevent- ing health risks of environmental exposures as well as specialists and authorities involved in the design and use of buildings, indoor materials and products. The guidelines are based on the accumulated scientific knowledge available at the time of their development. They have the character of recommendations. Nev- ertheless, countries may wish to use the guidelines as a scientific basis for legally enforceable standards.

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