Labeled pharmaceuticals

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  • As a consequence of the increasing importance of tritium resulting from nuclear fission and neutron activation, from its use in accelerators, from its use in research and industry, and from its use in the investigation of the environment and its distribution in the environment, the NCRP designated a scientific committee to prepare a report on the currently acceptable methods of measuring tritium. This report is particularly aimed in assisting an individual to select a procedure suitable to the problem at hand....

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  • Despite its limitations, unfractionated heparin has been the standard anticoagulant used during percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Several small studies have suggested that intravenous enoxaparin may be a safe and effective alternative. Our primary aim was to assess the safety of enoxaparin as compared with that of unfractionated heparin in elective PCI. Methods In this prospective, open-label, multicenter, randomized trial, we randomly assigned 3528 patients with PCI to receive enoxaparin (0.5 or 0.

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  • Donations are usually provided as part of humanitarian assistance to save lives and alleviate suffering. Some donations were given with good intentions but due to lack of proper communication between donors and recipient, such donations may cause problems. Pharmaceuticals may arrive past or near their expiry date, may be inappropriate for the needs, unrecognizable because they are labeled in a foreign language or may have been sent in unwanted quantities. Donations with long shelf life may be mismanaged, particularly in the confusion during and after armed conflict or a natural disaster.

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